Premium version of Google Analytics launched

Our summary of the implications

Importance: (if you’re a large company who can afford the new system)

Recommended link: Google Announcement - 29/09/2011

What you need to know about Google Analytics Premium and implications for the free version

1. The new system is available now following a private beta in UK, US and Canada.

2. It will cost $150,000 per year according to this post although Google have said “contact us for pricing”.

3. The free version will continue to be available to all users with all the current features including the new Multichannel funnels and Real-time reporting, the latter also announced at the same time.

GA Realtime

4. Google Analytics Premium provides these 3 large company features demanded by companies according to Brian Clifton’s introduction to the premium service on Econsultancy

  • Data ownership clarification
  • Long data retention time
  • A formal SLA agreement

It will also have dedicated account managers / support - another feature that large companies like to have.

5. Google has a privacy policy protecting Personal Information which will prevent use of the system for integration with email or personalisation systems:

The lack of capability to integrate with Email systems to follow-up on individual behaviour is still one of the main limitations for using Google Analytics in comparison to say Adobe/Site Catalyst or IBM/Coremetrics.

A follow-up email offer against a category browse or product search/abandon works well for many transactional sites. Of course you don’t have to use a web analytics system to detect these, but it may be easier/more cost effective than alternatives.

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