A marketer’s resource for tourism marketing [Infographic]

Impact and usage of Tripadvisor for companies marketing in the tourism sector

MediaMosaic have compiled a useful Infographic on Tripadvisor, collated from  sources including Comscore, Tripadvisor and Forbes to provide insight into marketing travel destinations.

As the tourism industry is growing, WWTC forecasts that by 2023 it will be worth 10% of global GDP and creates 115 bn for the UK economy each year - it's still a growing sector.

Marketers working in tourism are seizing the opportunity to use Tripadvisor to promote their services, holiday destinations, accommodation, attractions flights  and restaurants to name afew.

Tripadvisor connects with a large audience; content is viewed by 300m people monthly across other sites,  has more than 20m registered members and 60m reviews.

We feel that Mediamosaic's Infographic is a great resource to show how consumers are searching for travel information across referral sites, the impact of listings for companies, value of sponsorships and partnerships and plugins.


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