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At Smart Insights, we help thousands of marketers to plan and manage integrated Digital Marketing through our marketing templates, guides, courses and videos. Sign up to gain access to all of this today.

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10 Reasons our members choose us

Reason 1 We help them grow...

Their business and their clients’ businesses... our templates, ebooks and training courses are all directed at increasing leads and sales with limited budget and resources.

Their personal marketing skills and expertise… Our advice helps members grow their personal skills too to help them win new and better positions in marketing.

Our resources highlight strategy recommendations, best practice tips and examples all directed at improvement.

As always, let me first congratulate you on Smart Insights. Your website keeps providing me with a competitive edge every single week; the expert membership has paid itself time and time again.
Patrick Lassauzet, Director, Factivo Digital Marketing, Mexico

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Reason 2 We help them solve their marketing challenges…

  • Creating marketing plans and digital strategies… Fast
  • Building demand for products and services by reaching a larger audience off-site and on-site
  • Converting more prospects to leads and sales through conversion rate optimisation (CRO)
  • Engaging audiences and building buzz through content, social media and email marketing

Smart Insights is one of the best digital 'tools' on the Internet today. It has been a great asset as a channel of advice and insight, helping me to deliver an all-encompassing digital strategy.
Jennifer Law, E-Communications Manager, National Pharmacy Association

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Reason 3 The RACE™ marketing management system gives them control

RACE™ helps our members map, plan and manage all marketing activities, keeping them focused on achieving their commercial goals.

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Reason 4 25 core templates give you a planned approach

We help members create strategies while other just focus on tactics. Our members use our templates and guides to construct solid strategies and plans that enable them to plan ahead.

Our top templates:

  • Digital strategy toolkit featuring 90 day planning spreadsheet
  • Content marketing editorial calendar
  • Digital marketing benchmark audit

We are at the early stages of our digital marketing journey, Smart Insights templates and tutorials help us check and learn as we go.
Stuart Sykes, Digital Marketing Manager, UCC

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Reason 5 Learn best practice through 35 Guides and online video courses

Our advice covers the details that make a difference across all of the key digital marketing techniques. From search marketing to site conversion optimisation we show how to increase leads and sales.

Our most popular guides:

  • 7 Steps to content marketing strategy
  • 7 Steps to SEO Success
  • 7 Step to Improving results from Digital Marketing

Smart Insights is the first place I go for good, practical advice on digital marketing. The 7 Steps guides are comprehensive, but also current giving us a quick but straightforward ways of implementing current best practice.
Jon Vasey, Head of eCommerce at TTS Group

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Reason 6 Insight-driven decisions

We’re specialists in using Google Analytics to help marketers inform decisions by customising analytics to review and improve their media investments and sites.

Google Analytics resources:

  • Google Analytics business customisation guide
  • Improving results using Google Analytics
  • Ecommerce sales optimisation guide

I have my own eBusiness / marketing consultant company working for many of the largest companies in Iceland, including a government agency responsible for promoting Iceland as a tourist destination. I also work for the city of Reykjavik, the largest tour operator, telephone companies, the largest power company in Iceland and many more.
Your work is the groundwork in all my consultation. Thank you for everything.
Gunnar Thorberg, consultant, Kapili, Iceland.

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Reason 7 An integrated communications approach

Digital marketing is most effective when it’s integrated with other traditional communications channels which are still hugely important. Our resources explain an integrated approach so that customer journeys are joined up and silos are avoided.

I'm an Expert member of Smart Insights, and would like to thank you on the great information resource. The articles and templates have been a great help for us when working with various clients.
Lassi Nummi, Account director / Digital Marketing, Zeeland Oyj, Finland

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Reason 8 We will save your precious time

There is a lot of great content online, but it varies in quality and goes out of date fast. We act as an up-to-date “one-stop-shop” covering integrated marketing planning, strategy and execution with a focus on digital marketing.

It was a bitter sweet experience signing up to the Smart Insights platform, as I've been running a design/digital agency for 6 years now, and finding all of the valuable resources you have on there has highlighted how little I actually know! I have just finished your b2b ebook, and it is indeed brilliant. In fact, it's exactly what I have been in need of, so thank you.

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Reason 9 Expert advice from active marketers

Our advice is edited by bestselling author Dr Dave Chaffey nominated by the Chartered Institute of Marketing as one of 50 global gurus who has help shaped the future of marketing. Dave is an active consultant who mentors expert members to help solve their problems.

Our resources are developed by Expert commentators who are specialist consultants advising their clients to optimise their investments in channels like search, social or email marketing.

Intelligent, informed and educational. Well-structured information. Good infographics.
Chris Fiteni, Digital Marketing & eCommerce Manager at Smash Enterprises, Australia

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Reason 10 Advice tailored for different member roles

Our Expert members are all involved hands-on in digital marketing from managing digital marketing as a marketing manager, digital marketing or Ecommerce manager to running campaigns, updating sites and content.

Many of our members also manage agency teams or are consultants who want to improve the quality of their own advice on strategy, planning and campaign delivery.

The content is succinct, relevant and rich with all of the valid questions & answers that the professional website optimizer will be looking for and provides suggestions, examples and references to zoom in on specific topics of interest.
It also helps individuals working on a decision taking senior digital marketer level with enhanced knowledge to manage suppliers such as digital design and media agencies and to make use of a diverse range of analytics tools.
Andrea Leupold, Head of Marketing - GPO EMEA American Express

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