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Use these tools to give your blogging a boost

Anybody who has ever owned a website knows how much hard work goes into creating, and then running and updating it, adding changes, uploading content and media, and keeping track of all the social media accounts tied into it. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The problem is, the only thing an end user sees is the content, which makes it the most important ingredient. Coming up with exciting content is a bit tricky though, not just because everything has already been done to death, so it’s hard to come up with anything original, but also because once you set out to create it, it seems as if everything is turning against you and wants to prevent you from creating it. You name it: procrastination (although that one is on you), writer’s block…

These trends will shape mobile marketing next year 

Mobile marketing strategies span across several industries. Due to rapid changes in mobile technology and marketing approaches, marketers have to be on their toes to adapt the new trends that come their way and integrate the same in their promotional strategies. What are some of the top trends that we can expect in the coming year? What new hardware will make headlines? Which technology is going to gain more prominence? Based on the results of a recent marketing trends poll conducted by Smartinsights (which asked users to share their views on marketing techniques that will have maximum commercial impact in 2016), here is a list of five of the top marketing trends as they relate to mobile marketing. They're in the order they were voted on by Smart Insights readers.

1. Marketing Automation

Use these tools to help you market your business more efficiently using content marketing, SEO and Social media marketing

Whether you’re working on getting your start-up off the ground, or you’ve been working in the field for several years, every business could benefit from some quality digital marketing tools that will make processes more efficient and productive. One of the primary challenges of running a business is enacting effective marketing. On average, mid to large size companies spend $958 million more than was actually necessary in their marketing campaign. This clearly shows that the majority of companies need to revamp their marketing strategies to make them more efficient, and one way to do just that is to use some of the following marketing productivity tools. These are my personal set of marketing productivity tools that mainly focus on content marketing, SEO and…

The why and how of writing a business case for marketing investment

‘You’ll need a Business Case for that’ are the words that often strike dread to the hearts of those trying to seek investment in digital initiatives from their FD or CMO. The cynical amongst us suspect it’s delivered with the intent to kill off an idea through forcing us to ‘jump through hoops’ and ‘bureaucracy’. But as a marketing or Ecommerce manager, the Business Case is actually your best friend! In this post I'll step you through what I have found in my experience is required for an effective business case which will get support from colleagues. If you're an Expert member of Smart Insights, I've also developed a Word template of a Business case for download.

Why have a Business Case?

Packed with solid preparation, a well-researched, well-considered document showing clear…

Weighing up the cost implications of the GDPR

The new EU data law, or General Protection Data Regulation (GDPR), will collectively cost marketing data users billions in becoming technically compliant. A recent survey by Vanson Bourne reveals that nearly 70 per cent of companies will invest in new IT or support services, and 51 per cent have allocated budget for staff training in preparation for the new law. Every brand and agency faces its own unique compliance challenge, but broadly the to do list is the same in terms of the tasks to be completed. What is certain is that most have not calculated the cost. A report for the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) reveals that 87 per cent of companies are unable to calculate the amount compliance preparation will cost, and 82 per cent of the…

Research showcasing best practice to improve your influencer marketing campaigns

Influencer marketing has become such a popular search term, that Google classifies the keyword as a "breakout", meaning it has experienced search growth of more than 5000%. While we know that influencer marketing has become a popular digital media channel, what can we learn from influencer marketing campaigns that have already been run? We thought we would find out by analysing over 100 influencer campaigns and then share the results. The campaigns spanned global geographies and were sampled out of different industries - from FMCG to travel to fashion and motoring. Read further to find out the highlights of the results, showcasing where and why influencer campaigns are popular, some best practice to get you started or improve current projects and how technology is improving the way we execute campaigns. This infographic will help anyone who's eager to implement an influencer marketing campaign of their own.   …
During Dharmesh Shah’s and Brian Halligan’s keynote at Inbound 2015 they announced Hubspot’s new Ads feature which, for the first time, aligned Hubspot’s inbound marketing methodology with more 'traditional' paid search. When I heard this it raised an important question for me; do paid ads really fit into the inbound model or are Hubspot are simply looking to cash-in?

The case against: Are Hubspot just cashing in?

During the announcement Hubspot said that 53% of their users already use paid ads, which means they have instantly created a captive audience of more than 7,500 subscribers, which is handy. Remember that this feature is also a paid ‘add-on’, if it were truly a part of the Inbound Methodology, would it not be made part of the standard software? I may be being picky as…

Data shows uplift retailers in the UK and worldwide can expect from the key e-commerce dates this month

For retailers, the festive season effectively starts with Black Friday on 27th November 2015 and Cyber Monday three days later. This year some experts are predicting that UK sales could top the one billion pound mark. To understand what we should expect this year let’s take a look at how things panned out in 2014. The data in the charts below is compiled by Fresh Relevance and the predicted uplift is based on billions of page views across retail websites in previous years (approx. 50% in the UK and 50% worldwide). The impact of the two day shopping bonanza starts one week ahead of Black Friday as traffic falls back slightly, suggesting that consumers are delaying purchases in the anticipation of lower prices. Then the day before a 25% increase in traffic as shoppers’ scope…

Practical ideas and tools to improve influencer marketing

Ever wondered why Dr. Phil bears an influence over its audience? The simple answer is because he was able to impose his knowledge and expertise in psychology through an effective medium. There may be better doctors than Dr. Phil. However, the fact that he was featured on Oprah, whose show reaches out to millions of viewers on a regular basis, gives him an edge over other practitioners. As more people hear his advice to his patients and the fact that Oprah vouches for his expertise quickly made him an influential psychologist.

The anatomy of influence

There are lots of things marketers can learn from Dr. Phil as an example of influencer marketing. Being…

Tis the season for Digital Marketing Exams. It's time to F.R.E.A.K.O.U.T!

So my cohort of IDM friends have recently been speaking about the upcoming IDM Digital Marketing Diploma exams. Speaking might be better rephrased as "freaking out". Why? well, we are all feeling pretty overwhelmed by the scale of the digital marketing landscape these days. Not one day has passed since (well, since I can remember) without some new update through my inbox on... Google, Facebook Advertising, Snapchat Stories, new entrant Periscope, the topic of Big Data!, permission and breaches, cookies, convergence, customer acquisition, integration, RTB, mobile, Panda, Penguin, penalties, optimisation, keywords , SEO, PPC, programmatic, Affiliates, retargeting, ad blocking,first party, third party data, eCRM, loyalty, advocacy, own media, earned media, bought media. Youtube, influencers, analytics, dashboards, automation, apps, opt in opt out, search, social, traffic, CTR's, OR's, CPM, CPC, CPA, LTV, OVP, AMC (agh). And then there is the world of Ad networks! .....The…

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