Digital marketing Job Description Templates and Role Definitions

Helping you recruit and develop the right digital skills in your organisation plus benchmark your salary and skills

  • Authors: Susanne Colwyn and Dave Chaffey (Editor)
  • Format: 5,000 word, 45 A4 page PDF Ebook and Word document for members to amend
  • Related resource: Structuring a digital marketing team

About our recruiting for digital marketing guide - How will these job description templates help me?

This guide provides a range of practical job description templates for 10 key digital marketing roles plus practical advice from some leading recruitment agencies to support companies in the recruitment of digital marketing specialists to resource digital marketing activities within their team structure.

The Job Descriptions in this template are first-and-foremost to help get the right type of person and save time when developing job descriptions for new recruits or recruiting into existing digital marketing roles.

The specifications of requirements for digital roles plus tips and advice in this Guide will also help marketing professionals to identify their own personal career and training goals, in line with the worldwide growth of digital marketing skills. On a personal level, it may also help prepare for interviews since it defines the capabilities sought by businesses.

What does the digital recruiting guide include?

The main part of this guide gives 10 detailed templates for digital role descriptions including alternative job descriptions, main areas of responsibilities, typical tasks, technical skills, management skills and typical salary ranges.

We believe these example role descriptions will give a useful framework to apply in both writing job specifications and in helping with scoring key desirable and essential skills during the interview stage.

The 12 different Digital marketing job descriptions covered in each template are:

  • Analytics Manager
  • Content Marketing or Content Manager
  • CRM and Email marketing Manager
  • Digital Agency Account Manager and Sales Director
  • Copywriter
  • Digital Director or Head of Digital (also known as Chief Digital Officer or CDO)
  • Digital Marketing Manager and Web Manager
  • Ecommerce Manager
  • PPC Search Manager
  • Search Manager / SEO Manager
  • Social Media Manager or Community Manager
  • Web Developer and Web Designer

Depending on the size of the company, a “Head of” or “Manager” role such as Digital Marketing Manager or Ecommerce Manager may be a single person in the team (often a more junior role in smaller companies) or may have other staff in digital roles reporting into them (typically a more senior role in a larger company). We have written the job specification such that the roles can be amended for these different sizes of company and scope of work. The Digital marketing job description will help you structure your organisation and get more from your staff.

Salary benchmarks

Naturally you will want to benchmark your salary against similar roles in your region! Salary checkers are the best bet for this - we give recommendations for these at the end of this template. Indicative salary ranges for each role are also included.

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