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Email marketing audit

Benchmark to identify areas to improve in your email marketing

  • Authors: Tim Watson and Dave Chaffey
  • Last updated: February 2012
  • Format: Excel spreadsheet to score and identify improvements to your email marketing

How will the planning template help me and my business?

It’s hard to plan a route from A to B if you are not clear where you are now and even harder if you’re not sure exactly where B is anyway.

The aim of this health check is to provide a fast and systematic method of evaluating the use of email marketing within a company. It provides all the key questions that need to be considered within your email marketing strategy, broken down into:

  • 1. Objectives and value
  • 2. Evaluation
  • 3. Email Communications strategy
  • 4. Copy and design
  • 5. Deliverability and permission
  • 6. Governance

The health check is aimed at Marketing Directors, Managers andĀ Agencies involved in email marketing. It hasĀ been boiled down from a more extensive and detailed evaluation process used when consulting.

Having a preset format and set criteria provides these benefits:

  • Speed. Its quick to use
  • Repeatable. Allows the evaluation periodically repeated to measure improvement
  • Complete. Ensures nothing is missed, as compared to using adhoc evaluation
  • Focused. Identifies the areas that need work

Once complete the true value of the health check is in interpreting the results and diving deeper, answering the questions that arise. The ultimate objective is to build a roadmap plan to improve email marketing activity.

The health check can be self-run, though you might consider walking through it with a colleague, your team or an external consultant. In doing so you will find increased value as the questions asked stimulates further and more insightful conversation.

About the author

This health check was developed by Tim Watson, Independent Email consultant at Zettasphere. Tim is a Smart Insights commentator on Email Marketing. It is a summary version developed in collaboration with Dave Chaffey of a more detailed email strategy review approach used with clients.

Do let us know any comments you have. Thanks!

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