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Digital marketing budgeting and costing approaches spreadsheet

Costings spreadsheets to help you create online marketing budgets

How will these  budgeting spreadsheets help me?

These templates are designed for marketing agency team members who create estimates / costings for either existing client online marketing projects and campaigns or for new business proposals.  Depending on the size and shape of the agency they can be used by Project Managers who pull an estimate together, or an Account Manager or the Agency owner (particularly in micro or freelance consultant agencies).

They are also designed to be useful for client­-side marketers to understand agency costing models to get more value from their agencies and to prepare their own budgets for internal approval.

What does the template include?

This template is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with two workbook-based estimating templates:

1. Top-level project charging fees template. Use this spreadsheet to create an overall online marketing budget based on the cost of team members working on activities defined in separate tabs including website, email, display, production, retainers, media and content strategy.

2. Detailed project costing examples template. Use this spreadsheet to create a more accurate budget based on the fees for different team members at each phase of a project.

How do I use these worksheets?

You can add your own agency day or hour rates as applicable and liaise with specialists in your teams (e.g Studio Manager, Head of Creative, Technical Lead) to reach a consensus on how long each task is likely to take.

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