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Susanne is a Marketing Consultant and Trainer, with over 20 years marketing experience in the public and private sector. She's passionate about supporting companies with practical result driven marketing, to help focus companies on evaluating and driving their marketing forward. Experienced in Integrated Strategic Marketing Planning, Data Segmentation, Customer Relationship Management Systems, Customer Insight and reviewing internal systems, data and processes, to maximise conversion strategies and the customer experience. You can connect with her via her LinkedIn or follow her @Qtymarketing.

How workplaces at high-tech social media giants meld work and leisure

According to Edel Mahony's research, from All Systems Commercial Fitouts, there is a new phenomenon called 'Bleisure', referring to the blend of work and personal life, or leisure time and he showcases in his infographic how the big tech giants (Facebook, Google and Twitter) are accommodating this for their workforce through innovative work and social spaces. Google provide free food for their staff (is this for the staff to work longer hours or to keep them sweet?) and nap pods (for late nights or does a quick nap increase productivity?). Facebook's 'Bleisure' code is driven to 'change people's thinking' through their work environment by offering cupcake stores, barbeque joints and workable walkways for fast meetings. Jeremy Myerson, Co-Editor of Time and Motion Redesigning Working Life, sees this new future as the 'new contemporary workforce where the gates never close'. This may not be…

Does your organisation have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy?

Our survey of digital marketers last year found that many businesses still aren't taking a strategic approach to digital marketing. In our Managing Digital marketing research in association with the TFM&A 2015, we asked last year 'Do you or clients have a digital marketing strategy", and only half of the respondents said yes! This year we wanted to see if people are getting better at thinking strategically about their digital marketing objectives and putting that strategy into action. We asked anyone who works in digital marketing to take our survey on managing digital marketing, which we ran in partnership with TFM and the eCommerce expo. We got over 750 responses to our survey, so thanks to those who took part! Here are the findings from this year's survey:

Is a digital strategy essential?

So, 44%…

Tips on using Google Analytics to improve traffic building and conversion

Google Analytics provides a wealth of insight, so much more than the basic visits, page views and bounce rates which are are the limit of what some marketers consider. So we believe that Google Analytics deserves more focus to use the insight to drive improvement. We like this infographic from Quicksprout since it goes further than stating the obvious metrics. Instead, it shares practical steps to take to use Google Analytics to increase your traffic particularly through keyword analysis when you link Google Analytics with Googles' Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools), conversion rates and 'how tos' (such as where to place your keywords, how to analyse top referring sites and more..). So use this  infographic as a prompt to get started with practical steps to optimise your website using the insight available in Google Analytics. …

Contact Management and Email Marketing rank highest for Marketing Automation buyers

Software Advice has released their 2015 research into how buyers are selecting their Marketing Automation Software and which features are important to American companies. This year it has revealed that 98% of buyers are 'first time buyers', a rise in 8% from last years results, indicating a growing demand for small businesses to move away from manual processes as they appreciate the return on investment.

What functionality are buyers looking for in their Marketing Automation Systems?

Companies are investing in industry-specific systems as well as focusing on key functionality. Over 2/3 of respondents have prioritised their system requirements towards contact management features, along with email marketing and lead tracking capabilities.

Which industries are using Marketing Automation?

This year, the report shows that low adopters…

Why were these 24 CRM Vendors listed as the top suppliers?

Value: [rating=4] Recommended link: 2015 CRM Market Index Report - A Complete Analysis of Market Leaders CRM (registration required for this free report) Finding the right CRM vendor can be a minefield since there are so many to choose from and selecting the right CRM system is a major long-term investment and commitment. Procurement activities can include auditing your internal requirements and current CRM; building your business case for capital; writing your CRM specifications; in many cases going through a tendering process (depending on the capital investment and more likely for the public sector); then shortlisting and choosing your vendor.  All that effort can take up to 18 months for some companies even before the CRM partner has been selected.. In the past, we have shared CRM and MA posts on how to plan for…

The power of integrated social media for event promotion

This infographic summarising a survey of over 1,500 event organisers worldwide, reinforces how effective social media is for event management - 75% of respondents considering it to be an important element of their integrated marketing strategy. For international promotion in particular, Facebook has been the prominent social media platform for 78% of event organisers, followed by Twitter and LinkedIn, to primarily increase awareness of the event and their brand for new followers.  We know this can vary, depending on whether you are attracting delegates/attendees from the B2b or B2c market and their social/demographic profile. If you are looking to increase your 'bums on seats', then consider like most social media channels that they will not generate instant leads. Of those surveyed by Maximillion, 10% of event organisers have gained direct sales from social media.  For some companies promoting events on a small-scale, then these…

Measuring the effectiveness of your Content Marketing Strategy

Our recent research with HubSpot on Competing on Content Marketing in 2015 identified that measurement of content marketing ROI was one of the main challenges of managing Content Marketing today - rated as a challenge by 51% of respondents. Our Expert member guide on Measuring Content Marketing ROI by Stephen Bateman gives the full technical detail on how to calculate the profitability of content marketing using analytics. In this post, we share the advice of five content marketing specialists. According to Daniel Rowles, from Target Internet, one of the greatest opportunities and advantages of content marketing is that we can create, deploy, measure and improve quickly and easily. Daniel explains that 'having well defined online objectives means that then our content marketing can be measured and ROI calculated relatively easily.…

Research showing the importance of connecting with influencers to support your business goals

Reaching out to 'influencers' who will share your content and be Advocates of your brand is key. It's about finding the influencers who fit your brand, resonate with your content, will be positive and have 'authority' where they are socially hanging out. At the same time, we must be realistic with who we engage with and what we can share. It's not necessarily about following those with the greatest Klout or Followers - its relevance, credibility and fit for your business.'s research highlights these key points and the importance of connecting with Influencers. 92% consumers trust influencers from third parties and influencers are supporting businesses in achieving their goals; whether it's for SEO, Brand Awareness or to boost their sales. Read further, to find out their 5 tips to driving a successful influential reach strategy. …

Do you nurture your leads and know when they are 'qualified, sales ready' contacts?

Some interesting sales statistics to keep at the forefront of your mind when planning how to convert your leads. They could also help build your business case for investment and resources to manage your lead nurturing program. It can work both ways, in that you can miss out on sales by not responding to your 'sales ready leads' or provide irrelevant information at the wrong time to prospective buyers, which pushes them towards another brand. The key is covering all bases; defining your personas, sharing relevant personalised content, understanding how they search for information, knowing where they are in the sales funnel and efficient internal processes. For example, stats in the infographic from Orchestrate show by ensuring you have customer service SLAS can increase sales - 35% to 50% of customers buy from those who respond first! The…

It's maybe not the social networks you expect

13-17 year-olds are the 'digital natives' and with 92% of teens are online on a daily basis, if you are looking to advertise to this market, it pays to know what social platforms they are using.

So which social media platform is the most popular with teens?

The 2015 update of Mary Meeker's Mobile marketing 2015 analysis shows that it's certainly not the case that Facebook isn't used by the teenage audience, but across this heterogeneous age group, Instagram and Snapchat are growing while Facebook and Twitter have declined in popularity between 2014 and 2015. A recent study from Pew Research Centre highlights that over 70% of teens are using Facebook and these 13-17 year olds are still sharing content across more than one social network. The findings show that Instagram and…

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