Consider the whole customer lifecycle to boost conversions and retention

It's no secret that engaging your customers is crucial to achieving continued sales, and it's also well known that it is usually far easier and costs less to get repeat business from existing customers than it is to acquire new ones from scratch. Customer relationship management (CRM) is well established as a process to try to achieve this, but this 'relationship' begins today with the first contact with the customer when they are simply a contact or prospect. With the advent of Marketing Automation, it's become common to consider contact strategy to engage audiences through email, personalisation, social media and traditional channels through an entire lifecycle of all contacts and contacts. The McKinsey consumer decision is one example of this lifecycle

This renewed focus by marketers on prospect and customer engagement, conversion and retention has led to the appearance of a new…

Trust on social media is very low, you'll need to be honest if you want to win it back

In the fast-moving world of social media, brands are constantly competing for attention. Organic page reach has been nerfed by Facebook, whilst Twitter is full of people shouting ever more regularly in an attempt to be heard, making it easy to be crowded out.

Sometimes it can be tempting to try any tactic to generate engagement, but your customers aren't stupid, and won't be fooled by marketing gimmicks. What is more, you should be presenting yourself as open and honest, and only by being transparent will you achieve this.

The CIM have put together this infographic on brand transparency on social media, which shows how little trust many users have in brands. The only way to reverse this and win trust is to be honest with your customers and be consistently up front about any…

Don't let your B2B site loose you leads by making these five basic mistakes

There are literally millions of business to business websites out there, but not all of them are as efficient as they could be. The purpose of creating and managing a B2B website is mainly to engage with your audience and turn them from passive viewers into active clients. So, why is it so hard to engage the audience that visits your website?

Firstly, most of the B2B websites don’t respect a set of basic rules that ensure success. They usually focus on the wrong thing, forgetting about the audience. A B2B website is, of course, a way for you to present and advertise your business, but it should be much more than that.

If you want to…

With more than 100 billion calls expected to be made to businesses each year, here's a break-down of what is driving them.

Recently, Invoca published their Call Intelligence Index 2016 where they dissected the most influential marketing channels for driving calls to businesses.

It doesn't come as a shock to many that digital marketing outperforms more traditional forms of marketing, such as Newspapers, TV & Directory.

Again, somewhat unsurprisingly, mobile search outperforms all other channels of marketing by quite some distance. With over 48% of all calls to businesses coming from mobile search, it again highlights the growing importance and impact it has over our world. The ability to wrap CTA's such as Google’s call-only ad types and click-to-call buttons have proven too convenient…

Essential lessons from the top B2B brands across different verticals

Trackmaven analysed the social media content from 316 leading B2B brands on the 5 largest social networks over the past 12 months, so you can benchmark your own B2B social media efforts against some of the best in the industry. If you work in B2C rather than B2B you can read our write up on the B2C social media report instead.

B2C Social Media audience size by industry

There are big differences between industries when it comes to audience size, but in large part these are probably explained by how well the industries are suited to social media . Professional services does so well because although it's B2B it is offering a product (jobs) which a massive number of people are going to be interested in. There are always going to be more people wanting to look at jobs postings than…

How to deliver successful email campaigns with little or no HTML knowledge

Email campaigns tend to be the bread and butter of what marketers do. They typically have high conversion rates compared to other marketing channels and are a quick and easy way to stay in touch with your contact lists. However, marketing staff are spending way too much time developing emails and not enough time focusing on activities that will give them a better ROI, such as future planning and developing successful data practices (according to the 2016 Email Industry Census).

How long does it typically take for your staff, or you, to build an email? In Litmus’ ‘State of Email Production’ report the answers ranged from a few days to between one and two weeks, with 64% of participants being more likely to spend weeks rather than days. That’s a lot of time invested in something that will…

Leading digital analytics experts share how to effectively use data and analytics

The number of data sources that are available is growing every day. For some of us this might be a good thing, but for many digital marketers it brings up a lot of challenges to deal with.

This report, Broken Links: Why analytics investments have yet to pay off, from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and global sales and marketing firm ZS, shows that there is still a long way to go. 70% of business executives say sales and marketing analytics is already very or even ìextremely important. This in contrast to 2% that say they have achieved broad, positive impact.

The question is, how can you most effectively use data and analytics to your business' advantage?

Reporting vs. analysis

The job of a digital marketer and analyst is not to come up with a lot of fancy looking reports…

Use these 5 steps to successfully market your start-up at low-cost or no cost

Your start-up opportunity...

So, you’ve had a fantastic idea for a new product, piece of software or solution to a business or personal challenge that everyone has, but no one has fully solved. The idea was so good you decided to quit your day job and found a start-up and have defined your business model using the legendary Business Model Canvas and built the online revenue model to prove the idea will fly.

Maybe you just invented a mobile app that allows you to hire someone to stay in your house for when you're waiting for a parcel to be delivered that is going to be ‘The Uber of getting people to wait for parcels’. Maybe it’s a website with a new photo-analysing algorithm you can submit photos of yourself to that finally answers the question ‘does my bum look…

Use these stunning designs and useful tools to improve your Ecommerce UX

Just about anyone can create their own Ecommerce store, with the Ecommerce site builders avalable today, it's a 'piece of cake'. Not so, creating a good eCommerce store, now that's a bit harder. But creating one exceptional enough to stand out from the infinitely large crowd and wow your audience. That takes a special something.

The key to building a loyal base of customers and attracting more at the same time is building a genuinely exceptional user experience. Achieving this requires sensational visuals, beautiful design, elegant and intuitive menus and features which actively help your users. Doing this for your Ecommerce store is not easy by any means, but it is possible, and learning lessons from the most innovative online stores in business is a great way to give your eCommerce stores user experience a big boost.

So we thought we'd showcase 3…

How can online marketers handle the new challenges with the help of one KPI – Customer Lifetime Value?

Marketers are facing a new era in online retail, combining both technology and customer-centricity. It might not be a new thing for most of you and yet a survey shows that most companies are in “digital denial”, not accepting that it is tools and technologies now to help marketers acquire and retain their customers. Important as it is, one-to-one personalization is a challenge as well, which Chloë Thomas indicates in her recent book.

Why that matters in eCommerce?

Customers are more demanding than ever. eCommerce is more competitive than ever. Marketing tools, channels and data flows are more overwhelming than ever.

Online retail marketers today need to be present at the right time with the right message to the right prospect.

So how can we address that?

Let’s try an ACKNOWLEDGE – LEARN – ACT –…

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