7 Steps to Digital Marketing Nirvana [infographic]

Guidelines and research on how businesses manage and improve digital marketing

So, you know the importance of digital marketing is increasing all the time and you’re actively using it, trying to integrate it with your other marketing activities. Where next? How high can you reach? How about aiming high? Your competitors may well be. Can you reach digital nirvana?

Our new infographic outlines steps you can take to improve your use of digital marketing. To help you compare your progress with other businesses we’ve included results from our recent research reviewing how business are managing digital marketing, a free report. We hope you find the infographic useful and it helps you a little on your journey to improvement or even enlightenment, one step at a time.


To help you take the first steps, the first part of the infographic links to these articles explaining key techniques to kickstart your digital marketing

To see the original research completed with TFM&A 2014  you can download the managing digital marketing research 2014 report, or, if you’re based in the UK, hear Dave Chaffey give 4 free seminars in February at Technology for Marketing & Advertising 2014 - do also come and chat to us on our stand where we’re offering free advice clinics and a new useful infographic to takeaway.

  • ChinoBradley

    This is a great infographic along with the free digital marketing report. I love how you break it down in layman’s terms the importance of a digital marketing strategy, overcoming hierarchical roadblocks, and how to map out an effective game plan to get all parties on the same page. You guys do a great job on this site and I am one of your biggest fans. Keep up the great work!

    • http://www.smartinsights.com/ Dave Chaffey

      Thanks Chino – that’s nice to hear and helps us try harder – cheers!

      We work hard to try to keep it practical and actionable and visual – thanks to First 10.

      Many businesses are working hard to overcome those roadblocks you talk about it so we like to try to share ways to cut through them.

  • Lora Louise Broady

    Dr. Chaffey – Love your comprehensive digital marketing infographic – especially the action-orientation of practical steps for each phase. Many thanks for your Smart Insights!

    • http://www.smartinsights.com/ Dave Chaffey

      Glad you like it Lora – I tried to write it to make it actionable – we try to make all of infographics useful! It takes a few days to create these, so good to know they get some love.


      • Lora Louise Broady

        Getting love from Denver …

  • Ranjanraji

    Thanks Dave for this great infographic. Great to know, the sale/leads expected channel for our business in 2014

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