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Free digital marketing planning infographics

Use our visual aids to think through how to create a plan

  • Created by: Smart Insights and First 10
  • Last updated: May 2012
  • Format: PDF document containing high resolution infographics for printing
  • Available for: Basic and Expert members

How will these infographics help me?

We think useful infographics are a great way to share knowledge, whether they summarise trends from statistics or approaches to marketing.

We’ve developed our infographics to help marketers tackle digital marketing in a more structured way. We know that many companies don’t have a planned approach to making the most of digital marketing. This will often mean that the potential for using digital media isn’t achieved, not to mention problems of duplication and wasted investment.

Our infographics are intended to help you map, plan and manage your approach while explaining some of the core approaches that make digital marketing successful.

Which planning infographics are included?

We have created six infographics focused on planning and process to help you develop your approaches:

  • 1. Marketing Growth Wheel
  • 2. The RACE digital marketing planning framework
  • 3. RACE content marketing model
  • 4. Content marketing hub for inbound marketing
  • 5. The content marketing matrix
  • 6. Social media marketing radar

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