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Google Analytics Setup Audit

Customise Google Analytics for your business

How will this Google Analytics audit template help me?

Many, many companies have Google Analytics tags setup on their sites, but in our experience, Google Analytics is often not setup correctly. To get the most from Google Analytics it must be tailored to the organisation to reflect what the company wants to get from it. Customisation is needed to set up goals, funnels, events, custom variables and reports to help the business regularly review and improve its performance.

This template:

  • Reviews 15 key areas of Google Analytics setup – check what you’re missing
  • Produce a report showing improvements needed for customisation to measure
  • Should be used together with Step 1 in our 7 Steps to Google Analytics Ebook which provides further background
  • Is written by Dave Chaffey, a digital strategist who has the Google Analytics Individual Qualification
  • Recommends the best Google Chrome extensions to help you review current analytics setup

What does the template include?

Setup of Google Analytics is simplified into 16  key areas in an 8 page report including:

  • Type of tagging – Classic Google Analytics and the new Universal Analytics
  • Goals and funnels
  • Marketing events
  • Marketing campaign tracking (including email marketing and social media marketing)
  • Custom segments
  • Ecommerce setup

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