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Examples of how customer reviews can be used for both B2C and B2B companies. Are you using them to your full advantage?

The vast majority of people, including you and I, read customer reviews before buying a product. We place a lot of importance on what others are saying about a product or website based on their previous experiences. So it’s a given that product ratings, reviews, comments and feedback given on social media sites can affect your business massively.

Customer Reviews are a Powerful Sales Tool in B2B Marketing

Considering the influence such user-generated content has on your buyers, it is no surprise that customer reviews are considered as the “new frontier in word-of-mouth marketing,” and perhaps suprisingly this also includes customer reviews for B2B companies. According to TechValidate research, 94 percent of marketing and sales professionals from B2B industry consider customer reviews and ratings ‘as very effective or extremely effective’. Still not…

How to make sure your backend is SEO friendly

Most SEO guidelines focus on off-page SEO. Little attention is given to optimizing your website backend for SEO. Without an optimized website, off-page SEO campaigns are all in vain. As with any project, the success of an SEO campaign starts with mastering and flawlessly executing the fundamentals. Digital marketing involves having well-optimized online real estate and then letting the world know about it. The success of your online business, therefore, rests on building a solid website backend that is optimized for performance and usability. What does an SEO-friendly backend look like? Here are some issues to pay attention to:

Clean Code

Page loading speed has become a significant Google ranking factor. Google users are an impatient lot and will quickly exit a site that takes much time to load. In fact, 25% of your visitors will have left your site if your site takes more than four seconds…

Optimise your landing page designs to boost your conversion rate

Landing pages are a vital conversion trigger within the Customer Journey. Typically, they are used within internet marketing campaigns that use Calls To Action, and are a core component of online advertising too. Indeed, Hubspot’s Marketing Benchmarks From 7,000 Businesses report identified that companies experience an increase of 55% in leads when increasing their number of landing pages from 10 to 15. So it’s about volume, then? Well, not entirely. There is no point in having lots of landing pages if they do not convert. Generating and capturing leads is critical to the sales process. Therefore, converting the traffic on your landing pages effectively and efficiently has to be the goal. These aspects are fundamental to business growth. Quite simply, if you are going to invest time, resource and money into driving traffic to your landing pages, then you must ensure that…

Leverage local SEO and influencers to boost your business's position in SERPs

If you’re a small business looking to get noticed on the organic search landscape with a limited budget, you’ll need to pick your battles wisely and arm yourself with a realistic and informed approach. Here are some useful things for small businesses and entrepreneurs to consider:

1. If you are a local business, focus your organic search efforts there first.

Traffic from local visitors is intentful and often more likely to convert – so it should not be overlooked. Also, the good news is that you’ll often find it much easier to dominate the organic SERPs for local search queries than you will do for broad, non-geotargeted queries. Google estimates that over 20% of all search has a local intent, so it’s worth pouncing on the opportunity.

2. From an SEO perspective, many claim that 2016 is the ‘year of the influencer’.

Influencer partnerships…

What Google AMP Means & How You As A Content Marketer Can Adapt

If you’re a web marketer, chances are you’ve heard about Google’s recent AMP project. If not, here’s the rundown: AMP stands for “accelerated mobile pages,” and it’s Google’s most recent attempt to streamline mobile content for marketers and users everywhere. While most marketers are greeting AMP with enthusiasm, there’s no doubt that it will change web marketing in a big way. Here’s what you need to know about the major Google shift, and what it means for your web content. First, I’ll go more into defining, and then give you a how-to of sorts.

What is AMP?

According to industry experts analysing the launch like Search Engine Journal and Smart Insights, AMP is Google’s response to the launch of Facebook Instant Articles – an innovative feature that went live in 2014 and allowed users to access a selection of…

Google AdWords scripts are an incredibly powerful tool for managing Google AdWords campaigns and automating laborious tasks.

AdWords scripts were voted the 3rd most useful Adwords optimization tool by a panel of 41 seasoned AdWords experts. One of those tasks is A/B testing, where it can be incredibly difficult to keep track of when all of your tests have finished in large-scale Adwords accounts. However, split testing is essential for increasing your CTR, Quality Score and conversion rates. In this article, I’m going to be explaining how you can use AdWords scripts to monitor and report the progress of your A/B tests, so you won’t have to trawl through your data to see when your tests have finished. I’m also going to be showing you how you can use scripts that aggregate data, so you can reach statistically significant decisions on ads faster, where individually there would not be enough data. Furthermore, I’ll…

Are you really getting the most value from your landing page?

While businesses often focus on getting the word out to consumers, they often fail to give the same attention to setting up the best trail of breadcrumbs. Landing pages are key to conversion, and if your snappy email sends people to a confusing or bland landing page, good luck getting anyone to answer your call to action. To create a better landing page and improve your conversion rates, you must understand the challenges in front of you, recognize your areas of weakness, and implement a data-based strategy to overcome your flaws.

Common Landing Page Mistakes

The modern Internet user has an attention span of about eight seconds. If your page requires too much focus from your site’s visitors, you’ll struggle to convince them to do anything but close the page and go elsewhere. For every second your page takes to load, say goodbye…

Use these 12 insights from ground-breaking eye-tracking research to improve your email campaigns on mobile

How much do you know about how your subscribers really perceive your emails on mobile? If the answer is not much then it’s probably time to optimise: 70% of all emails are now opened on mobile and scrolling on a touchscreen is a completely different experience to using a desktop. Users can interact with content anywhere and anytime and their location, the lighting, sounds, distractions etc. will all have an impact on how our messages are perceived. Additionally, a study by Litmus found that 80% of people will delete an email that doesn't look good on their mobile device. Although that is worrying, the good news is that there are some very simple changes that you can make to your campaigns to avoid them…

9 types of Email Marketing to engage B2B audiences

E-mail is the go-to form of customer and prospect communication for many businesses today, allowing clear, concise and detailed conversations. In fact, 73% of marketers agree that the e-mail marketing is core to their business and 40x more effective than social media for lead generation.

Is your business capitalising on this B2B marketing opportunity?

The longer life-span of e-mails in comparison to social posts means there is more time for businesses to leverage on making a sale or closing a deal. With a current estimate of 100 billion business e-mails being sent every day, this number of business e-mail accounts is expected to rise to 4.9 billion by 2017. Overall, e-mail marketing continues to be ranked as the best channel in terms of return on investment, with 68% of…

These B2B brands know a thing or two about video. Are your B2B videos as engaging?

B2C brands have been using video for decades. Ever since there has been TV there have been brands producing great videos to delight and entice consumers. Yet for B2B marketers video is still somewhat of a new field, even though the possibility of creating and sharing video online has been around for about ten years now.

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In this post I want to highlight 5 B2B brands that have done B2B fantastically well, and have broken the mold of professional looking but unexciting B2B videos which are usually standard.

Adobe -  Click, Baby, Click

Adobe used this hilarious advert to…

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