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Leverage the power of emotions to enhance your marketing

Every decision your customer makes consists of many conscious and subconscious emotions. The key to success in any business is an understanding of psychology and human behaviour. We all have the same basic mental triggers and needs that drive action. If we understand these psychological triggers, we can craft more effective marketing messages and increase sales. Below is an introduction to 7 important psychological and emotional triggers that can increase your sales, backed up with examples and further reading.

1. Belonging

Human nature gives most people a strong desire to belong to something; a group, a clan, a gang, a family, or a social network. Call it what you will, but very often customers purchase goods and services to show and feel a sense of belonging to their chosen ‘thing’…be it real, or fabricated. They even carry out some highly illogical activities just…

5 all-too-common reasons that stop companies investing in Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is becoming a more widespread purchase, indeed it's one of the top-rated trends in the Smart Insights poll of 2016 digital marketing trends. However, research suggests that many businesses still aren't using functionality like lead scoring, lead nurture and web personalisation.  So this poses the question: what is preventing companies from adopting Marketing Automation? Well, as with the adoption of any technology, there are always obstacles and believe me, I have come up against these obstacles on numerous occasions! The good news is that I have also been able to overcome them through working through the arguments. In this post I'll take a look at the most common obstacles companies face.

Barrier 1. Lack of skill and resource

With Marketing Automation being relatively new, skills are in short supply; if you’ve got the…

How and why brands should embrace Instagram for marketing

In most countries, Facebook is both king and queen of social media. According to the latest statistics from Pew Research, 72% of American adults use Facebook. But that growth has been relatively stagnant over the past 3 years. When you consider Facebook's organic reach of 6%, the potential audience size becomes much smaller. Organic reach on Instagram, on the other hand, is growing rapidly. Early indications also suggest that Instagram users are more receptive to branded content. Given Facebook own Instagram, it's hardly a competition. However, it does matter which is more effective when it comes to deciding where your time and marketing budget should be spent. According to this infographic from selfstartr, now is the perfect time for marketers to consider Instagram. Engagement is 58X higher on Instagram and brands can reach 100% of their followers. Only 36% of marketers currently use…

New research reveals marketers approaches to multichannel marketing

In partnership with Digital Doughnut, EPiServer recently surveyed over 200+ marketers to find out how they are tackling multichannel marketing. The resulting report presents an overview of single-channel, multichannel and omnichannel strategies, as well as insights about how well marketers feel they are able to implement these strategies. Below you will find some key findings from the report, as well as examples of companies who are successfully providing a more seamless experience for users. Over the last five years, the way that brands are communicating with their customers has fundamentally changed. Instead of adopting a single-channel, or even multichannel approach, businesses must now offer a truly seamless experience across all devices. Rather than tailoring their approach to multiple individual touch-points, the latest digital marketers are breaking down these out-dated silos and are providing customers with a single coherent view of their brand - delivering…

The best Digital marketing tools for B2B promotion in Russia

One of the most effective channels to attract B2B customers is Digital marketing, and Russia is no exception. A foreign marketer or an entrepreneur planning to create a comprehensive Digital strategy in Russia faces many questions – how to work here, what platforms give the best results? The strategy of attracting customers using digital channels includes a variety of solutions, such as: Search engine optimization; Contextual advertising (PPC); E-mail marketing; White papers; Working with social networks.

Digital marketing tools for B2B promotion

Contextual advertising (PPC)

Contextual advertising is one of the marketing tools which allow the displaying of ads only to those users whose potential sphere of interest matches or coincides with the subject of promoted products or services. The undeniable advantage of contextual advertising is a quick result. No need to wait for months to get higher up…

Using predictive analytics effectively will allow you to increase sales, but only if you have right data

Applying predictive analytics to marketing campaigns will enable businesses to increase sales and returns through visualising the campaign outcomes. Below is an introduction to Predictive Marketing and how you can begin to experiment with these ideas in your business.


You may have heard of predictive marketing – it’s an increasingly popular topic. You may not, however, understand what it really means or how it could benefit your business. In short: it involves using expected future events and expected future customer behaviours to create a marketing plan. It has become a lot more relevant to businesses as digital marketing campaigns have generated far more data which is analysed in far more detailed ways. Intuitively, most marketers can see a clear value from understanding customers better and getting detailed numbers around a campaign’s expected returns before it has started. However,…

Plain text has proven impressively durable despite marketers preference for HTML

When it comes to email marketing, there’s only a few Email metrics that all marketers focus on: open rates and clickthroughs (although they should consider more, like the value generated). Without positive levels of KPIs, marketers often feel like they have wasted time and effort creating an email that no one has seen or interacted with, and that’s a hard pill to swallow. This is why marketers are constantly trying to find ways to improve on their email marketing campaigns in the hope that something – be it a subject line, content piece, image choice or header wording – will make a difference. But something that marketers generally don’t seem to change is the format of their email. Comfortable in the flashy world of HTML email design, marketers may be…

Welcome to the real self-service economy

Consumers want to be in control. They show a clear preference for self-service solutions, both in planning a purchase, the purchase itself and possible questions afterwards.  Smart companies try to anticipate this trend because it is in the mutual interest of businesses and their customers. The use of customer data is absolutely indispensable as this will improve the customer experience in every phase of the purchase process. Tweet This This evolution doesn’t mean the end of the traditional 'human' customer service. The need for a safety net with personal contact still exists. This contact can be organized by the companies themselves, but it may also mean contact with other customers. These are some of the conclusions from a worldwide study conducted over the past few months in collaboration with SSI (fieldwork) and No Problem! (translation partner). The study included ten countries from all around the world. The results of…

Which of these skills does the modern marketer need too?

Throughout this week we've been looking at the digital skills needed by marketers and found a large percentage of marketers roles is now taken up by managing digital activities. Here's a round-up of all our posts and new report on the level of digital marketing skills. This means marketers are starting to need many of the skills previously reserved for IT professionals. So we thought it would be interesting to see how the role of the IT professional has developed over the past 25 years, and where it is headed. As Gen Y steps up to take centre stage in the employment pool, and technology increasingly dominates our life and work, it is predicted that there will be an 18% growth in tech jobs by 2022. This infographic looks at how tech roles have evolved…

App Store Optimization is a new field but highly important for anyone looking for App users

App store optimization is the emerging and dynamic practice of creating mobile app listings in the Google Play and Apple app stores for indexation, app visibility and conversion. Because neither app store provides visibility to either their indexing or ranking algorithms, or store search data like daily volume, or volume by keyword/phrase - publishers, marketers and agencies have had to experiment and draw on experiences of others. App store optimization is often compared to search engine optimization mostly because that’s what marketers know and it is a familiar reference. But there are significant differences that we will explore that all lead to the same conclusions: app store search is different than web search. If a mobile app publisher, marketer or agency is building an app listing targeting keywords and phrases that are reported to be relevant and high…

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