How communities inform buying decisions [infographic]

Four segments that look to community reviews when selecting products

Leading customer community platform company GetSatisfaction  recently conducted research on the kind of person that values a customer community as part of a purchase or brand experience. This cleverly put together infographic explains the four active consumer types within communities that were highlighted by the research. While the data is largely American I don't believe the types will differ in the UK, although I do wonder whether the grouping is too simplistic.

Customer Community Users

Customer communities are a fast growing requirement for businesses that need to connect with their cosumers (so all businesses in my opinion). Allowing customers to feedback (good and bad) and connect with one another about using your products services. They can help bring new ideas to your business, some you would have anticipated. If your consumer segments overlap with the four major types in the graphic below you need to make sure you are using their "active" character traits to improve and grow your business.

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