The best digital marketing podcasts?

6 Recommendations to broaden your playlist

I’ve found podcasts to be a pretty good way to keep up-to-date on new marketing techniques and tools. I don’t travel a lot, so I’m not a big podcast user, preferring working to music, but I do have two regulars I enjoy when on the Tube, etc. These are at the start of my recommendations below.

Update: July 2012. I recently recorded an Episode with the Digital Marketing podcast discussing approaches to developing digital strategy and publishing – thanks to Daniel and Ciaran for arranging this. You can listen here.

I’d really recommend these, but am looking to add a few more to my downloads, so I asked on the Smart Insights LinkedIn Group for recommendations on the best digital marketing podcasts. Thanks if you contributed – my playlist is now longer and better.

I would also be interested to hear about other recommendations to those on this list, especially more general marketing + strategy podcasts. So please let us know what you like – thanks!

1. The Digital Marketing Podcast

2. Internet Marketing Podcast

3. Marketing Over Coffee

4. Social media White Noise

5. The future of advertising

6. Social media and Sales

We had a couple of other recommendations that maybe helpful. If you’re starting your own podcast and want some tips see Andy White’s Podcasting Advisor. Paul Fisher mentioned the excellent SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday – which I also recommend although as the name suggests it’s a regular visual delivery.

Finally, I noticed that Jay Baer of Convince and Convert has a new podcast “Social Pros”. It’s not on ITunes yet – you can find updates here.

  • Pritesh Patel

    I’m a big fan of Beyond Web Analytics with @rudishumpert and @adamgreco. Both popular analysts over in the US and sometimes feature some great people in the world of we analytics and marketing.

  • Dan Bond

    Off the Wall Post is a more light-hearted podcast on social media and the web, which can make it more engaging to listen to.

    The “banterish” nature can wear a bit thin at times, but generally it’s a good listen:

  • Mike Berry

    #1 and #2 above are must-listens for me. On wider marketing, check out Jaffe Juice and Six Pixels of Separation. For technology, Tech News Today and Click (BBC). All free and on iTunes. An audio feast!

  • Neil Whitehead

    The Q&A section of #2 is a must for online marketers. The personal touch invaluable

  • Kristin

    Love, love, love marketing over coffee.

  • Kalynn Amadio

    I like the whole concept of Marketing over Coffee broadcasting from a different coffee house each week. It’s clever. Social Triggers with Derek Halpern is good too. You can always give ACT LOCAL Marketing a try too!

    • Dave Chaffey

      Hi Kalynn,

      Thanks for sharing these other podcasts to dip into. Like the sound of the local/SMB focus of Act Local too – is that yours?

      • Kalynn Amadio

        It’s me. Absolutely! Thanks.

  • Jon Buscall

    If you get a chance, please check out my own business marketing podcast: I’ve interviewed some of the big names in marketing: Mark W Schaefer, Mitch Joel, Neville Hobson, Marcus Sheridan. You’ll find it on itunes at:

  • Aaron

    Great List Dave, adding Marketing Over Coffee to my reader now!

  • Helen Rapp

    I listen to most of these but my favourite is The Beancast

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