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Digital marketing strategy audit / healthcheck

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How will the digital marketing healthcheck help me and my business?

This Excel spreadsheet template steps you through around 40 strategic questions you need to ask to help review how well a business is making use of digital marketing now so you can plan and implement improvements in the future using a digital strategy and roadmap.

Dave Chaffey originally developed this spreadsheet when consulting to audit clients’ websites and digital communications against best practices using analytics and also collaboratively when completing workshops and interviews with digital stakeholders.

Now it’s popular with our Expert members for completing similar interviews with stakeholders or in a group review session, for example between agency and client. It can also be completed quickly by a manager reviewing current weaknesses in digital marketing for a business to show the gaps and what needs to be improved.

We’ve designed  this audit spreadsheet to be as flexible as possible, so it can be applied for different types of businesses and roles:

  • Company directors and marketing managers – identify priorities you can direct your team and agencies to work on
  • Digital marketing managers – create a prioritised roadmap of digital marketing activities and review actions as a checklist
  • Agencies and consultants – use it to compare against and improve your own marketing audits and recommendations to clients

About the Digital marketing strategy audit / healthcheck

  • Author: Dr. Dave Chaffey
  • Format: Two Excel worksheets to score and chart your digital marketing capabilities to show activities you must improve
  • Worksheet 1 – Audit : A detailed checklist to prioritise and action 25 key digital marketing activities in the RACE planning system
  • Worksheet 2 – Healthcheck: A higher level review for quickly scoring your current strategy to identify improvements
  • Related templates:  Multichannel retail / Ecommerce benchmark audit

About the author

Dave ChaffeyDr Dave Chaffey is lead consultant and editor at Smart Insights.  He has been recognised as one of 50 marketing ‘gurus’ worldwide who have shaped the future of Marketing by the Chartered Institute of Marketing. He advises companies on digital marketing strategy through training workshops and consulting delivered to large international organisations like 3M, Barclaycard, HSBC, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, M&G Investment, Mars and O2 to smaller companies and startups like Arco,, Euroffice and Hornbill.

To use the spreadsheet, simply score the digital capability on a scale of 1 to 5 using the drop-down selection of options and a Radar diagram will be automatically created to summarise areas needing improvement.

The 40 questions are grouped to assess capabilities across the Smart Insights RACE planning framework of online marketing activities to manage:

  • Plan – shows what needs to be included in a digital plan.
  • Reach – techniques to grow your audience and increase targeted traffic on your website
  • Act and Convert – improve multichannel customer journeys and content marketing to increase conversion.
  • Engage – approaches to increase long-term value of customers through social media, email and website improvements.

For each question and answers, recommendations links give an index of key Smart Insights resources you can follow-up on to improve your digital capabilities.

Look Inside the Digital marketing strategy audit / healthcheck

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I recently completed the RACE Digital Strategy Course. It was brilliant, and the 7-Steps guides are excellent resources, too. Thanks for providing such a fantastic collection.

Translated complex digital marketing channels into easy-to-understand concepts

Translates complex digital marketing channels into easy-to-understand concepts. Constantly updated with new insights that will help whether you own your own business or work for a large corporation.

Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning Toolkit

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