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Our pick of the best tools to review and improve all aspects of your online marketing

When I train or give talks to marketers on digital marketing, I see that tools are popular. Often people will reach for their pens when I mention a tool to help inform their marketing. New, free tools are naturally the most popular!

Since we launched Smart Insights we have reviewed many tools in posts which we highlight in the "Tools and Software" sections in many of our free Quick Guides.

I thought it would be useful to bring these together in one place so you can check out tools you could use for benchmarking many different aspects of online marketing. Since many of the tools we've covered help us compare one site or aspect of online marketing against competitors, I've collated these here and Dan and I have a new guide explaining how to run a benchmarking project:

This is how I see the many different types of benchmarking tools we can use within our RACE framework. I've summarised all our posts reviewing different types of tools in the excellent Free/multiplatform  mind-mapping service. Links to the posts are at the end of this post.

Categories of tools for online competitor benchmarking

Here are our posts, categorised by RACE which review and link to different types of benchmarking tools and services.

Competitor benchmarking tools

New additions since last update:

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  • Sinan commented on April 15, 2015

    Our solution lets e-commerce companies of all sizes to track their competitor prices automatically.
    Prisync is already being used by companies like Mediamarkt, Toshiba, Nike etc.
    However, the best part is that we just launched our new service model, where small and medium e-commerce companies can monitor competitor prices with our self-service module, and they can enjoy our Freemium monthly packages, and can use Prisync for free for up to 10 SKUs, for ever.

  • it is critical to analyze prices too. if you have an online store, there are special pricing intelligence tools like or – will be of great use as prices online change very fequently and it’s hard to do your repricing smartly if you use only manual research

  • Melissa S. commented on July 12, 2012

    Awesome post Dave. Have you ever heard of MixRank? You can spy on your competitor’s display ads and traffic sources using their search engine for ads

    The traffic sources really help with link building and placement targeted campaigns. You can learn from the ad creatives themselves too, as MixRank has an algorithm that suggests better performing ads.

  • Russell O'Sullivan commented on July 5, 2012

    Shared and bookmarked, great piece again Dave… I have just started using SocialBro, which is a pretty neat tool..

    • Glad to help Russell – thanks for sharing the Social Bro. Looks powerful, but find I don’t have time to go out of Hootsuite where I have everything in place.
      From what I saw of ‘Bro when I installed it in the Autumn, I guess it’s good for benchmarking against other Twitter and finding Influencers. Will have to find someone to write a post about it?

  • Great stuff Dave, another top resource I shall be using

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