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Key marketing tactics which come before your content marketing

Content marketing is the buzzword on everyones lips right now. For some, it's becoming an increasingly big part of the marketing mix. For others, particularly small businesses, it shouldn't necessarily be at the top of the list of priorities. The theory of content marketing is an attractive one – produce interesting and engaging content which will be shared by your audience, and wait for the leads to roll in. Done well, it's a very effective channel, however, it takes time, effort and even the most brilliant pieces can be hit and miss in terms of uptake. Sign up for Hubspot, Kapost, Marketo, or any one of the hundreds of content marketing platforms that are available, and you'll have all of the tools at your disposal for implementing content marketing.…

Choice is a good thing, right?

Let us take you back to the grand old days of grocery shopping, when butter came weighed out in a scoop, the grocer knew your children’s names and your favourite cut of beef, and a brand was something you applied to a cow’s bum (not too different to shopping in Lidl today, one might imagine). Limited choice made shopping a simpler experience in those days ('You can have any colour as long as it's black'), but surely the huge array of brands, products and quantities available in today’s supermarkets make shopping a more satisfying experience? After all, what brunette with frizzy hair and split ends could argue against a shampoo product made specifically to meet her needs?

What's the impact of choice on consumer purchasing and ecommerce?

However, as previously demonstrated in our series of…

Simple recipes and tips to get you started with your Marketing Automation

Are you still sending out blanket e-shot campaigns to large, anonymous lists? If you are, then the 'shot' part might turn out to mean 'shot in the dark.' In an age where PPC and SEO let you reach a target audience actively looking for companies like yours, blunt emails are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, and 2015 is shaping up to be the year of automation. Most companies already have all the ingredients - an email platform, a CRM full of client data, and an incoming source of leads gives you everything you need. Getting started can seem daunting, but by starting off with a few basic recipes, you can build up a fully-fledged automated strategy in no time.

Recipe 1: Dynamic Content

Most companies have…

Understanding how your mobile strategy can improve your customer service

Most of us find it almost impossible to spend time without a smartphone or tablet close at hand. These days, to quote the famous ad for Martino Rosso, we expect to be connected and online  ‘anytime, anyplace, anywhere.’ Indeed the mobile device has become not only a constant companion but also an essential tool. Witness our shopping habits. According to research organisation IMRG, around half of e-commerce sales in the UK are accounted for by mobile devices. Meanwhile, a 2014 survey by Econsultancy found that 13% of us engage in the art of 'showrooming.' Or to put it another way,  we check out goods in store before buying online, using our mobile devices to compare prices and then make the purchase. And not only do we shop on the move. These…

A summary of 7 principles of persuasion

There is increasing interest in applying the principles of Psychology to Digital Marketing. According to Kath Pay of Cloud.IQ, the benefits of incorporating consumer psychology into your marketing are two- fold: "First, applying the principles of the Psychology of Persuasion can assist your customer in their journey to achieve their objective i.e. buying a product or service from you, and secondly, you, as the marketer, benefits from facilitating more successful conversions". Kath has a new free download 'Leveraging Psychology in Digital Marketing' explaining how the relationship between buyer psychology and behaviour can help marketers optimise the online customer journey. It covers the principles and examples from landing pages and email marketing on how you can improve conversion efficiency as part of inbound marketing. This infographic is a taster of the book's themes to help you get under the skin of your customers through psychological techniques including those focussed on…

Why is recruitment marketing one of the most creative applications of content marketing?

As we claw out of recession, a now-searing job market has been flipped in the pan. Those with experience and marketable skills are finding they now constitute choosers as opposed to the beggars of years previous. Although there is still plenty of competition, skilled graduates now have scope to play hard-to-get with recruiters. This is why I think, that one the most competitive applications of creative content marketing right now is in recruitment. So, what’s the return on investment (ROI) for a recruitment areerontent strategy? You could say that staff retention and productivity are obviously measurable vectors, and on a macro-economic scale, ones that go hand-in-hand with our needs as a nation.

Skill shortages and Graduate needs

Findings by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) published last…

Making the Internet human again

By 2020, the amount of digital data detailing just about every aspect of our lives will exceed 40 zettabytes. To put that figure into perspective, 40 zettabytes is 40 trillion gigabytes. (Estimated to be the equivalent of all the grains of sand on all the beaches on earth.) Little wonder therefore, that a child will grow up finding the notion of total privacy as foreign as blue bags of salt in crisp packets, or bottles of Tipp-Ex. People from all stratas of society in our high-tech dystopian world are resigned to the fact that details of their personal lives are increasingly being left to the stewardship of an ever-decreasing circle of power-brands. In this pseudo-Orwellian world, Data Scientists have reassigned the 20th Century title of ‘Mad Men’ to ‘Maths Men’ (poignantly pointing to the fine-line between intellect and insanity). Former giants of creative advertising like David Ogilvy would, no doubt find…

An example of the growing importance of online influencer outreach in marketing today

Whether you diligently follow the fashion world or just check out magazine covers when you’re standing in line at Target, you’ll probably notice something subtly out of character about the March 2015 cover of Marie Claire. The Italian cover girl isn’t a model, an actress, or even a celebrity. She’s a fashion blogger with a firm grip on the interests of fashion fans around the world. And she’s one of many reasons you should be looking into the role that digital influencers can play in your marketing strategy.

Digital Influence is changing

Leveraging fashion influencers is a great example of a shift in the world of marketing. True influence is no longer about paid celebrity product endorsements in film, television, and print. It’s about genuine, personal recommendations from…

Emotional Association - Psychology For Profitable Sponsorship

Sponsorship has always proved to a lucrative and viable form of advertising. The belief that brands place in this type of advertising is huge. Research points to the global spend on sponsorship soaring to $57.5 billion this coming year[1]. So how can brand managers ensure they deliver effective sponsorship for their brands? The answer in part and the focus of this article is known as emotional association, something which for the main part hasn’t been part of the discourse around sponsorship effectiveness until recently. As you are reading this article, there is no doubt that thousands of brand managers across the world are assessing the usefulness of planned sponsorship deals within their companies. One of the key questions that any brand manager will ask will be around the business impact and effectiveness generated from any given sponsorship. Something that…

Stay up-to-date with Facebook marketing

During the first part of 2015, Facebook has started rolling some small and large newsfeed changes. On the one hand, most of these changes benefit users and help them filter, prioritize and consume their newsfeeds, but on the other hand this means more companies, like our venture, investing more money in advertising trying to keep their social traffic near the goal, and to avoid getting lost in the Facebook content limbo.

Facebook's views on organic reach declining

The latest change involves the drop in company page 'likes', which I believe is the right move, since they will remove deactivated and memorialized accounts. In their words, they will discard users whom we cannot expect them to interact with our brand. What worried Page / Community Managers the most was the organic reach drop during the second week of February, and…
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