Why do global brands like 3M, GlaxoSmithKline, HSBC, HP, Microsoft and Vodafone—AND thousands of digital marketers and business owners—use Smart Insights Expert Membership to optimise their digital marketing? Because many have grown their business—by over 50%—using the strategies revealed on this page.

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Digital marketing is hard, right?

Everyone looks at you to work miracles

Not just once, but time and time again. Whether it’s growing your own—or your employer’s—business, or increasing your client’s bottom line, everyone’s looking at you for fast results.

How do you know where to start?

With so much information out there—with everyone telling you that their way is best—it’s tough to know where to start. Choose the wrong information, method, or template and you could waste hundreds of hours of your time (and cost your company or client millions in lost revenue). Not to mention the cost of failure to you professionally.

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  • Stuck with a particular aspect of digital marketing, and need to find the answer fast.
  • Overwhelmed by all the advice, buzz and hype in digital marketing.
  • Unsure about where to start, or what to focus on first.
  • Out of date with all the latest changes, new techniques and innovation in the industry.
  • Stressed about creating a strategy that includes all the techniques required for a successful digital marketing campaign.
  • Worried that you're missing out on valuable skills and knowledge to climb the career ladder.

...you’re not alone, but you can change things.

Join thousands of savvy marketers just like you who are getting ahead with Expert Membership

  • No more staring at a blank sheet of paper—you’ll have access to RACE, the world’s best planning framework, to create your integrated digital marketing strategy, and you can get started immediately.
  • Drive huge growth AND save time by focusing on the critical few activities that will deliver the biggest results—using our fast, easy Interactive Benchmarking tool.
  • Whether you want to drive more traffic to your site from Facebook, improve conversion on mobile, develop a winning email marketing campaign—or any other digital marketing problem—you’ll find a step-by-step roadmap to success in our Digital Strategy Toolkits.
  • Our 140+ Expert Marketing Guides and Templates show newbies how to cheat the learning curve, and seasoned marketers how to get ahead of the game.
  • Our Digital Cheatsheet is a one-stop-shop to keep you state of the art in all things digital marketing, so you can speak confidently to your peers, and get buy-in and investment from colleagues.
  • Grow yourself professionally and earn more money—successful digital marketing experts are hugely valuable—with our Expert Online Training Courses and Qualifications.
  • Unlike other sites—that just give you research—we only deal in practical, actionable resources that you can use to guarantee success on your projects.

Thousands of digital marketers, consultants and businesses owners are using Smart Insights Expert Membership to plan, manage and optimise their marketing. Many have reported wins in excess of 50%. That’s no accident — it’s a proven system that you can use on your business or clients today.

And the cost? From just $50 a month.

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The world’s best companies use Smart Insights to secure digital marketing success...

...plus over 150,000 consultants, agencies, entrepreneurs and SMBs in over 100 countries!

Get exclusive access to knowledge, experience, advice, and step-by-step guidance from the industry's leading practitioners (for a crazily low investment)

Digital marketing experts are expensive.

If you wanted to hire the members of the Smart Insights team for one day, it would cost you $41,540 (though many of our team members no longer take on client projects). Fortunately, for you, we’ve distilled their knowledge and packaged it into 140+ practical, actionable resources that can be used on your projects today—that's $41,540 worth of consulting talent at your disposal for as little as $1.64 a day!

The Smart Insights team have unrivalled practical experience implementing digital marketing strategies

The Smart Insights editorial team is led by Dr Dave Chaffey, a bestselling author on digital marketing and Ecommerce, recognised by the Chartered Institute of Marketing as one of 50 gurus who have “shaped the future of marketing”.

Most importantly, Dave has over twenty years practical experience, and understands what it’s like to be in your position. He’s worked with business owners and managers to implement digital marketing strategies in almost every vertical for over a hundred businesses, from the largest like 3M, BP, Barclays, HSBC, Tui Travel, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft and Sony to many smaller businesses and startups.

Dave has also trained and advised numerous digital marketing agencies, and has been an online tutor and examiner for the first Masters level MSc Qualification in Digital Marketing from the University of Manchester and the IDM Diploma in Digital Marketing—in fact, he helped devise the syllabus for these sought-after qualifications.

Meet the Smart Insights Team of Expert Commentators

Our team includes leading agency owners, in-house experts, industry speakers, consultants, lecturers, authors and trainers—each selected for demonstrating excellence in getting results on specific digital channels for real-world projects with the largest businesses.

Choose a Plan Now and Secure Your Digital Marketing Success!

See what people just like you are saying about expert membership

What you get when you become a Smart Insights Expert Member

Complete, unrestricted access to the world’s best Digital Marketing Planning Framework

  • Assess the current digital marketing capability of your business or your clients.
  • Follow our step-by-step guide to rapidly create an integrated digital strategy—your roadmap to success.
  • Prioritise your investments in digital marketing to maximise returns.
  • Discover how to implement your roadmap successfully, and transform your business.

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Turbocharge every aspect of your digital marketing and save time with our Digital Marketing Toolkits, each worth $499

  • Small Business and Startups
  • Campaign Planning
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Experience Management
  • Email Marketing and Marketing Automation
  • Google Analytics
  • Paid Media
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing

Score YOUR business’s digital capability (or your client’s) with unlimited access to our Interactive Digital Benchmarking Tool

A robust digital marketing plan is vital, but tough—how do you know where to start? That’s where our Interactive Benchmarking Tool comes in. It’s easy, fast and gives you everything you need to take action right away.

  • Find out exactly where to start with digital marketing, based on real data about your business.
  • How well are you doing? You’ll find out as our tool will score your business against key digital capabilities—all benchmarked against live data from other businesses. (Use this to get buy-in or budgeting for your marketing plans.)
  • It seamlessly integrates with our planning templates, so you can be sure you’re building a digital strategy based on rock-solid data—you’ll be focused on the critical few activities that will drive the biggest results.
  • Once you’ve completed each module, you’ll get practical, actionable advice on what to do to get to the next level—it’s like having your own personal digital marketing consultant right beside you. (Without the tear-inducing cost, of course!)
  • Plus, every recommendation will be linked to the corresponding resource from our library, so you can literally get started right away. And if you’re not sure you have the skills in a particular area, the tool even integrates with our Digital e-Learning Module—you’ll have everything you need to take your results into orbit!

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Become a smarter, more experienced, confident Digital Marketer (and earn more money) with our exclusive Online Training Courses and Qualification

Looking to develop a wider, deeper knowledge of digital marketing? Need to create a digital plan for your company or clients? If so, this unique e-Learning course is designed for you. Focusing on the 25 key digital activities that you need to be doing, we'll show you how to create a tailored digital roadmap to success.

Unlike many courses for digital marketing, which can be academic, superficial or not that actionable, ours is super-practical. As you complete each topic, you will create a Digital Strategy Plan for your business or your clients.

PLUS, get FREE access to all these online learning courses...

  • SEO - 7 Steps to Success
  • Google Analytics - 7 Steps to Success
  • Improving Results from Your Website
  • Online Copyrighting
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Website & eCommerce Personalisation Guide

...and many more

PLUS, access to over 140 exclusive resources packed with practical and actionable advice, guidance, step-by-step instructions and best practice that you can use to start growing your business—or your client's business—TODAY!

Got a problem? Get practical, actionable advice on every aspect of digital marketing and beyond from Smart Insights' team of world-class experts.

Learn how to...

  • Increase your ROI from mobile.
  • Benchmark your business—or your client's business—against competitors.
  • Create an optimised mobile site using our templates.
  • Design highly converting landing pages.
  • Create customer personas and optimised content.
  • Increase email open rates with optimised subject lines.
  • Make the case for more investment in digital marketing.

...and much, much more

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