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RACE KPI Dashboard

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RACE Digital Marketing Dashboard

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About the RACE Digital Marketing Dashboard

  • Author: Pat Kelly, Smart Insights
  • Format: Google Sheet configured to produce a dashboard report utilizing Google Analytics Data

How will this dashboard help me?

Google Analytics is a great, free service, but it contains many, many metrics and many, many reports. Although custom dashboards can be built in Google Analytics, it's not readily possible to create a dashboard that summarises the effectiveness of digital marketing across the marketing funnel for a business.

The purpose of the Smart Insights dashboard is to help managers to complete a regular weekly or monthly review of the current effectiveness of their digital marketing using Google Analytics with Google Docs Spreadsheets. We use this combination ourselves in our monthly reporting! The dashboard makes it easy to compare digital marketing performance through time with a focus on the key digital marketing measures across the customer lifecycle or marketing funnel defined across the Smart Insights RACE planning framework. For example, you can compare year-on-year or compared to the previous reporting period.


The Smart Insights RACE framework used in all our member resources was developed to help digital marketers plan and manage their activities in a more structured way since we found that many don't have a digital marketing strategy with clear objectives and KPIs (key performance indicators).

By reporting on just four metrics for each of the Reach, Act, Convert & Engage parts of the funnel you can measure the key areas of your digital marketing plan to see which are working or require attention. In addition to overall visits, leads and conversion, the dashboard also includes key low-cost channels used by many businesses of organic search, social media and email marketing.

Summary - what are the benefits of this template?

The benefits are:

  1. Aligned to your digital marketing strategy
  2. Simple configuration
  3. Quick to setup
  4. Provides actionable insight for a marketing funnel
  5. Easy for marketers at all levels to use
  6. Based on the commonly used and secure Google Analytics and Google Docs platform.

How does it work? Is my information secure?

This dashboard is built using the popular online Google Docs Spreadsheet Sheets to report on business marketing performance using Google Analytics data from your Google Account via the Google Analytics API. This data is only available to those in your business who can sign in with their username and password to have access to the account and know the ID of the website property and view. It is not available to Smart Insights or anyone who doesn't have this information since the same Google Analytics and Google Docs account must be used.

What you will need

To use this dashboard, Expert members will need the following - full instructions with examples are provided if you follow the 'download' link.

  1. A Google account to open and make a copy of the spreadsheet
  2. The Google Analytics spreadsheet add-on available within Google Spreadsheets
  3. A Google Analytics account
  4. Your Google Analytics accout and ID of the website property you want to report on.

Members should click the download button below to make a copy of the Google Sheet and get more instructions on how to configure it. It's typically a 5 minute process.

Look Inside the RACE Digital Marketing Dashboard

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I recently completed the RACE Digital Strategy Course. It was brilliant, and the 7-Steps guides are excellent resources, too. Thanks for providing such a fantastic collection.

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