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Take control of your localized website for SEO

For digital marketers managing many localized websites, multilingual SEO can be a whole different ballgame compared to traditional SEO strategies. Sure, some practices are similar, such as placing appropriate keywords in headers and metadata. However, there are many new considerations to factor into the plan when optimizing your website for various cultures around the world. After all, there is a lot more to multilingual SEO than translating a few keywords.

5 Tips to avoid with your website localization

Here are five common setbacks to avoid even before you head down the website localization path. Along the way, I’ll share some valuable tips to help guide you on the right path to search engine (and customer experience) glory.

Tip 1: Thin, low-quality content on your localized websites

As you may know, SEO is not about stuffing your website full of keywords. In fact, doing so can land you right…

Key approaches to develop your marketing analytics strategy

When you first begin venturing into the world of marketing analytics, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Why? Well, put simply, marketing analytics is made up of a number of processes and technologies that help you analyze the performance of your marketing efforts. By measuring marketing data, you can determine where to adjust your strategies, improving your ROI. And because it’s all about tracking and responding to data, your first instinct might be 'the more data, the better!' but that can be a slippery slope. You’ll soon learn that crafting an effecting strategy can help streamline your processes and give you more 'bang' for your metaphorical analytics 'buck.'

Why you need a marketing analytics strategy

Your strategy acts as a plan that informs the purpose of analyzing the data you collect. Rather than just looking through all…

An interview with Nick Dutch, Head of Digital at Domino's Pizza UK

Nick Dutch is Head of Digital at Domino's Pizza Group Limited in the UK and ROI. In this interview he shares the approach used to help manage customer experiences for Domino's. He will explain their approach in more detail at the Smart Insights Digital Marketing conference.

Q. Please outline your role and how your team is structured?

My role combines all aspects of the online customer experience from media to conversion, both on the desktop site and in mobile. So, I’m responsible for all online marketing activity that drives people to the site and in determining the customer journey whether on our desktop site, mobile sites and apps or our communities on social media sites which are also part of how the Domino’s brand is presented in the digital space. From a strategic point-of-view, I’m responsible…

Learning to avoid Dumb AB testing mistakes

Back in 2005, I started my first forays into split testing of emails, landing pages and funnels whilst working at LOVEFiLM.  I'm nearly at my 10 year anniversary, and after seeing over 40 million visitors split tested with stuff, I've become rather battle hardened to all the curious, strange and just plain stupid ways I've managed to break my own experiments. I'll be doing a talk this Wednesday at the Smart Insights Digital Marketing conference on how to improve structured testing to boost profits, so to introduce it, I wanted to write a little about one critical way we can all improve our AB and Multivariate testing.  So, in this article, I'll be exploring device and browser compatibility or 'Getting with what your customers have at their fingertips'.

AB testing your developers instead of…

How Wauwaa is creating valuable content to grow a community passionate about its brand

Tell me a story. Use evocative language, inspiring graphics, beautiful imagery and original sound. Tell me a story which draws me in and keeps me with you and prompts me to tell you how I feel about it. Tell me a story which I want to share with the world, and come back to you tomorrow for more of. Tell me a story. This, you see, is how we do things at Wauwaa. Our business is e-commerce retail, that’s where we make our money. Our income is made from the sale of baby and nursery items online. But our content marketing is an essential facet of our overall marketing activity, and it feeds directly into our digital marketing strategy. As a result, our brand is about more than just…

Don't lose sight of your brand personality your #video strategy

Storytelling has been around for millennia. As children we grew up with tales and fondly remember stories opening with 'Once upon a time…'. With this nostalgic link in mind, businesses use stories as central parts of their advertising and messaging campaigns when seeking to humanise their brands.

Source: Shutterstock

Today, social media are an ideal vehicle to distribute these stories.  And with good reason, the online landscape is becoming noisier every day.  Storytelling is an effective method for getting heard above the din. On a practical level, storytelling is a great way to engage, motivate and connect with your readers. But with so much content being shared daily by so many brands, the written word just doesn’t have the same impact anymore -- particularly for the reader who has grown up expecting…

A 5 step tutorial on using SEMRush and other tools to improve SEO and PPC keyword targeting for online stores

When growing your online store, every bit of knowledge you can get counts. Any mistake, money spent on wrong keywords perhaps or landing pages not delivering what your customers are looking for can cost you a lot. But sometimes that knowledge lies with your competitors. They are the people who potentially have been running their business longer than you. Or at least have already tried various strategies you want to employ now. By conducting a clever competitive research, you can tap into their experience and discover strategies that are worth considering for further use. A properly conducted competitive research offers great benefits for your online store: It will help you keep pace with the changing market. Markets change over time. Chances are…

The latest tactics showing why Email marketing is "alive and well"

If you think about innovation, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t marketing, probably you are thinking of the latest gadgets, self-driving cars and drones. But in the quickly-evolving marketing world a lot has changed in the way brands and consumers communicate. With a trusted and solid channel like email marketing, where does the real innovation takes place?

Email is mature, but not outgrown

Email marketing is known to be a trusted and versatile marketing channel. In the Gartner Digital Marketing Hype cycle published last July places it has moved beyond 'the slope of Enlightenment' and on emerged onto the 'Plateau of productivity'. Connected marketing concepts that we also find in this graph are still being hyped, meaning that it will take at least 2 – 5 years before marketers realistically will be getting the most out of these channels, if they…

A review comparing different technical solutions for Ecommerce integration with behavioural email marketing

Triggered messaging is a rapidly growing part of marketing with extremely good ROI. It's about delivering business messages that are personalized and near-real time, resulting in very good engagement. All email marketers should be doing this if they're not already! My previous post in this series explained when triggered messages were effective, for example for cart abandonment and onboarding sequences. This follow-up is a brief summary of the three main implementation strategies for triggered emails, using: 1. Just your E-commerce system. 2. Just your ESP. 3. A real-time marketing system (RTMS).

Using just your Ecommerce system

Many Ecommerce systems can send a few types of triggered messages, for example 'purchase complete' and 'cart abandonment, either natively or using third-party plug-ins. (There are lots of these, for example Abandon Carts Alert Pro for Magento and EDD Abandon…

Fight the Big Data Backlash and use Smart Data help you identify purchase intent

Big data is starting to experience some significant backlash. A ‘case in point’ comes from a recent popular article in VentureBeat: ‘Big data’ is dead. What’s next? The backlash is more to do with the buzz than the data but the reason relates to the difficulty of extracting meaningful insights from big data. Born from the backlash comes another buzzword; smart data, a means of extracting these meaningful insights from big data. Looking past the marketing hype, smart data is actually the metamorphosis of big data into something actionable. Here we look at recognizing purchase intent as an example of actionable data extraction.

Big data vs Smart data rundown

So let’s start with the basic question of what is big data? Big data refers to massive volumes of structured and unstructured…
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