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SEO Strategy audit

Audit to benchmark and identify improvements to your SEO

How will our SEO audit help me and my business?

It’s easy to get lost within the details of SEO, meaning that while you may be working on improving SEO, the big picture and long-term plan to improve the contribution of SEO is missing.

This lack of an SEO strategy can be a problem, particularly if you are responsible for setting strategy or managing SEO through other people like an in-house specialist or agency. It can also be a missed opportunity; the latest Google Analytics benchmark data shows that, on average, 27% of site traffic is driven through search engines. Yet many companies can attract 50% or more of visitors through search depending on the strength of their brand and how good their SEO capabilities are.

The idea of our audit is to give you a framework to review capabilities and activities to improve SEO and then create a longer-term plan where you need to “up your game”.

Although the “100+” label may seem scary, we’re showing there are a lot of issues to cover and we break them down into 6 clear areas and a further 5-10 within that from which you can drill down further through the outline in the spreadsheet if you need to.

What’s included in the SEO strategy audit

We’ve made the strategy audit easy to scan and complete a quick review. The main sections are:

  • 1. Auditing value of current SEO and identifying goals.
  • 2. Search indexing for maximum visibility.
  • 3. On-page optimisation – checking the pages work for SEO.
  • 4. Content strategy – managing the right type of content to attract links and visitors
  • 5. Link-building – lots of ideas for link-building.
  • 6. Internal linking – often a missed opportunity to improve SEO.

We try to keep the jargon and buzzwords to a minimum, but they’re inevitable with SEO, so we recommend using this spreadsheet checklist alongside our straightforward 7 Steps guide if you need to.

About the author

This health check was developed by Dave Chaffey who first started working with SEO in 1998 and continues to apply SEO today. Dave has helped many companies improve their SEO from small businesses looking to improve their rankings in one country to international businesses looking to maximise their digital footprint in hundreds of markets.

Do let us know any questions or comments you have about how to best use this checklist. Thanks!

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