Google marketing updates 2011

A reference of major updates we think marketers involved in SEO, Pay Per Click or Social media need to know about

Each day Google makes many changes and updates to its different tools and it does a great job of announcing them through all its feeds, but it can be difficult to keep on top of what matters and what doesn't.

So on this page we'll be selective and update you on algorithm updates, new tools, policies and changes to Google Analytics we think anyone working in digital marketing or marketing needs to know about, even if they're not a search specialist. Hopefully SEO or Adwords specialists will find it useful too and can let us know what we're missing!

Significant January 2011 updates from Google

Google Keyword Tool now includes mobile volumes (12/10/11)


Category: Search behaviour and Adwords targeting

Marketing implications: I've always wondered when Google would introduce mobile search volumes showing how many people are searching from their mobile phones since it will give us a much better idea of how important mobile marketing is - touted again as the next big thing for 2011.

This example shows it's quite significant for local search - there are around 3 million searching on terms related to London - which is about 10% of the desktop search volume. So new opportunities here to target searchers who are out and about or just browsing from home - the competition seems relatively low here.

Recommended link:Explanation of mobile keyword Tool

New tool for managing negative keywords (10/01/11)


Category: Adwords

Marketing implications: Many Adwords accounts we review for smaller companies don't have negative keywords setup at all. Negative keywords tell Google when NOT to display your ads if the searcher includes a term like "cheap or free" that shows they're likely not on the lookout for your products.

Recommended link:Adwords shared lists for negative keywords

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