Mobile messaging success stories

While we’re hearing a lot about mobile apps this year, it’s rare to hear about the potential of the more primitive text message, but now integrating with location and mobile apps.

So, I thought I’d share this case study from the O2 UK network service More since it shows there seems to be good demand from consumers if the offer and relevance is right. I say this since O2 recently reported that it has reached 2 million subscribers of which half have been added in the last 6 months.  This is how signup is achieved:

And these are the type of offers – it will look familiar if you’ve seen Groupon!

Mobile messaging campaign examples

O2 give these two examples which show what personalisation can deliver:

StarbuckA campaign for Starbucks, using a mixture of rich media and real-time location, delivered a response rate of 34%.

This campaign was deployed across the whole of the UK shops and weaved in point of sale redemption.

Hong Kong Tourism Board. In this campaign, iPhone users were encouraged to download the 720 degree view of Hong Kong app. This targeted O2 customers who had travelled to Hong Kong in the last 12 months.

This resulted in over nine per cent of targeted customers downloading the app.

  • Krasen Hinkov

    How they actually measure the response rate?

  • Sophia Wright

    Interesting bit or research by O2 I’ll be surprised if anyone is still using SMS in 5 years time!

    • Dave Chaffey

      Thanks Sophia – what is the research – couldn’t see any at that link.

      SMS use was still strong I thought?

      • Sophia Wright

        oops sorry! SMS use is still strong yes but pretty much everyone who replaces their phone now is getting a smart phone. Once smart phones are close to complete market saturation then SMS use is bound to drop off rapidly. Whatsapp and various other internet messaging services are significantly cheaper than sms. Even if you have an unlimited texts package in your contract why would you use sms rather than whatsapp when whatsapp has so many more useful features….It won’t be long. 5 years and kids won’t know what SMS is!

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