Infographic: The ROI of social media

How are you measuring the success of social media? This question remains contentious to say the least. This infographic shares some insight into just how the "R" in ROI can be interpreted. We hope it helps!

We also have a post from earlier in year on the goals and challenges of social media marketing which may also help you in defining the best way to group objectives for social media.

If you haven't seen this Altimeter report, then take a look, it's the best free in-depth report on creating a framework for developing a social media ROI measurement system.

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  • Arista commented on December 31, 2011

    You are right that it’s hard to measure social media marketing results because you are just name dropping and talking about a business but the amount of new business coming in from differed demographics is measurable. The main problem with social media marketing is the large amount of time it takes out of your day and if you want to stay ahead you have to be online every day. Established companies like Magicbuz do all the SocioViral marketing you need. Their teams of conversationalists are able to meet people where they are at, making sure that you get your business well marketed and awareness of your products or services in a way that is well received.