7 Steps to Increasing The Impact Of Your Business or Corporate Blog

Lighten the load and increase the impact


Our commentary: The CMI (Content Marketing Institute) have posted a case study that we can all likely take something from.

The company, OpenView Venture Partners, have more than tripled visitor traffic to their blog by getting everyone in the business to post on the company blog at least once per week.

The company has shared their seven steps to how they did it - and not surprisingly, step 1 was about getting over all of the eye-rolling from across the business.

Marketing implications: There are some real gems from the post, assuming a corporate blog is something that's relevant to you.

Lessons 5, 6 and 7 are more widely relevant and understood in regard to writing for personas, optimizing for search and of course marketing the blog content.

The way that OpenView created the internal process and motivation is what is a little different. It's worth reading, beyond getting management commitment the key learnings are: administration of the process by one owner, creating teams that work together to an editorial calendar and finally, running contests within the business so that the process doesn't get stale - ensuring that the business had at least one high quality post per week.

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