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You may be focusing on the wrong metrics and missing the most important KPIs

As a digital marketing professional, you may have once expected that your job would involve a lot of creativity – you’d spend your days creating innovative advertisements, writing engaging copy, maybe even crafting catchy memes. And of course, you do work on these tasks, but unless your company has a committed marketing analytics professional on staff, you also likely spend much of your day surrounded by numbers, working hard to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns. All those numbers, taken together, are known as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Unfortunately, sometimes the numbers piling up on your desk indicate that your marketing strategy isn’t working out as well as you’d hoped. That’s when it’s time to take your ad campaigns and KPIs back to the drawing board. Here are a few analytics strategies you can try to kick start your…

How Trade Shows can thrive when combined with Digital Marketing

Trade shows were once the cornerstone of one’s calendar. Before the days of Google Hangouts, Skype and in fact e-mail, trade shows were a hub for industry professionals to network and for businesses to launch initiatives which they hoped would keep consumers and competitors talking for months to come. As Lima Curtis discussed in her article, what made trade shows so special is quickly being surpassed and made irrelevant in the digital age. Despite this trend, trade shows for pretty much every industry imaginable continue year on year and hundreds of thousands of people annually clear a space on their calendar to attend. So when products and services can be launched in an instant online, fellow professionals can be contacted with the click of a button and all of…

A B2B case study showing how to create relevant, personal emails on a global scale.

Email marketing has undergone a transformation lately. The giants of online retail have set a precedent for sending relevant, timely email communications with content tailored to each customer on an individual basis. Now the rest of us must follow, meeting the high expectations to which online consumers have become accustomed. No longer is it enough to ‘batch and blast’ a single message to a contact list and hope that some will find it exciting….we must learn what each individual customer finds interesting and send them content to meet their requirements.  Email personalisation is undoubtedly here to stay. Improving personalisation as part of your email strategy however is not straightforward. It requires a significant increase in content production and an even greater amount of data.  Even for companies with simple business models and minimal product lines, the deployment of personalised email content can…

Small business marketers need to sit up and pay attention to the latest mobile design options

Technology has revolutionized communication and changed the face of doing business in modern times. Computers, Tablets, and Smartphone which were initially used to surf the net, stream videos and chat online have become key business tools. Mobile is becoming ever more crucial now that it accounts for over half of all web traffic. But how does a small business use the latest mobile design to grow its business? The answer to this question is determined by two factors: Increase in popularity of Social Media The development of more capable Smartphones Facebook, the most popular social network worldwide has 1.71 billion monthly active users across the world, according to the latest statistics. The other factor hinges on the improvement of mobile design evident in the…

Get the right strategy in place before you start testing

Starting and running a conversion programme is all about asking the right questions. The questions you want to ask of the tests themselves, but also the questions you need to ask yourself and your team to get the most out of the programme. Here are our 18 chronological questions to ask yourself and your team if you have recently started a conversion optimisation programme.

Before you test

1. Are a broad range of specialisms feeding into the optimisation programme?

The most effective optimisation programmes need input from strategists, user-centred designers, front end developers, copywriters and analysts.

2. What sources are you using to feed into the ideation process?

Typically the highest quality tests (i.e. the ones that will deliver the biggest uplifts and/or provide the greatest insight into the business) make use of a number of the following techniques/sources: persuasion/emotion/trust (PET), heuristics, user research (remote or moderated)…

Using video content on your blog will make you a search engine favorite

Ranking on search engines is the top-most priority for all content creators. Chances are you’ve landed here to read this article to learn what more you can do to outshine others in the SEO-race. Extensive keyword research, targeted topics and flow of link-juice to your articles is what you’ve all been doing for a while. Right? However, with evolving audience types and decreasing attention span, diversification is important. You cannot just stick to the written word. This is where video content comes in. Accompanying the text with a high-quality video makes it stand out. Almost 80% of users recall watching a video in the past month, and 46% report taking some action on it! This alone is the biggest reason why you should start creating video content. A video not only lends credibility to your message, it also showcases authority to the…

Dynamic content features are key to making your emails more engaging

Email marketing over the years has evolved in leaps and bounds. In fact, what seemed impossible in the previous decade can now be easily achieved with help of HTML-based emails. Rich design layouts including visual delights like photos, videos to GIF’s are all epitomes of a HTML-rich email. This drastically improves customer experience, boosts customer engagements and in turn increases sale possibilities. Studies have revealed that personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%. Dynamic content can allow you add personalisation in to your emails. Ifyou have not already implemented it, this should be something you are working towards. In the below Email example from EEC, you can see the subscribers in U.S receive greetings for their Independence Day and non-U.S subscribers are greeted with a Rocking Summer, all thanks to Dynamic Content.

How Dynamic Content in Email Works

Does your blog or site run on Wordpress? If so, use these WordPress Plugins to optimise your content marketing, SEO and more

WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) due to its ease-of-use, flexibility, and scalability; especially for entrepreneurs, aspiring bloggers, and businesses looking to expand online. But one feature of WordPress where it really stands out from other content management systems is the sheer availability of different Plugins. Some are well known, others are diamonds in the rough. Certainly, there are plenty that are more trouble than their worth. But by using Plugins selectively you can achieve better results more efficiently than without them. Without further ado, here are 37 of the best WordPress plugins will want to consider for your business website:

Search Engine Optimization

1. Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

The Yoast SEO plugin covers everything you need for on-page SEO. It helps you optimize ranking factors such as meta…

How to build and nurture online communities

A surefire way to build trust and foster brand loyalty is to establish an online community or membership site. It provides your audience with a sense of belongingness, exclusiveness, and the reassurance that your company is looking out for your valued customers. However, before you get ahead of yourself, remember that a successful community is not easy to establish. It requires extensive planning, research, and time and effort in order to set up an engaging platform. The first step in creating an evergreen community is understand the how the best in the business have done it in their respective markets. Below are seven of the best online communities or membership sites operating today:

1. Blogging on Your Own Terms

Membership sites do not have to be complicated. For example, Blogging on Your Own Terms by Daniela Uslan is built completely on Facebook. It is a community…

Jakob Bignert examines the spectre of automated merchandising and tries to reassure us that there is nothing to worry about – no seriously, you’ll be fine!

Since the industrial revolution, automation in the workplace has been met with extreme reactions. As a business owner you would rub your hands in glee as you realised you could punch out more widgets, more quickly while employing fewer people. However, if fate had dealt you a different hand, you’d be quaking in your boots as you realised your widget making skills were no longer required and unemployment beckoned.

Retail automation

Retail, though, has seen remarkably few significant step changes when it comes to automation. And understandably; buy products, display them attractively, take the money, count it, bank it and repeat. OK, an oversimplification I grant you, but you get the point. There are some though: Cash registers and subsequent EPOS systems have removed the need for a counting…

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