The most popular SEO tools?

A survey of the most popular SEO tools

I found this infographic really interesting since it shows the range of tools available for SEO. It also shows how other people approach managing SEO and the kind of reasons they choose to use software to help.

I think software that helps review and improves SEO is great, as long as it is not trying to help cut corners, such as automated link building!

I have used a majority of the software mentioned in the infographic below and we have paid subscriptions for Majestic SEO (Backlink analysis) and Screaming Frog (Managing internal links).

Our reviews of SEO services:

Over the last eighteen months we've introduced the main types of SEO tools for marketers - here are the options:

Here's the infographic from Search Engine Journal:
SEO Software

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  • You recomend manual work for getting backlinks?

  • [email protected] specialist commented on November 30, 2013

    As a SEO expert every time I am depend on various kind of SEO tools which are really effective for me. I can perform for my customer in an SEO company with the help of those above SEO tools . Really those are a great blessing for us.

  • Though,,, I am using wordtracker, google analytics keywords tool and google adword tool.