How popular are Infographics? [Infographic]

The rise and fall? of infographics

According to the volume of searches in Google Trends shown in this infographic, the popularity of infographics has increased by 800% over two years since 2010.

Perhaps surprisingly, the latest figures have shown a slight decrease in searches since May this year. Do you think infographics are becoming less effective from your use of them?

We think infographics remain a great tool to visually share and represent information and knowledge, both within the organisation and externally for outreach. Of course, it's important to get the quality right as Dan Bosomworth explains in his post giving 10 best practices for the perfect marketing infographic. We try to produce useful infographics which help marketers explain practices such as those we have collected in our free Digital Marketing Infographics pack.

We've noticed a growth in use of tools for creating infographics including and piktochart. While these have opened up the creation of infographics to those without the resources to use Graphic Designers or those who need a quick turnaround we think quality will often suffer.

Like any other content, the aims of the communication strategy to create and promote it is just as important  as the Infographic itself.

This Infographic we are sharing, provides 9 reasons and best practices for using Infographics, peak search interest and regional variations.

Read more on how to promote your Infographic.

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  • Nitpicker commented on September 10, 2013

    “Why infographics are so popular” should not have a ? on the end.
    Surely the next heading should be “What is AN infographic”?

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