A quick-fire guide and glossary to the essentials of Programmatic Marketing

Programmatic is a very hot topic in the world of marketing right now. As Ad Age points out, the advertising industry is on a journey toward widespread automation, and programmatic marketing which gives marketers the opportunity to purchase advertising more efficiently and - given the right data - more effectively, too.

As a relative newcomer to the world of Programmatic Marketing, I was overwhelmed by the amount of definitions and TLAs (Three-letter acronyms) involved with programmatic. Trying to get to grips with programmatic can really make your head spin! I therefore thought I might be an ideal person to provide a hopefully simple introduction to programmatic for anyone looking to understand this marketing technique for the first time.

Google are proactively asking business owners to keep their Knowledge Graph information up-to-date, by directly suggesting edits.

Importance: (Webmasters and "Official Representatives")

Recommended source: Successful SEO Guide

In an interesting move, Google have begun to ask people who they deem as "Official Representatives" of a topic, if they would like to request changes to the Knowledge Graph card.

It came to my attention yesterday when SEJ published a tip from a reader, that when signed into a Google Account associated with a Google My Business page, the below option appeared.


Clicking edit, will move you onto this screen...

Explaining how modelling of marketing outcomes can let you make smarter marketing decisions

As 2016 gets under way we're seeing more discussion of the applications of Predictive Intelligence. It’s a nascent field, but one that is gaining popularity fast and for some very good reasons, which we will discuss in a lot more detail in this article. We’re going to start this article off by explaining what precisely Predictive Intelligence is, we’re then going to provide some hard stats on its impact in the marketing world so far and are going to finish off by explaining how we feel it’s set to shape marketing in 2016 and beyond.

What Is Predictive Intelligence?

Despite the buzz surrounding Predictive Intelligence, many still…

Reviewing the Mobile ad landscape and the future of programmatic advertising

Simon Swan's Digital Marketing Essentials interview with Luke Jonas of Hatch London

I caught up with Luke Jonas a specialist in programmatic advertising and performance marketing. He previously worked at mobile advertising technology platform and is a co-founder of Hatch London, an agency that help businesses build and upskill their digital performance marketing teams.

Luke has a wealth of experience across the digital sphere working for start-ups as well as for leading affiliate networks, and discussed with me how the rapid change in the mobile landscape the changing technologies, and the rise in programmatic advertising and the changes in advertisers looking to take media buying in-house.

First view lets brands get their video seen on Twitter

Importance: (For big brands advertising on Twitter ) Recommended source: Twitter blog Yesterday Twitter announced the release of a new ad product which opens up Twitter's most valuable real-estate for brands to get their message across. Called First view, it allows brands to pay to have their video appear in the very first moment someone opens their Twitter app or log onto Twitter.com, for a period of 24 hours. For now it is only video ads which can be promoted via First View, but Twitter is reportedly considering offering First View for different ad-options in future.

The benefits of having your ad appear at the start very top of someone's Twitter feed is obvious. It is…

How considering the latest trends can help you stay ahead of the competition

2015 was an exciting year in the world of search engine optimization and social media marketing. These two fields are constantly evolving, with plenty of changes that prompt shifts in consumer and marketer behavior. In order to succeed, you should adapt to these changes and employ the latest and most effective strategies. The following are 15 social media and search engine marketing trends in 2016 and what you should do to stay ahead of the curve:

1. Mobile optimization is a must.

Last year, mobile generated more traffic than desktop and laptop search. With virtually everyone using their smartphone or tablet to find information online, it goes without saying that business owners must cater to the needs of their mobile audience to generate leads and increase conversions. If your website still isn’t optimized for mobile, then you risk losing out…

Please complete our survey on Content Marketing in Europe and receive a free copy of the research report

In recent years, Content Marketing has been rated my marketers as one of the most effective marketing techniques. Indeed, our informal poll of Smart Insights readers asking about current digital marketing trends has shown that in 2013, 2014 and 2015 it was rated as THE most important marketing technique in terms of generating incremental online leads or sales in the year ahead.

So clearly, it's worthwhile to try to understand that works and what doesn't work in Content Marketing, so it would be really appreciated if you and your business are involved in Marketing in Europe that you to take part in our survey and anonymously share…

5 steps to harness technology and creativity using programmatic advertising to maximize its potential

To reach the modern consumer, companies must embrace ideas such as:

Programmatic advertising Advertising for multiple screens Personalization

Consumers today have become increasingly adept at ignoring advertising they feel is no longer a utility, but an irritation. While the always-on phenomenon has become a popular buzz-phrase, in reality the cognitive load placed on consumers as a result of the on demand economy has been significant. Not only are consumers filtering out irrelevant advertising, but poor ad placements are also harming brands and their reputations. According to this Online Personal Experience study conducted by Janrain, nearly 3/4 of U.S. consumers report feeling annoyed when they see adverts and content that does not match their needs or interests. Econsultancy has also reported that over half of UK internet users have a desire for more relevant ads.

Affiliate marketing needs to be run effectively to get the best results. Don't leave it on the back-burner.

Affiliate marketing inherently involves using middlemen — affiliates — to help bring in customers or drive conversions.

This automated online marketing comes with many positives: a marketplace of affiliates seeking you out, automatic approval of affiliates based on your company’s preferences, and cross-currency sales tracking. But to reap those benefits, it’s critical to manage your affiliate partners continually. A successful affiliate campaign requires active recruiting and optimizing partners on an ongoing basis.

Avoid the “Autopilot” Trap

The mindset that affiliate programs run on “autopilot” is common but will be detrimental to your program — and might ruin it altogether. Yes, affiliate network technologies have automated many tasks, such as automatic approval or rejection of affiliates based on specified criteria and the tracking of sales and payment of commissions. However, automation also comes with downsides that can…

How to Easily Cultivate Trust with Button Copy that Puts Your Audience’s Needs First

Marketers are busy and often juggle way too many responsibilities at once. Something’s gotta give, and sometimes it’s the button copy. It’s understandable, but when you skip this one detail, you create a very bad impression with your audience.

By settling on generic button copy, you risk coming off as a lazy marketer who focuses on getting the lead or the sale instead of your customers’ wellbeing. Consequently, conversions suffer.

So it’s time to rid the world of generic button copy.

If Your Button Copy is Good Ole “Sign Up”, “Send” or “Submit”

You’re probably not doing this on purpose, but I’m not gonna lie – it’s bad.

When site visitors scroll through the page, a generic “submit” button doesn’t tell them a thing other than the fact you want something from them. Truth be told, they probably won’t even notice it,…

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