The best digital marketing podcasts?

6 Recommendations to broaden your playlist

I've found podcasts to be a pretty good way to keep up-to-date on new marketing techniques and tools. I don't travel a lot, so I'm not a big podcast user, preferring working to music, but I do have two regulars I enjoy when on the Tube, etc. These are at the start of my recommendations below.

Update: July 2012. I recently recorded an Episode with the Digital Marketing podcast discussing approaches to developing digital strategy and publishing - thanks to Daniel and Ciaran for arranging this. You can listen here.

I'd really recommend these, but am looking to add a few more to my downloads, so I asked on the Smart Insights LinkedIn Group for recommendations on the best digital marketing podcasts. Thanks if you contributed - my playlist is now longer and better.

I would also be interested to hear about other recommendations to those on this list, especially more general marketing + strategy podcasts. So please let us know what you like - thanks!

1. The Digital Marketing Podcast

2. Internet Marketing Podcast

3. Marketing Over Coffee

4. Social media White Noise

5. The future of advertising

6. Social media and Sales

We had a couple of other recommendations that maybe helpful. If you're starting your own podcast and want some tips see Andy White's Podcasting Advisor. Paul Fisher mentioned the excellent SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday - which I also recommend although as the name suggests it's a regular visual delivery.

Finally, I noticed that Jay Baer of Convince and Convert has a new podcast "Social Pros". It's not on ITunes yet - you can find updates here.

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