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CPQ and CRM are key to B2B sales success

Many companies try to make do with a single enterprise application such as an ERP system to run the entire business. However, configure, price, quote (CPQ) applications and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions can help make your business more effective because of the additional dimensions of insight and functionality that they bring. According to a recent Forbes article, CPQ and lead management will be the two hottest technology areas for sales in 2015. The results of these increased capabilities are lower costs, higher customer satisfaction and more sales. Here’s how these two powerhouse applications can turbo charge your marketing and sales efforts:

More efficient proposals

Customers increasingly want products that meet their exact needs, so companies must create custom configurations to match their standard offerings to customer requirements. Without configuration capabilities, the process is time-consuming, expensive and error prone. Each order requires review by…

It's all about the story...

It’s a jungle out there, dog eat dog, and unstructured data is proliferating at an exponential rate. As a marketer you have to be careful, you don’t want to get sucked into this digital Wild West, even the quickest out there could get stung. Yet, there are opportunities to be had, little nuggets of 24-carat gold that can provide your business with a cutting edge worth millions. Sounds like an opportunity, right? However, just as the prospectors found it tough trying to make a buck during the 19th century Alaskan gold rush so businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to make sense of how to make big data pay. So even at this early stage of its evolution businesses are asking, what does the future of big data look like? Image/Copyright Source: There isn’t an easy answer but…

3 techniques to make Native Advertising more effective

Following the move made by many other online publishers in recent years, the picture-hosting site Imgur recently announced its plan to roll out native ads. The site bootstrapped for most of the past six years and built a loyal community, but — like most publishers — it has the need for a consistent revenue stream. More publishers are riding the native advertising (definition and example) tide to monetize their platforms. For advertisers, native ads are a natural and effective way to boost engagement. In fact, Yahoo reported that, on average, users give native ads three times more attention than display ads. But like all innovation, native advertising (definition and example) also follows an S-curve cycle of adoption and maturation. From display to search to video ads, each cycle inevitably brings a unique set of challenges and risks. And as native advertising matures, the issues advertisers and…

Optimising your triggered messages - 7 common Mistakes to avoid

Sending triggered email messages or behavioural email marketing is a proven method for improving customer engagement and increasing sales for retailers. However, there is a lot of confusion as to what types of ‘on-site’ behaviours should trigger a message, how it should look and feel, as well as how best to measure the results. There is a big difference between doing the right things and doing things right, so here is a simple yet comprehensive overview that will help you to optimise your triggered messages.

Using the right triggers for your messages

Ask people what constitutes a trigger and the first and often only response will be a shopping cart abandonment. However, these people are missing a trick and limiting their reach by not embracing browse abandonment. This doesn’t…

Email marketing is still highly effective, but the smartwatch brings with it a new challenge for marketing strategists

I've recently upgraded my watch to a Sony Smartwatch 3, but the Smartwatch 2, depicted below, is often cited by technology bloggers as being one of the devices that kicked off the wearables trend in a big way back in 2013. Life with a smartwatch isn't as difficult to get used to as I thought it might be, instead adding a lot of value to my day in ways I could never have imagined. As a copywriter I've penned many an email for many a marketing campaign, so the way the smartwatch began to change my behaviour as a consumer was of particular interest to me.

The smart watch will impact email marketers

I seldom read full emails or messages on my smartwatch…

Which KPIs will help retailers optimise their mobile apps?

Well, you've finally launched your app and like other app makers in the retail space, you are looking to increase engagement with your users and generate income. You are monitoring your downloads and sources, but is that really enough to understand your users and discover what makes them stick? Will you be able to fully optimise your app based on this information alone? The answer is a pretty firm NO. You might be monitoring certain elements or metrics of your app, but is it really giving you the info you need? Going one step further, you need to be monitoring the right KPIs under those metrics. Because when it comes right down to it, KPIs are where the clues are at - these will guide you in optimising your app and increasing conversions. In this post, I…

Russia's current digital landscape: Search and Social

We all know Russia is geographically big, but it is also a big market when it comes to social, search and e-commerce. Russia has 87.5 million active internet users, and 67 million active users of social media accounts. It is estimated that Russian's will make $36 billion worth of purchases online this year. What is more that amount is set to increase considerably to $43 billion next year as shown by this summary from wearesocial. Russia represents a big opportunity as a vast market with high rates of annual growth in the digital sphere. However it also presents a series of challenges because it is very different to Western markets. The big players with which we are all familiar, such as Facebook and Google, do not dominate in the same way as…

Facebook does battle with YouTube to be the king of online video

YouTube has controlled online video pretty much since its inception. There have been some challengers, but they have pretty much given up the ghost and concentrated on their niche. The platform has made stars of online talent who got in there early and understood their audience. And some of those have become very wealthy off the back of YouTube's ubiquity. But just recently there's been a sea-change that is a genuine threat to YouTube's dominance and this is happening quickly and as you read this. YouTube has always had its problems. You have no control over the data, the ad returns are poor (if you require them) and targeting is very difficult. However it is/was the place where people go to find out stuff, be entertained, look…

Marketers agree Email Marketing Automation is the future, yet 4 in 10 automation programmes Fail

Email marketing is one of the top two channels for realising ROI yet email marketing budgets are declining. Alongside this, the use of Email Marketing Automation is becoming less effective - how do we know this? Econsultancy's Email Marketing Industry Census 2015, produced in partnership with Adestra has conducted research. After nine years of surveys, they bring together a wealth of information to show how email marketing has changed and the views of over 1000 in-house marketers, and experts.

How are companies using Marketing Automation?

48% of respondents with a email marketing automation rated its capabilities as 'basic' and 9% as 'non existent':

What are the barriers to effective email marketing automation?

Companies realise that MA is important yet there still appears to be many barriers or challenges to…

Using TF*IDF for keyword research, to assess your Term Weight and improve your SEO

Keyword Density is a term frowned upon, and right it should be! It was used in such a way that the content wouldn’t look natural, as you keep reading the same word over and over again. At the time however, the Google algorithms weren’t as complex as they are today, so you could get away with it and not be penalised as badly. Meaning it once was the most main ranking factor for websites. However, these times have changed considerably as now KD is recognised as a minor factor in the rankings because the overuse of a keyword is better known as keyword stuffing which would you will be penalised for! has invented a new tool for keyword research and to help towards a new method for relevant content creation based around TF*IDF. If you don't know TF*IDF, Google has been…

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