Online value proposition examples

Great examples of websites with effective online value propositions (OVPs)

"Why should I do business with you online?" is the question on the subconscious minds of all site visitors and especially first time visitors.

I believe the design has to emphasise your key offers and why we should do business with you online rather than via another channel or a competitor. I call this an Online Value Proposition.

I'm always on the lookout for sites that do this well, so thought it would be handy to present some examples here from different sectors.

I like the example on the left from O2 which they use in the area of the site where visitors are viewing phones. It has links to the main parts of the proposition to help support the decision and highlight it with a good hook, image and large font. It's often best to use a hybrid container with text and imagery to capture the visitors attention and avoid "banner blindness".

Retail OVPs

Let's start with a classic example - using the area above or below the nav to show delivery or returns policy. This has the advantage of making the OVP clear site-wide. Many make the mistake of only including it on the home page.

I like the way John Lewis also show their multichannel 'click and collect' offer. They also have a panel on the lower left of the home page which summarises their offer.

Of course the OVP starts with the search results page. Zappos reminds us - they make their OVP clearer than most in their home page title and description:

Once you're on the site they have clear OVP within their masthead which links to the detail to support their claim. This is another trick with the OVP - you should link to supporting detail:

Financial service OVPs

Traditionally insurers have offered an online quote discount as part of their OVP, but since most now take a quote online it's becoming more about the service. I like this Swiftcover container from their homepage which groups their OVP together.

And another example - from the service I use but many won't have heard on, so it's important for the ETA to have the "Why choose us" message.

Service OVPs

Here's one more service OVPs. A quirky but effective one here from BA encouraging visitors to use their online checkin. A while back they ran a "Have you clicked yet?' campaign to promote usage of online checkin.

I hope you find these online value proposition examples useful. Keep an eye out when you're on a site for the first time - many don't make their OVP or even their core brand proposition clear enough. Let us know of any you like!

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  • Dave,
    Nice article.
    Since many people have posted similar questions, I’m adding this comment in case it helps others reading this article and wanting a little help. …

    In regards to… “What could or would be a good value proposition for x product, or y service.
    Instead of asking a marketing expert, the best people you should ask is your intended target market. (Make sure you know who your ideal customer/clients are… look at where the top 10-20% of your revenue is coming from, and then look at each to see which are most profitable and enjoyable to work with)… what is unique about them? Can you find more like them?

    Thus, do you know who they are? Their approximate age, where they live, what their typical day is like? What their goals & struggles are? What life events have impacted them already and may be coming up?
    Now.. why do THEY use your product/service? Have them prioritize the top 3 benefits they receive.

    Regarding B2B… You need to know who your business client’s target market is, why? Because you can add more value to your business client by helping them add value to their customers/clients. Is faster delivery more important to their customers? Perhaps its the quality? Find where your strengths & capabilities and your client’s needs overlap & focus like crazy to Wow! them.

    If you have multiple customer segments, take the components of what your company delivers and what each segment has identified as adding the most value and craft you value proposition statement from these specific to each target.

    Of course, be sure you put in Key Performance Indicators (methods to track) to ensure you & your clients can see/quantify the impact your product/service is having.

    Anyway, just a tip that some may find beneficial.

    Start-ups that don’t have customers yet.. Determine who you think your market may be, (ensure it is large enough to support your business), and call/email to meet with the owners for an informational interview. Let them know your thinking of starting up a new company focusing on XYZ, and you are just needing to get with business experts in their industry to learn more about the marketplace and what they do, what they struggle with, what competitive advantages they have, etc. Just remember their time is very important, be organized, have your questions ready… rehearse/practice to ensure you know the questions so you don’t have to look at your sheet.

    Prof. Aulet at MIT wrote a great book for startups called “Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a Successful Startup” that anyone thinking of creating a startup should find essential.

    • Hi thanks for your detailed and insightful answer – yes Market Research is more relevant than ever today and the SaaS tools make it easier.

      Your comment is worthy of a blog post, so I’d like to publish a slightly longer version of that – please get in touch via the Contact Us – if you’re interested in this.

      We follow Steve Blank – 4 Steps to the Epiphany for researching products so was interested in your Prof. Aulet at MIT wrote a great book for startups called “Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a Successful Startup” that anyone thinking of creating a startup should find essential. There’s a great infographic on his site about the steps to research new propositions.

      Thanks again, Dave

  • s commented on November 12, 2014

    what could be an OVP for a restaurant?

  • Sam commented on October 1, 2013

    Love this article Dave, very helpful! Just wondering if you had any great examples for a furniture / homewares store? We could try free shipping for online orders but it would be too expensive for us as a small store….

  • Vicky commented on September 3, 2013

    I have a tricky one. What can an OVP for a video production company be?

    • Hi Vicky, thanks for the question, don’t think it’s that tricky?

      Aim of OVP:

      * Showcase capabilities to audience

      * Help audience select your services

      * Generate leads

      * Encourage sharing to boost above

      So it’s content – but not just from you – curated – that showcases the marketing potential of video through blogs posts, whitepapers, enewsletter on industry development and of course creative + campaign ideas from Video examples.

      Does that help?

  • P commented on February 10, 2011

    Hi Dave

    That’s really helpful. Do you have any examples of websites with clear OVP in the B2B areas.


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