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Digital marketing is complex, right?
Everyone looks at you to work miracles

Not just once, but time and time again. Whether it’s growing your own—or your employer’s—business, or increasing your client’s bottom line, everyone’s looking at you for fast results.

How do you know where to start?

With so much information out there—with everyone telling you that their way is best—it’s tough to know where to start to develop your skills and take action. Choose the wrong information, method, or template and you could waste your time (and cost your company or client lost revenue). Not to mention the cost of failure to you professionally.

But it doesn't have to be like this.

If you want to do things differently. If you're determined to get straight to the right answer....

....relax, you've found it 

So if you're feeling...

  • Stuck with a particular aspect of digital marketing, and need to find the answer fast.
  • Out of date with all your skills and latest changes, new techniques and innovation in the industry.
  • Overwhelmed by all the advice, buzz and hype in digital marketing.
  • Unsure about where to start, or what to focus on first.
  • Stressed about creating a strategy that includes all the techniques required for a successful digital marketing campaign.
  • Worried that you're missing out on valuable skills and knowledge to climb the career ladder.

You're not alone, but you can change things...

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Join 500,000+ other smart marketers just like you who are getting ahead with Smart Insights Membership

  • Grow yourself professionally and earn more money—successful digital marketing experts are hugely valuable—with our Certified Learning Paths you'll gain professional qualifications that you can put on your resume.
  • No more staring at a blank sheet of paper—you’ll have access to RACE, the world’s best planning framework, to create your integrated digital marketing strategy, and you can get started immediately.
  • Drive huge growth AND save time by focusing on the critical few activities that will deliver the biggest results—using our fast, easy Interactive Benchmarking tool.
  • Our 250+ best practice processes, templates and Learning Paths show newbies how to cheat the learning curve, and seasoned marketers how to get ahead of the game. Whether you want to drive more traffic to your site, improve conversion, develop a winning email marketing campaign—or any other digital marketing problem—you’ll find a step-by-step roadmap to success in our Digital Marketing Toolkits and Quick Wins.
  • Our weekly newsletter is a one-stop-shop to keep you state of the art in all things digital marketing, so you can speak confidently to your peers, and get buy-in and investment from colleagues.
  • Unlike other sites—that just give you research—we only deal in practical, actionable resources that you can use to guarantee success on your projects.

Smart Insights Membership is the secret weapon behind the world's smartest marketers, and now it's available for everyone.

Thousands of digital marketers, consultants and businesses owners are using Smart Insights Membership to plan, manage and optimise their marketing. Many have reported wins in excess of 50% by using the RACE approach to their marketing activities. That’s no accident — it’s a proven system that you can use on your business or clients today.

RACE is a globally recognized, actionable marketing framework


people and companies using RACE, all over the world


best practice processes, templates and courses 

20+ years 

of RACE being used to improve marketing results

Become a Certified RACE Digital Strategist

Research shows that employers seek marketing professionals who combine practical knowledge of getting results from the digital channels for reaching and engaging today's audiences PLUS they must know how to plan an integrated approach to strategy, campaigns and always-on marketing...

A Digital Marketing Strategist is an expert in creating and implementing integrated digital marketing strategies and optimizing the success factors for implementing best practices to support the goals of a business.

The Smart Insights learning approach is to help support your career development so that you can become a strategic T-Shaped marketer who has a wide breadth of knowledge of modern marketing channels and an in-depth knowledge of detailed best practices for effective use of these channels. But it goes beyond that since employers are looking for a broader skill-set than digital media. They also need self-starters who know how to create strategy and plans for the business and individual channels. Unlike most online learning, all Smart Insights toolkits start with goals and strategy rather than diving straight into the tactics.

Once certified, you'll be head and shoulders above other marketers. Here's why:

Smart Insights strategic T-shaped marketer graphic

How the Smart Insights RACE Growth System can help you
and your business achieve your ambitions

We created the Smart Insights RACE Growth system to empower marketers to use a strategic, planned approach while competing using the latest best practices which are so important to success.

Our RACE Growth System for improving marketing effectiveness has two parts:

1. The RACE Planning Framework: defines the essential activities and measures businesses need to master to survive and thrive in today’s marketing world. Our members' learning paths and downloadable templates break this down further, recommending 25 key marketing activities - 5 for each part of RACE - that are essential for businesses to compete by improving their digital marketing maturity. 

2. The RACE OSA improvement process: defines the three steps needed to build and implement your growth plan - either for your overall marketing plan or for an individual channel, such as organic search, social media or email marketing.

These are five powerful reasons why we recommend modern marketers use RACE and why it has been widely adopted around the world by Smart Insights members in over 100 countries who use our digital learning and templates since we introduced RACE in 2010...

  • 1. RACE is practical and action-oriented: It focuses on tactics you can implement in your digital marketing communications channels and on your website.
  • 2. RACE is customer-centred: It follows the established customer lifecycle of relationship building or marketing funnel from creating awareness; generating leads from new prospects; converting prospects to sale (online or offline) and encouraging loyalty, repeat sales and advocacy.
  • 3. RACE integrates all modern marketing activities: RACE covers all the many paid, owned and earned inbound marketing activities available from digital marketing. It covers always-on digital marketing activities across the customer lifecycle which are sometimes neglected in favor of the still-important campaign-based activities for launching new products and promotions. Plus, it also integrates traditional offline marketing activities.
  • 4. RACE is multi-channel: Many businesses still rely on offline touchpoints to acquire and retain customers, you will see these are built into RACE, particularly as part of the 'Convert' stage where offline interaction is often needed to make a sale.
  • 5. RACE is commercial, based on a data-driven performance improvement process: It encourages a data-driven marketing approach that defines KPIs that digital marketers should include at each stage for setting targets, reviewing results using analytics and summary dashboards and continuous optimization. For Starter and Pro Members, we offer an interactive monthly reporting dashboard based on the RACE Framework using the Google Analytics API to rapidly create monthly reports using Google Looker Studio.
  • 6. RACE defines standard operating procedures (SOPs): Beyond the top-level view of RACE introduced here, the RACE Growth system provides a structure referencing over 200 detailed Word, Excel and Powerpoint templates and Quick Wins which are checklists you can follow and amend to define the process you use to you improve your marketing ROI for different always-on activities.

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The Smart Insights Difference

All too often digital marketing is poorly planned and tactical. Training is often limited to the tactical channels. We explain strategy and tactics so you develop the effective marketing skills to be a sought-after 'T-shaped' marketer, helping you become more...

  • Strategic. Learn how to create integrated digital and marketing strategies using the RACE Growth System.
  • Competitive. Learn competitor benchmarking. Develop powerful Digital Value Propositions.
  • Data-driven. Learn how to create forecasts, monitor performance with GA4 and dashboards.
  • Creative. Learn how to enhance your brand and content ideation with the latest marketing technology.
  • Action-oriented. Focused on improving results using editable planning, forecasting and monitoring templates.

Use our advanced toolkits to boost your skills

Many online marketing courses have endless videos or text to skim through. Our toolkits are different. They help members improve their effectiveness and contribution within the workplace using a unique, visual, practical format to help you quickly learn, develop your strategies and take action across the RACE customer lifecycle using...

  • Learning Paths. Structured online learning courses with 15 minute modules combining text, video and templates, fully accredited by the global CPD training body. You'll have official qualifications you can use on your CV.
  • Templates. Turn your plan into action with our editable Word, Excel and PowerPoint / Google Docs.
  • Quick Wins. Bite-sized learning focused on boosting results from search, social, email and web marketing.

Digital Marketing

Create an integrated digital marketing strategy. Fast.


Define brand segmentation, targeting and positioning.


Use our RACE templates to Ideate, Plan and launch campaigns

Small Business
and Startups

Learn effective strategies for digital in smaller businesses


Learn a strategic approach to using content to fuel your growth.

Analytics 4

Learn a process to improve results using the latest GA4 techniques

Search Engine Optimisation

Learn the latest best practices to compete in Google organic

Social Media

Strategy and tips for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more


Learn how to create contact sequences and AI copywriting

Smart Insights is the brainchild of Dr Dave Chaffey who, according to the Chartered Institute of Marketing, is "one of 50 gurus who has shaped the future of marketing". He has consulted on digital marketing strategy for over a hundred businesses including 3M, Mercedes-Benz, Barclaycard, HSBC and many smaller businesses.

"Growth of 40% - 60% over the last year...I would not hesitate to recommend membership"

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Trying to keep up with the latest developments, takes so much time.
But with Smart Insights resources, like the digital media updates tracker, it feels a lot more approachable. What I’ve found immensely satisfying is the coherent structure for marketing planning, whereby all resources are integrated around the RACE Framework. 

Alex SemperAlex SemperCEO and Co-Founder Semper Fi Digital

The Smart Insights system of audits, templates and guides helped facilitate the implementation, management, and measurement of successful Facebook and LinkedIn,  campaigns. In particular, the Agency Growth Toolkit helped with processes and documentation for agency selection, managing requests for proposals (RFPs), and more.

Sandy PerlmanSandy PerlmanFractional CMO

For the cost of a day out at a seminar, you get a year’s worth of authoritative, expert information that saves time, trial and error, and confusion.

Smart Insights delivers outstanding results at exceptional value for money with resources that are available in seconds, 24/7, wherever you’re connected.

Arnold FerrierArnold FerrierConsultant, Best4Systems

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