Why integrated multichannel marketing is essential to your business's success

Without getting too Aristotelian, with marketing, the whole is most certainly more than the sum of its parts - when it's done right that is. That's the essential essence of integrated marketing - that by coordinating messages across channels the results from increasing brand awareness, familiarity, favourability and purchase intent are far higher than when taking a less integrated approach which fails to coordinate. With the introduction of a whole host of new digital marketing channels over the past decade, such as Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest as well as existing digital platforms like Google, Facebook and Twitter, the integration of marketing channel has never been more difficult or more important. In this article, I will review what integrated multichannel marketing means today and look at examples of good and less good practice. To learn out to create a multichannel marketing channel see our…

How to Know if You Should Be Selling on Amazon, or if a Third-Party Seller Would Suit You Better

For businesses wishing to reach a wider market with their products, selling online can seem intimidating. Selling with an established company like Amazon can make things easier, but knowing who to sell with can be difficult. So to help you be sure you're putting your product where it will do the best, here's a quick and dirty guide to third-party selling.

The Benefits of Amazon

Above all else, Amazon has a big share of the market. As of 2015, Amazon had a base of over 300 million active customers. They count a customer as active if they have a profile on Amazon, and have made a purchase in the last 12 months. That means that Amazon has accumulated-and kept-a number of customers roughly equal…

Developing your startup pitch

The perfect startup pitch helps entrepreneurs separate their companies from a growing amount of competition. Startup activity in the United States increased in 2016, continuing an upward trend that began in 2015, according to the Kauffman Foundation. All of this comes after startup activity reached its lowest point in the last 20 years in 2014. A more competitive market reinforces the notion that startups need more than a good business idea to become successful — entrepreneurs must convince others to invest in their business. Making that case persuasively is as much science as it is art. The following sections offer some guidelines and examples for developing the perfect startup pitch.

How to Make a Startup Pitch


Make sure you research and double-check every detail of your presentation. You should have an understanding of your product or service, the market and how these two areas interact. “What is your competitive advantage?”…

Video can help you take your digital marketing results to the next level

Content has always been a king and video content is king in 2017. According to a new report from Cisco, by 2019, online videos will generate four-fifths of global internet traffic. To be ready check the tips and cases below to get a clear idea of how, where and why you should implement video in your digital marketing strategy.

On your website

The video takes more time and resources than text, but 79% of customers say they'd rather watch a video to learn about a product than reading text on a page. 84% said that they'd been convinced to make a purchase after watching a video.

How to get results with SEO

Make short video reviews on product landings. 97% of businesses said that their video tutorials and short videos about their features helped increase user understanding of their products or…

All online businesses need to move quickly to embrace a multi-channel strategy

All of us online business owners agree that our website visitors and paying customers are, by far, our most important asset. It makes sense. Everything we do is targeted towards satisfying prospects, gaining their trust and hopefully, convert them in to paying and recurring customers. That’s why most of our marketing and sales efforts are focused on bringing visitors to our website (or app). To convert this great story into industry terms, business pros live and breathe conversion rates and ROI metrics. One important conversion enabler (or ROI generator, if you’d like) is related to the business’s customer communication strategy. I’ll focus on this one, in this article. Online customer communication is a wide topic: It covers customer technical support, online chatting with prospects, answering frequent questions on different channels and much, much more. …

Two-thirds of carts are abandoned. Here's how to win those customers back.

When a consumer reaches the final stages of making a purchase but decides to abandon their shopping cart, it’s clear there is some level of objection. Shopping cart abandonment is one of the largest obstacles for ecommerce retailers to overcome and the extent of the problem is shocking. On average, 67% of online shopping carts are abandoned (Shopify) meaning businesses who are failing to proactively engage with these potential customers are missing out on a huge opportunity to recover lost interest to generate conversions and, ultimately,  sales. It’s easy to assume the majority of cart abandonments happen because consumers are undecided over a purchase, when actually there are numerous underlying reasons that are directly linked to your business’ sales process - ’not being ready for purchase’ only takes third place according to  Business Insider’s top eight reasons for shopping…

How to grow your brand with an ambassador program

Word-of-mouth marketing remains one of the most effective tools at a company’s disposal; 74 percent of consumers identify word of mouth as one of their top points of influence. Rather than hoping word-of-mouth marketing occurs organically, many companies are taking matters into their own hands by creating brand ambassador programs. A brand ambassador program takes advantage of the passion of your most enthusiastic fans. By giving them exclusive benefits and the autonomy to carry your message to consumers, you can create a word-of-mouth marketing campaign that thrives for years to come.

Successful Brand Ambassador Programs


Lululemon does more than sell athletic gear. The company’s target audience is youthful, active, vibrant and hip, and its brand ambassador program reflects this. Lululemon’s brand ambassadors have the kind of lifestyle the company encourages, and they do so in a public way. In return, Lululemon rewards…

Apply behavioral psychology to your web design to boost your conversion rate

Getting people to choose something over another has more to do with psychology than anything else. When the principles of psychology have been understood, they may be integrated in UX and website design. If they are integrated well, they end up becoming a determinant of whether the website is a success on the market. The principles of psychology employed in general marketing are the same ones employed in UX and web design. The following are some of the psychological principles that work in marketing. Use of research in social psychology is important. It explains the reasons why consumers sometimes do the opposite of what is expected of them.

Users Prefer Substance Over Beauty

It’s important to understand that UX is not all about packaging. While good packaging may attract customers, it takes quality content to maintain them. That's why a website…

Use your customer data to find and target your most valuable customers

As every savvy marketer knows, using buyer personas is a time-honored technique that helps ensure messaging stays focused on the customer — nearly 60 percent of B2B marketers currently use them. The problem is that the results are mixed. Only a little more than a third of those marketers describe personas as being "very" or "extremely" effective, and 16 percent say they are “not at all” or “not very” effective.  So why aren't these marketers having better luck with what should be a surefire tactic? The truth is that no matter how hard you work to market your product, you're not going to see success selling to the wrong persona. You wouldn’t target young professional men when the customers who really want what you’re offering are middle-aged moms. You probably can't sell baby strollers to singles, for example. No matter how powerful your…

4 Video types that will help you generate brand trust

Trust is imperative in whether your prospects make a purchase or not. Your prospects want to know your brand, they need to feel connected to your brand on some level, and that’s why building trust is so important! A big part of building trust is to really know your clients and their needs. Show them that you are aware of their problems and that your brand is committed to solving them. The way to do this is through video content, as video is one of the strongest types of online content out there. Let’s see which types of videos work best for generating trust!

Types of videos that generate brand trust

1. Explainer videos

An explainer video is a short video, usually lasting less than two minutes that explains your brand or your product in an engaging and simple way. It’s aimed to let your…

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