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How to simplify your website localisation project

A decade or two ago the extent of most business's online strategies would have been whether or not to bother having a website. Now there are all sorts of things to consider, from social media marketing to optimising for mobile and, if you are looking to reach an international audience, localising your website. Localisation can be a huge project but there are ways to simplify the process. It can also be hugely important when it comes to reaching new markets. The World Wide Web theoretically puts the whole world at your fingertips but in practice there are cultural and linguistic barriers to overcome. There's a temptation to think that a single English language website will suffice but numerous studies have shown this is not the case. A survey by Eurobarometer found that only 18% of EU…

A case study of re-activation of lapsed customers with Marketing Automation and Gamification: An email marketing case study from CarDelMar

The well-known marketing rule that investing in acquisition of new customers is six to seven times costlier than re-activating past customers suggests the value of investing in reactivation campaigns. In the omnichannel world we live in,  a wide range of possible methods are available to re-engage those who have lapsed, or if you prefer, are 'churned' buyers. Among the most effective methods is surely re-activation by email marketing. In this case study we present how optivo helped the German online car hire broker CarDelMar with an automated reactivation campaign, which was designed and carried out using the software of email marketing service provider optivo.

The challenge of inactivity

Previously, CarDelMar had been sending out fortnightly newsletters with information on exclusive discount campaigns, useful tips on booking reservations and introductions of new rental agencies. As is usually the case with new…

Examples from big brand Ecommerce sites which smaller businesses can test

The web has transformed the way people compare and buy everything from fruit to flat-screen TVs. The demand to be able to shop online has fuelled a race to join the likes of Amazon, with small independent e-commerce retailers springing up on a daily basis. But it’s important to remember that increasing sales doesn’t necessarily have to cost hundreds of thousands of pounds; small improvements can make a big difference, and even the biggest organisations may be losing revenue unnecessarily. This post features eight of my top tips for maximising e-commerce sales and includes good practice examples from some of the most successful e-commerce sites.

Tip 1: Remove dead ends

Your site should have no dead ends. Full stop. This should be the first rule of thumb. Every page should be designed to channel visitors to the right product, service or sales representative, even…

How golfing brand Lyle& Scott achieved a 48% Increase in Revenue Per Visitor

Throughout its 140 year history Lyle & Scott has built a global reputation for distinctive, beautifully designed, high quality knitwear, combined with the brand’s solid authority and presence in the golfing sector.  The company is committed to developing new and exciting products, making them available to customers across multiple channels. The Lyle & Scott website ( now retails in over 50 countries worldwide making ecommerce one of the major components of the company’s sales structure. This case study shows how they increased the vital revenue per visitor KPIs by following the AWA Digital Ecommerce CRO process.

CRO project background and objectives

Lyle & Scott’s objective was to increase the conversion rate of the Website. The ecommerce team wanted to augment online sales by increasing revenue per customer. The ecommerce team had built a substantial customer database and were already mining the…

Why you could be irrelevant to 86% of your target audience... and what to do about it

86% of B2B email marketing does not work. That’s the average level of non-engagement in B2B email marketing databases - the people who never open, never read and never engage with any of your content. Yet email remains an enduring pillar of modern business communication with UK workers dealing with an average of 40 emails per day and spending an incredible 81 days of the working year reading and writing emails. How can email marketing be failing to reach such a large proportion of its intended audience when email communication is still so prevalent? So deeply embedded in our daily work? It is not email marketing that has become less effective, it is broadcast email marketing that has become less effective. That average of…

Research showing how using event-triggered emails boosts open, clicks and retail sales

As customers of retailers, we have all seen triggered messages based on a response to an action we have taken, for example welcome emails on subscribing, onboarding emails after purchasing, and shipping reminders. More generally, they can be used by all types of businesses to welcome and engage prospects and customers where they're known as behavioural emails and are one of the key functions of Marketing Automation. As marketers, we know they can be extremely effective, but research shows, fewer than half of business are using them. This post explains: Why triggered messages are effective, Typical results retailers can expect from triggered messaging Good scenarios for using them, Most importantly when they do or don't work.

Why are Triggered Messages Effective?

Econsultancy reports that triggered email open rates are four times higher than newsletters. And the Direct Marketing Association reported 125% higher click-through rates.…

3 techniques to weave content marketing into your storytelling

In 1791 a Dublin theatre owner named Thomas Daly bet his friends that he could invent a word that didn’t mean anything in 24 hours. Thinking he was crazy, the friends took the bet. Thomas chose the word “quiz” which hadn’t ever been seen before, and he plastered the word all over walls and billboards in the city of Dublin. 24 hours later, the theatre audience was speaking of and using the word “quiz” in conversation, and Mr. Daly won a large sum of money from his counterparts. There is a strong chance you’ll never forget this story. The next time the word “quiz” is brought up in conversation you’ll think of Thomas Daly. That’s the power of stories. Stories have been around since the beginning of time and continue to enthrall us. There’s something visceral about the plot, drama, and heroism in stories that we…

SMS is not just for promotion. Have you fully considered the possibilities of text marketing to grow your business?

What is the Marketing Mix?

For those unfamiliar with the 7Ps of the marketing mix, imagine your business represented in the form of a cake – yummy. All businesses will have different ingredients that make up their cake Some cakes (businesses) will be different sizes. The marketing mix studies 7 ingredients to your business: product, price, promotion, place, process, people and physical evidence, assessing how each of them perform. Despite primarily being a communications tool, SMS can add value in all areas of the marketing mix. This post illustrates how SMS can be used to make your cake taste better and make customers want more of it!

7 ingredients for SMS

1. Product/Service

SMS is a great way of adding a personal touch to your product or service;…

Or... why we have a love/hate relationship with Rubik’s Cubes?

OK, we don’t hate them, in fact we should probably be grateful to this 80s icon since we’ve won a lot of business recently because of it. However, when it comes to developing websites (or any type of software) we have to bury the Rubik’s Cubes. Let me explain…. Technical agencies, such as ourselves are often too quickly regarded as not creative. This can feel unfair and too hasty because we have seen some fantastic creative work from technical agencies over the years.  It’s just that the strength of this type of agency is more in technical creativity, this blends all of these factors: The elegance of the solution... The interaction design of the page (helping bring it to life from a static comp produced by a creative team). The integration of the solution into CRM systems and complex legacy IT platforms to create beautiful digital…

9 tips on how to boost readership for a small business blog

Are you struggling to attract a significant amount of traffic to your blog? If the answer to this question is yes, there are a number of tactics smaller businesses can use to gain a loyal readership and achieve the goals you desire for your business blog. Increased traffic provides the visibility you need to engage with a wider audience and sell the services or products you offer. Without traffic, your efforts for creating useful content are all made in vain. If your blog is struggling to attract the attention it deserves, read on. My helpful tips provide a set of beneficial strategies used by the top marketers across the globe. Tip 1. Regular content For starters, create an effective content calendar with a range of compelling topics to be published frequently and to a specific schedule. To boost your blog’s traffic you need to connect…
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