7 Steps to a Digital Communications Strategy for FMCG Brands

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We believe that digital brand development doesn’t get enough attention. Ultimately, competing successfully using digital marketing involves creating a more compelling brand in the eye of the consumer. But how do you develop a digital brand strategy? The fundamentals of brand-building and brand equity development are still relevant, but we need to create new forms of brand value through online content and experiences.

Who is the guide for?

The guide is aimed at two different types of marketers who we often meet on digital strategy courses:

  • 1. If you have a background strongest in technology or digital marketing but without a grounding in classical marketing, branding and communication strategies. Digital marketing or Ecommerce managers may be in this category.
  • 2. Your background is in branding but you don’t have a deep immersion in the digital marketing techniques covered in other Smart Insights resources. Brand planners and product managers often have this background.

The examples in the guide focus on Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands, but the techniques for brand development covered can be applied to other types of business as well.

About the Digital Branding Guide

About the author

The guide was produced by brand strategy consultant, Debbie Inglis

What does the guide cover?

Our branding guide will give you guidance on how to create a Digital brand communications strategy focusing on examples of FMCG Brands, but with the principles of online branding applying to other businesses too. This guide will provide you with:

  • Guidance on how to develop a digital communications strategy based on PR Smith’s SOSTAC(R) and Smart Insights RACE planning frameworks.
  • An understanding of how brand perception can be shaped using the established strategic approach to brand-building and what can be done to enhance your brand image.
  • A detailed review of brand development in the new digital world relevant for the FMCG brand marketer.
  • Advice on how to implement best practice communication strategies within an FMCG organisation, so as to facilitate collaboration that will help all develop their digital marketing abilities.
  • Examples of how savvy brands are using digital marketing in integrated campaigns including food, drinks, dairy, pet food and sportswear brands.

The 7 steps covered in the guide are:

  • Step 1. Situation Analysis: Brand Communication Strategy – Digital Focus
  • Step 2. Brand-building objectives
  • Step 3. Brand development strategies
  • Step 4. Tactics
  • Step 5. Actions: Campaign Management
  • Step 6. Budget setting
  • Step 7. Control and Measurement

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This guide will give you guidance on how to create a Digital brand communications strategy focusing on examples of FMCG Brands, however the principles of online branding applying to other businesses too. This guide will provide you with guidance on how to develop a digital communications strategy based on PR Smith's SOSTAC(R) and Smart Insights RACE planning frameworks, and specific examples and advice on tactics.

Look Inside the Digital Branding Guide

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I recently completed the RACE Digital Strategy Course. It was brilliant, and the 7-Steps guides are excellent resources, too. Thanks for providing such a fantastic collection.

Translated complex digital marketing channels into easy-to-understand concepts

Translates complex digital marketing channels into easy-to-understand concepts. Constantly updated with new insights that will help whether you own your own business or work for a large corporation.

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