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Digital marketing strategy audit

Benchmark your digital marketing capabilities as part of strategy development

How will the planning template help me and my business?

This template steps you through around 40 strategic questions you need to ask to help you review how well you’re making use of digital marketing now and will use it into the future.

Recommendations links give an index of  key Smart Insights resources to improve your digital capabilities. 

We’ve designed  this audit spreadsheet to be as flexible as possible, so it can be applied for different types of businesses and roles:

  • Company directors and marketing managers – identify priorities you can direct your team and agencies to work on
  • Digital marketing managers – create a roadmap of digital marketing activities
  • Agencies and consultants – use it to improve your own marketing audits and recommendations to clients

The questions are structured to assess capabilities within the Smart Insights RACE planning framework of online marketing activities to manage:

  • Plan – shows what needs to be included in a digital plan.
  • Reach – gives ideas on strategies to get more targeted traffic on your website and social media outputs.
  • Act and Convert – questions to ask to interact more with your content and increase conversion.
  • Engage – approaches to increase long-term value of customers through social media, email and web.

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