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Evolving skills of the Modern Marketer [Infographic]

The Modern Marketer is Part Scientist and Part Artist? Are you balanced?

On a daily basis, social and digital marketing platforms are evolving and developing. In the same way, Marketers are embracing these changes through upskilling or using their hidden skills.

This Infographic, from SalesForce and Pardot, visualises the new Marketer as having two sides to their skillset as an 'Artist' and 'Scientist' - balancing creativity and analytical skills. This has always been true, but the Scientist is more to the fore today? For example, Social Media = (Artist) and Manage your digital Relationships + (Scientist).



As well as being part artist, part scientist, modern marketers also increasingly have some of the most ridiculous job titles.

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  • D. Wiehle commented on July 17, 2015

    Great graphic, thought I have to respectfully disagree. The graphic is more accurately describing artist and business person. It might be a stretch to call the activities on the left science. The first two points are really about accounting and the last two points are as old as any other activity in the business world. But hey, whatever makes you feel like less of a scumbag when your doing scumbag work! Fucking marketers!

  • Gareth commented on June 19, 2013

    Excellent article and infographic.

    Like others have said, it is why marketing is an exciting field to work in as it blends creativity with now, science.


  • valeria commented on May 8, 2013


  • Nice post. Marketing has always been a blend of art and science (which is why I love it), but this is a good update in terms of the disciplines under those headings and the fact that they come together in the digital channel. Historically, there were Direct Marketers focused and skilled in the science and AB testing, and Brand Marketers focused and skilled in the big idea and creative.

    Digital brings these two disciplines together. All online creative should be measured, likewise you cannot engage with algorithms alone. The ideal marketing team is probably more like a Venn diagram with three types of people – genuine creatives who can create engaging experiences and content, data scientists who can really understand the data & analytics tools, develop the hypotheses and measure the outcomes; and hybrids who understand that both art and science are essential and can ensure the right balance between the two.

    • Thank you Richard, that’s an interesting perspective and I think you’re right about digital requiring both brand and direct, but my feeling is that most focus on the direct when thinking/executing digital rather than the brand/big idea. There’s a focus on efficiency, but not effectiveness as you may have heard me say.

      Content marketing done right forces you to think about which big ideas are shareable.

      It would make a good post! In fact I remember one about the intersection of DM and DM that was related:

  • I started blogging in early 2012. Although I do better at some parts of the equation than others, your info graphic is great and I am learning all of the areas mentioned. Thanks.

  • Andrea G commented on April 26, 2013

    Very much agree – A blend of creativity, innovation, as well as tracking, testing and tweaking to maximize campaign performance.

  • I couldn’t agree more that you need both sides to be an effective modern marketer. Are we producing enough marketers in this mould though? Is enough being done to create this type of modern marketer through higher education and semi-structured on the job learning? Or should we just accept that people are naturally one or the other and that marketing teams need one of each type as a bare minimum, to be effective?

    • Interesting point Will – The best has to be a hybrid skillset – especially in a team of 1!

      I think HIgher Education still tends to focus too much on academic concepts rather than solving real world marketing problems – how do we grow this type of business. Case study based assessments help here, but I think the problem is in the content of the courses and dare I say it text book.

      Certainly at Smart Insights we like to keep it balanced!

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