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Examples and best-practice advice on implementing Google ad extensions

Ad Extensions are additional features that enhance, or extend, your AdWords ads. Options include call extensions - which add a phone number or ‘click-to-call’ button to your ads, sitelinks - which let you add links to other pages within your website, and location extensions – which can include a map marker. There are various types of Ad Extensions and each has its own advantages, but in general the overall benefits of using Ad Extensions are: Ad Extensions are free. You only incur a pay per click amount, equivalent to a headline click, if someone engages with your ad. They make your ads more visible, because they take up more room in the SERPs. They help improve CTR, because they let you add valuable information about your products and services. They help improve Ad Rank: Google says “If two competing ads have the same bid and quality, then…

A tutorial example of using Facebook Ads for Event Promotion

Promoting live events might be the most challenging form of digital marketing campaign you will ever work on.  Or so it’s been my experience over the past few years with our monthly MnSearch events and one-off events like LocalU Twin Cities. Not only do you have to try to market an event based on features, benefits and price points, but you also have to try and convince someone that it’s worth taking time out of their work day or personal life, and drive across town to attend.  And all for 'One Night Only!'. This is the exact opposite from most Paid Search campaigns that can be built to be relatively 'Evergreen'. Because attendance can fluctuate greatly, and breaking even is often the priority goal, we are continually looking for very cost effective means of…

Examples and tools showing that, to get great results with social media, you base it on insight

Let's say you’re boarding an airplane, and you strike up a conversation with the pilot. You ask how the weather is looking. He shrugs and says, “I don’t know; I haven’t checked the forecast. I’m just going with my gut.” Unless you have a death wish, you’d probably turn around and get off the plane. You know a safe journey requires research, but when it comes to social media, many marketers skip that step. Instead of checking the social media forecast, they fly blind. As social media strategist Marji Sherman learned when she started at Kohler, overlooking the social media forecast can have serious consequences. Her research revealed that the company’s social media strategy was missing the mark. Examining the data, Sherman…

Techniques to optimise your ecommerce sites for higher conversions and increased social media engagement

Creating an ecommerce website from scratch can be daunting. The task of creating, populating and launching the site is one thing, but launching it in such a competitive space is another. To begin with, you’re probably not going to compete with a 163 million page site like Amazon. This ecommerce giant has taken years of nurturing and development to get to where it is today and consistently dominates the online space. Instead, you need to start small; find methods of harnessing the small pool of users available to you and capitalise on any quick win opportunities out there. Here are 5 ecommerce tips to help you get started with:

1- Be conversion led from the get-go

Striking the balance between being design-focused and being conversion-focused is a tricky consideration to get right for any ecommerce…

Taking control of your online store to stay competitive

By customizing online stores, merchants are getting much more extensive business opportunities. Of course, it's quite difficult and sometimes rather expensive to customize your own web store, but looking at possible gains we can definitely say that it's worth doing. It doesn't matter whether you will adjust a site on your own or hire a professional developer for this purpose, remember that customization gives you the opportunity to take a competitive edge on the tough ecommerce market. Currently, there are plenty of well-known web stores that impress people with their style, design, functionality, speed and advanced technologies used. So what should a new vendor to begin with? It isn't necessary to order full-fledged customization at the very start (though highly desirable) - you can just go with a single or couple of specific options that will allow you to stand out.

Customizing your ecommerce…

An example of using an infographic to explain a proposition

We feature a lot of infographics which share insight or best practice related to digital marketing. We thought we'd share this one as a nice piece of content marketing, perhaps of interest and inspiration to B2B marketers. If we think about the purpose of infographics in content marketing in the context of our Content Marketing Matrix, they can and most often are aimed at raising awareness at the top of the funnel where they encourage sharing through a viral effect (either emotional - top-left in the matrix) or rational (bottom-left).  But they can also be used further down the funnel (right-side) funnel to educate contacts about the benefits of a product category or service and explain a company's service. That's the purpose of this example which we received by email rather than social media (these type of infographics are…

The growth of omni-channel marketing will only make personalisation more important

It probably won’t come as huge surprise that many organisations whether B2C or B2B still don’t engage in even the most basic levels of personalisation in their engagement marketing activities. But as we move (some faster than others) from a multi-channel to an omni-channel ecommerce experience, personalisation triggered by the behaviour of the customer and not just their name has in many respects become the most important element in the optimisation of the customer journey.

How many emails do your receive claiming to be private and confidential but are addressed ‘Dear Occupier’ or ‘Dear Customer’. It does nothing to trigger the desire to act, other than to hit delete, as I know that the content is likely to be neither private confidential nor indeed…

The UK has the highest percentage of e-commerce purchases via Smartphone in the EU

Smartphones have become a key component of how we browse the web, entertain ourselves and consume media content. 85% of 18-24-year-olds have Smartphone's, and the rate of uptake barely decreases with age; 84% of 25-34-year-olds have Smartphones and 81% of 35-44-year-olds do. E-commerce from mobile devices is growing fast, and the  UK is ahead of the curve. 32% of people surveyed in the UK had made a purchase on their Smartphone in the past month, the highest rate in the EU. Digital marketers need to keep up with the rapid trend towards mobile, and it certainly moves fast. In just the past four years Smartphone use has rocketed by 43%. Use this infographic to see some of the latest stats regarding mobile use and uptake. This infographic is courtesy of the…

AdTech is a trendy industry but not all trends are worth following

“Hey look over here...we have what you need” illustrates the two main challenges advertisers face and have always faced. First, how to capture the audience’s attention. Second, once we have their attention, how do we sell them something. The reason these two edicts are so challenging is because the advertising highway, leading from initial attention to closing a sale, has several exits. The advertiser is willing to concede that not everyone will digest the message, and even fewer will then continue to make a purchase based on that message. As long as a certain percentage of people follow this (leaky) funnel and complete a sale, everyone is happy. Well, maybe not everyone. Despite heavy efforts by all of the leading AdTech companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo and more, it is still not possible to deliver ads only to interested individuals who…

It is critical that you design your digital strategy around your customer

While customer experience is a key business driver for any company, few have yet to understand that, in the digital age, when customers can instantly access swathes of information about a company and its competitors, it has become fundamental to obtaining a real, sustainable, competitive advantage in a rapidly changing marketplace. With clients’ expectations becoming much more demanding, it is essential for any business to think with the customer at the centre when making any business decision. Plenty of corporate strategies talk about the benefits of being customer-centric, but so far, few are realising its potential. This can only be reached by placing the customer at the heart of every stage of your digital strategy, and that ultimately means changing how you do business through the following six…

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