Examples of content that gets results on social media

Content still remains the strongest element of any marketing strategy. In fact, about 70 percent B2B marketers plan to create more content in 2017 compared to 2016. Whether you are a B2B or B2C brand, staying current with the content marketing best practices will ensure you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. A good way to stay updated with the latest trends is to see how the top brands are leveraging content and how they have benefited from them. If you are a seasoned content marketer, you can get clues about which adjustments need to be made to your content strategies to get better results. If you are new to content marketing, you can learn from the big shots and get started with your content marketing endeavors. Now let us see what the top brands are doing to get the desired attention:

1. Content…

Why You Should Use Bots to Supercharge Your MarTech Strategy this Year

How long do we have before AI-powered bots become the primary channel for us to read and share content on? From newspapers and magazines to social media and apps, what does the future of content have in store for us? Unlike traditional media and the printed press which stayed stagnant for decades, it’s no secret that the digital marketplace as we know it changes drastically on a year to year basis. With the evolution of how we create and consume content, however, staying in the game goes hand in hand with staying on top of the changing types and hacks of content marketing. After all, meeting audiences where they are and how they like it is what will make or break you. For the past few months, marketing gurus like Rand Fishkin and Neil Patel have been emphasizing on how…

What’s the secret to successful visual content marketing for finance brands? Find out with our 8 foolproof tips.

The finance world can be a tough place for a marketer. Creating inspired content that communicates brand messages, engages customers and keeps the compliance team happy is a tough nut to crack. But fear not - there is a way to tick each of those boxes, and it’s all about taking a visual-led approach. At Infogr8, we’ve found that telling visual stories delivers particularly brilliant results for finance brands. Combining the crucial strategic vision with user-friendly design opens up big possibilities for creative, shareable and high-impact finance content. Want to know how you can achieve this too? Take a look at our eight best-practice guiding principles when creating any kind of visual content for a finance brand.

1. Directly answer customers’ financial questions

Using search insight and research data to find out which finance topics customers are struggling…

What kinds of post are best for building a site's traffic and reputation?

No matter what kind of site you’re running or what your online goals are, you need a strong stream of content to keep your momentum moving forward. Most website builders already encourage you to start and maintain an active blog, but you need to take it upon yourself to follow through; publishing more content (and better content) will attract more people to your site (through multiple channels, including search engines, social media, and direct visitors) and will encourage more conversions and customer retention as well. But what kinds of posts are best for building a site’s visibility and reputation?

What Makes a Blog Post “Good”?

Let’s first examine some criteria we can use to classify a blog post as “good” or “effective:” First, your post needs to grab attention. If your headlines don’t stand out, or if your topics…

Optimising your content journey is critical to content marketing success

A unique collaboration... 14 incredibly talented Dribbble designers... 52 original illustrations… the content journey never looked more appealing… We thought to try something completely different. We wanted to create a piece of content like no other. A piece of content that is engaging and fun as much as it is informative and insightful. Inside: The impact of quality content Strategizing content pre-writing The three golden rules of content: context, data, examples The importance of titles Post-writing distribution Extending your content shelf life Personalized content recommendations So here it is - The Content Journey, from creation to conversion, in 52 amazing illustrations. A one-of-a-kind guide for how to make the most of every piece of content you create. …

Compelling visuals are key to creating content capable of cutting through the noise

The direction of the internet will forever determine the direction of the business world. And as the internet becomes increasingly visual, businesses are being forced to turn to visualizations in everything they do. Instead of pushing against the grain, it’s time that you fully invest in visualization this year.

The Visual Nature of the Internet

If you study the history of branding, media, and the internet, you’ll notice that they’ve followed a similar path. Text and written content once served as the backbone for these specialities. Now it’s visuals – images, videos, and graphics. Back in the spring of 2010, entrepreneur Bill Dalessandro wrote an article about the amazing transformation media had undergone from the 1950s…

Agile and real-time marketing campaigns needs planning for if your going to get it right

There’s one thing that’s certain on the internet: things move fast. And those early bird online marketers, so to speak, get the worm (meaning the traffic). Staying ahead of the game is very important when it comes to standing out from the sea of content and advertising available to modern consumers. To capture the attention of target audiences, companies need to employ a good agile marketing strategy. Agile marketing exploits topics that are trending on the internet and social media to remain relevant at any given time. Basically, agile marketing means that a company or a brand quickly produces small amounts of content tailored to whatever topic that has the public captivated at the moment. Agile marketing is timely, flexible, and attention grabbing. Companies absolutely must invest in developing an agile brand to quickly adapt to changing…

Technical options and tools for creating more engaging content marketing

A brief history of animation on the web.

Since the beginning of the Internet, the web has been constantly and rapidly evolving. The evolution of the web has been directed by predominantly 2 conflicting factors. The first factor being content providers and readers who are always seeking for more complex and exciting forms of content. The other factor is the technology that provides the foundation of the web which allows users to have the type of content they require. It is both of these factors that have driven the web forward and brought us the web that we know and love today. One form of content that has always been a requirement for users is animated content. However, technology has often limited  the capability of animation on the web. One of the first signs of animation on the web was the introduction of the…

Defining content marketing is the first step to getting it right

A great question that will require a rather thorough answer. In the broadest sense of the term, ‘content marketing’ refers to the creation of any piece of media that has the purpose of acquiring or retaining customers. Strictly speaking, you could quite reasonably argue that all marketing is indeed content marketing, and that in fact the concept isn’t anything particularly new or ‘Digital Age’, as it were, when you consider that anything from an in-store sign saying “Bargain Basket – 50% Off Everything” to a cigarette advert in a 1950s magazine could be considered as ‘content marketing’. However, when we talk about the term today, in 2015 going on 2016, generally speaking, we’re making reference specifically to digital content that is distributed over the internet. The purpose of this content remains the same – to attract and retain customers – but the…

Product content driving visual commerce

There are many different types of content. Product content is vital in online retail because it is the digital representation of the product being sold. In its simplest forms, product content is product images, video, copy and technical drawings. Until recently, product images were just considered assets, and the quality and consistency of them could be very poor across a site. However, product content is coming to the fore under a new label of ‘Visual Commerce,’ in recognition of its role in improving conversion in online retail.

Linking retail content with user-generated content

Visual commerce also includes customer generated images that link back to a product via Instagram or Pinterest for example, but retailers have the greatest control over the content they commission themselves, and making their own product content work harder will give them better returns from ever-growing content budgets. So how can retailers make product content work harder, and…

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