Did you know that over half of display ads aren't viewable

The lesson is to choose the right media companies with better viewability, particularly when paying on a cost per thousand basis. Apparently it's nothing new that 56% of display ad impressions across Google's platforms aren't viewable and has been brought to the forefront, by the recent research from Google, Google's Infographic provides insight into 5 key factors to help you maximise your ad visibility; covering the importance of ad sizes and page position.

So what does this mean for Advertisers?

There are going to be more stringent guidelines and some may be struck off if they don't provide above 50% viewability. If you are advertising, it's recommended to plan and research, looking at your viewability inventory, which you can measure with Google's measurement tool, Active View…

Content marketing planning and effective marketing tactics

In our recent post on the latest marketing trends, we polled readers to ask for their opinion on the single digital marketing tool they thought would have the greatest impact to drive results for their business in 2015. No surprise it was content marketing - it was in the previous year too! So, what is the latest thinking on content marketing? In our new infographic we've partnered with Jane Hunt, along with her team at JBH Marketing to summarise the key issues and give examples of what's working and what isn't. The infographic blends stats with advice including the 7 content marketing planning tactics that are crucial to your business and where to invest your budget.   Did you know that... Content marketing drives inbound traffic, proven by successes with Kissmetrics whose blog accounts for 70%…

8 areas for SMB retailers to focus on to increase retail sales

Where did 2014 go? The holiday season has come and gone, and now we’re facing a whole new year of marketing innovations and trends. To make sure you’re staying on top of your sales game, spring is the perfect time to try some new marketing and sales trends on for size. By the time fall rolls around, you’ll be pleased at the progress you’ve made improving your sales numbers and conversion rates.

By considering the following tips and tricks, you can better prepare for a great year of sales:

 1. Work on your website

If you have an ecommerce website, now is the time of year when you should consider some changes and think about making some enhancements. The trends in 2015 are all about user experience. Focus on making your mobile site easy to navigate and visually appealing.…

Our recommendations and reviews on email marketing broadcast software options

I am often for recommendations for affordable E-mail broadcast software packages for Email marketing, E-newsletters or Ezines. This guide highlights some of the options that are most commonly used in the UK and delegates on my E-mail marketing courses have recommended to me. It's an informal post I originally started on a previous site in 2005 to point marketers on courses to for a shortlist of suppliers to review and I've added to it and removed sites over the years. I always recommend hosted (Email Service Provider or ESP) email marketing solutions rather than software since, in general, the reporting/tracking and bounce management capabilities of the cheaper desktop e-mail packages are inferior. There are also management problems with deliverability and blacklisting which are best managed by an external email service provider in my opinion. Although you can use an email service provider in another…

Although mobile opens are growing in importance, desktop clickthroughs dominate

This analysis of over 395 million sent via MailChimp reveals the impact of mobile devices on email engagement and how Responsive Design can improve email clickthrough rates (CTRs). We all know that mobile rendering is now important, but don't expect so many clicks from those emails read on mobile: Email clicks are higher from desktops compared to the 'combined clicks from mobile and tablet devices' and desktop users click on more email links - unique CTRs are 40% higher on desktop compared to mobile. So, the goal of emails rendered on mobile should be to make a big enough impact such that some readers will make a mental note to return to the email on desktop... Their infographic shares more interesting email engagement facts as it's apparent that Email Marketers and Marketing Managers planning and designing their email marketing need to take on board these device differences,…

 Sales metrics should not be alien to digital marketing teams

As digital marketers, it is our job to drive sales for our business, correct? Wait, but isn’t that the job of the sales department..? As it turns out, with Smarketing we have many of the same goals and objectives so it makes sense that we would work together to form a more united team and focus on the same measurements to close our deals. Source: HubSpot

I realize this is easier said than done, but if you look at the statistics: according to an Aberdeen report, companies that were successful in aligning their sales and marketing teams were able to increase revenue by 20%. This is in stark comparison to those who weren’t able to align the two departments, and saw a 4% decline.


How to make your contest promotion more effective

There are a number of factors that will impact conversion rate for a contest campaign. In this article, I will talk about conversion rates for contests specifically. Keep in mind however, the general principles outlined can be related to coupons, samples, loyalty, email, content and other types of digital promotions. Note: Specific examples provided below have been sourced from Qoints’ repository of digital engagement and performance data.

Conversion Rate Optimization 101

No matter how many consumers you reach online with the message to enter your contest, some will drop off the radar during their engagement with the promotion before fully completing the entry process, or converting. When thinking ahead to the end of your promotion and how many full conversions you’d like to have when it’s all said and done, you can build a stronger case for choosing certain tactics over others. The first consideration…

Why do online shoppers abandon their Ecommerce shopping baskets and what can retailers do to re-engage?

What is frustrating American online shoppers and how can businesses minimise shopping cart abandonment, or encourage these buyers to return to their baskets? Over 1,000 ecommerce online consumer interactions, from Visual Website Optimizer (VWO, a website testing platform company), reveals these frustrations and also the positive drivers to encourage shoppers to purchasing their products post abandonment. The Ecommerce survey shows the main drivers for consumers abandoning their shopping cart from companies is 1. companies not being transparent about shipping costs and 2. consumers being forced to create a new account. It's interesting that abandoned shoppers can be converted, as 54% will purchase their 'basket items' if they are contacted with a discount. Download the full report from VWO.com's site (registration is required) to also find…

Does your organisation have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy?

Although it was the 25th anniversary of the web last year, it seems that many businesses still aren't taking a strategic approach to digital marketing. In our Managing Digital marketing research in association with the TFM&A 2015, we again asked this year 'Do you or clients have a digital marketing strategy". Here are the findings:

Is a digital strategy essential?

So, 50% of companies are working on digital marketing with no clearly defined strategy it seems. There was no improvement compared to the previous year when the percentage was 46%. Does this matter? Well, certainly the beauty of digital marketing is that you can get results by focusing on the tactics like search, social media and email marketing plus working on conversion rate optimisation for the website. In the…

6 implications for selecting and managing today's and tomorrow's marketing technology

A year ago today we shared the latest Marketing Technology Landscape map by Scott Brinker, @chiefmartec, so now it's time for the latest edition! It's great Scott has the passion to update this each year given the speed at which technology changes. You can see the work involved from the number of new tools he has added this year: Here's the latest 2015 Marketing technology landscape infographic which we think provides a great framework to help managers think through the best technology to improve their marketing and to review the leading technology vendors in each category. It’s a retina-burning infographic, which doesn’t look great on a blog or on a printer, but if you click to expand you…

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