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Examples and tips to improve your conversion funnel for your persona?

Visualizing your conversion funnels, personalizing them for your buyer personas, optimizing their CTAs, landing pages, and other elements requires knowing things you may not know and testing new concepts. Conversion funnels are the freeway systems of website infrastructure, with landing pages as on-ramps and exit pages as off-ramps; but also with a variety of bridges, underpasses, toll booths, and traffic cameras throughout. MarketingSherpa shocks us with the statistic that only 68% of B2B marketers have identified their funnel. And, naturally, in order to optimize your funnel and explore the things that you do not yet know about funnels, you first need to define what your funnel is.

The Basics: What is your conversion funnel?

Theoretically, your funnel is the series of steps prospects take on their journey to becoming your customers. Graphically,…

Day 2 in our 5 days to Successful Content Marketing Series

Yesterday I introduced our mini series by reviewing the key content marketing strategy questions.  Today's advice is all about working out how your brand and business offering can extend into a content proposition. What kind of content can you credibly create, and how can this content support your business goals? Think of a classic sales funnel, such as AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). Your content marketing activity will typically be most valuable around the Attention and Interest top end, where search and social tend to be the key triggers of engagement. So ask yourself: what kind of content can we create that the people we’re trying to reach might care about, or be prepared to offer a click or an email address for? For a quick answer to…

3 case studies showing how negative SEO works

Negative search engine optimization (SEO) can take many forms, but the most dangerous are those you never see coming. It’s not indulging in 'black hat tricks' hoping you’ll never get caught, getting lazy when defining 'quality content' or getting talked into invisible text as a means for boosting your rankings. The worst kind of negative SEO is an attack from the competition. It can be many things, but some of the most common include: A competitor buying 'bad links' and then pointing them to your site to sink your rankings Hacking websites to inflict damage 'Review bombing,' which seems like a positive thing at first, but when the competition floods review sites with glowing reviews for you it seems 'paid for' and can result in a search engine penalty Reporting you falsely to Google for participating in black hat tricks Stealing non-indexed content DMCA removal requests Unfortunately, website owners have very…

Day 1 - Answer the key content marketing strategy questions

In this practical, 5 day series, I'll help define a 'quick-and-dirty' 5-day plan to help towards improving your content marketing strategy, without spending a fortune on paid media content distribution. I've said this series is 'quick and dirty' since we believe that The perfect is often enemy of the good. When it comes to content strategy, it’s easy to spend a vast amount of time thinking about what you’re going to do and worrying about how to get it just right… without actually getting any content created or distributed. But there comes a time when the Why needs to turn into the How. If you wait for all your strategic ducks to line up in a perfectly formed row, there’s a good chance the opportunity that content offers your business will…

Practices agencies should avoid when reporting digital marketing performance to clients, and tips for how to get it right

As marketers, and humans for that matter, we’ve all been guilty of committing (at least) one of the seven deadly sins in one way or another. You won’t have Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman hunting you down, but when it comes to marketing agencies, committing these reporting sins can be deadly to the agency/client relationship.

Deadly reporting Sin 1: Avarice

Otherwise known as greed, Avarice is a sin of excess. Clients want and need to know what their agency is doing to move the needle, but consistently sending them an overly-comprehensive reports can be a lose-lose for the client and the agency. Massive reports take agencies a lot of time to prepare, billable hours that could be better…

What are the main challenges and opportunities of mobile commerce that need to be overcome for mobile sales growth?

Worldwide, B2C ecommerce sales are growing steadily and set to top the $1.5 trillion mark this year, and increasingly significant contributors to this enormous sum are mobile devices. In Europe, mobile shoppers are set to spend £19.8 billion in 2014, almost twice as much as last year’s spend of £10.7 billion, according to research by RetailMeNot. In the US, the figures are even higher – with eMarketer predicting that US retail mcommerce sales will total $56.72 billion in 2014, up 36.1% from 2013. Even these figures omit revenues from travel bookings on mobile devices, a sector that is seeing a 50% increase in mobile activity and which it is estimated is worth a further $25 billion. There’s no escaping the fact that mobile commerce…

A review of alternative call tracking techniques and systems linking to a contact centre

In the online world, it should be much easier for marketers to understand customer behaviour. Although online advertising is still evolving, it’s cheaper than offline marketing; ecommerce allows for instant conversions; and online it is possible to track real time results via impressions and clicks. However, although the internet may be great for building smart customer profiles, businesses should not neglect the importance of human contact in the customer journey. A recent study found that 64% of people get frustrated when they can only interact with a company online. The phone, the unsexy cousin of the click, is still the strongest lead source for the majority of businesses. Therefore one of the biggest challenges for online marketers is in connecting…

How to create a marketing plan to launch your mobile app in three simple stages

Creating an app is a major accomplishment, but sadly not a guarantee of riches and rewards. If you want to make any money from your carefully crafted creation, you will need a solid and effective app marketing launch plan. Here is how you I believe you should create a plan based on my experience of app launches.If you want to make your app a success, promotion should start way before you’re ready to launch. It’s no good developing a beautiful app if no one ever learns of its existence, so it is vital to have a detailed plan in place of how to market your product and get it turning over a profit as quickly as possible.

Where to start with your…

Be objective by using Business Intelligence

One of the most pertinent quotes about the data analytics industry was said by Jim Barksdale, former Netscape CEO: 'If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, let’s go with mine.' This strikes a chord in businesses, especially when it comes to strategizing and improving the user experience (UX) where perceptions of how good an online experience is, with all its benefits and constraints, is shaped by the personal backgrounds and expertise of many individuals within an industry. Developers, designers, and information architects will all come up with different critiques and directions to the same issue.

Business Intelligence is your only objective friend

Tapping into the power of BI as a way to improve user experience

BI and data analytics, on the other hand, give businesses fact-based assessments, numbers, and…

What do effective integrated marketing campaigns have in common?

Integrated marketing campaigns can be a tricky art to perfect. We live in a multi-media world, which means that new media and old media sit alongside one another, sometimes competing, other times working collectively - in the case of integrated campaigns they work together. However despite saying all of this, what is it that actually leads to successful results? Consistent branding and messaging, frequency of communications and deciding on your primary medium are collectively important points to factor in. Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive integrated campaigns:

#1 Compare the Market - Baby Oleg

On Christmas Day 2013, released a television advert revealing new character Baby Oleg. In January 2014 the campaign went into full swing with an advertisement promoting a cuddly toy to accompany the cute Meerkat. Following this announcement a blog was created for Oleg online, for customers to…

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  • FREE alerts on the latest developments
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