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Google Analytics Setup Audit

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Who is this setup audit for?

All manner of businesses use Google analytics for web reporting, but many do not have it configured probably to support their unique business goals. These will vary from industry to industry, so we’ve designed this template to be helpful across many different verticals so you can configure your Google analytics to match your businesses KPIs. It will be especially useful for:

  • Marketing Managers who need to set up their Google Analytics to review key metrics and allocate resources accordingly.
  • Small Business Owners who manage their own Google Analytics
  • E-commerce marketers looking to make better use of Google Analytics to get insights into customer journeys
  • Agency team members responsible for auditing and managing Google Analytics for their clients’ websites

About the Google Analytics Setup Audit

  • Author: Dave Chaffey, updated by Digital Marketing consultant Jill Quick
  • Format: Comprehensive 30+ page unbranded blank Word template – use to review set up for your business or to audit your clients. Select the summary sections most relevant for you or your clients.
  • Related content: We recommend this in-depth spreadsheet on using Google Analytics for Ecommerce for more detailed advice on Google Analytics customisation. Step 1 in our Guide to Google Analytics reviews all the customisations possible.

How will this Google Analytics audit template help me?

Many, many companies have Google Analytics tags set up on their sites, but in our experience, Google Analytics is often not set up correctly. To get the most from Google Analytics, it must be tailored to the organization to reflect what the company wants to get from it. Customization is needed to set up Google Analytics features like goals, funnels, events, custom variables and reports to help the business regularly review and improve its online marketing.

This popular template, indispensable if you're serious about the accuracy of your Analytics and applying analytics to improve results for your business:

  • Reviews 25+ key areas of Google Analytics setup in 10 sections - check what you’re missing and what you need to change
  • Allows you to produce a report showing improvements needed for customization to measure
  • Should be used together with Step 1 in our in-depth 7 Steps to Google Analytics E-book which provides further background
  • Originally written by Dave Chaffey, a digital strategist who has the Google Analytics Individual Qualification. Now updated by Jill Quick a specialist Google Analytics trainer and consultant.
  • Recommends the best Google Chrome extensions to help you review current analytics set up

What does the template include?

Setup of Google Analytics is simplified into 16  key areas in a 20+ page report including:

  • Key issues to consider and questions to ask covering:
  • Google Account, Web property and View Admin including user management
  • Types of tagging - Classic Google Analytics and the newer Universal Analytics
  • Setting up views to exclude company staff
  • Goals and funnels
  • Marketing Outcome and Google Analytics Events
  • Marketing campaign tracking (including email marketing and social media marketing)
  • Custom segments
  • E-commerce setup
  • Attribution
  • Multichannel
Look Inside the Google Analytics Setup Audit

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