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Making the business case for investment in digital marketing

Prove the value of digital marketing to your colleagues

How will this Ebook help me and my business?

With pressure on budgets, making the case for funds for new digital marketing initiatives is challenging. You need to make a strong case to your colleagues, whether you need a web site refresh, a new Pay-per-Click campaign, Email marketing system or someone to manage social media marketing.

Your colleagues in marketing, finance or the MD will likely have seen different business and marketing approaches come and go and will be reluctant to change from tried-and-tested approaches; “we’ve always done it this way”.  The implication being… “and it’s still working fine”.

We’ve heard this challenge talked about many times from talking to our Expert members and some have asked specifically for ideas on how to convince colleagues. That’s why we have created this guide.

What’s in the Making the Business Case Ebook?

The Ebook starts by reviewing ways to help convince colleagues whether they’re the MD/CEO or in finance and marketing. Understanding their mindset is the first step in convincing them why your proposal is worthwhile.

In the main part of the Ebook we show eight different methods for justifying investment you can scan to see which you use already and which you could try.

Tips and examples of the techniques are highlighted in each section.

About the authors

This business case Ebook was developed by Mike Berry and Dave Chaffey. Mike is an experienced digital marketing consultant and trainer at Mike Berry Associates with experience both client-side and agency side. Mike is a regular contributor to our blog as the Smart Insights commentator on Digital Strategy.

We created this guide in response to suggestions from Smart Insights members and hope to improve it based on your experiences. Do let us know any comments you have. Thanks!

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