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Brand audit and marketplace analysis template

Rapidly define the brand values of a business

  • Authors: Created by Chris Bates of Octoply. Edited by Dave Chaffey.
  • Last updated: March 2013
  • Format: 18 A4 page unbranded Word document template for you to amend with one page brand summary for a rapid review.

About our company briefing template

How will this branding audit template help me?

For digital marketing communications to be effective, they must closely support the brand they are promoting, whether this is a brand related to a company, product or service.

This template supports the creation of effective branding for websites and other digital media assets such as landing pages. It’s intended to support different processes where a company needs to summarise or review their brand values either with an agency or when teams are collaborating within a larger company.

The template is not specific to digital channels, it summarises broader business and branding aims.

Typical use-cases are:

  • Website design projects
  • Creation of marketing and digital marketing strategies and plans
  • Creation of marketing campaign plans

We’ve created it to help marketing consultants and agencies and for internal reviews between a digital marketing specialist in a company and other marketers.

It was created as an efficient way of taking briefs from small and medium business owners or marketers as part of projects for digital marketing strategy including website improvements.

What does the branding template review include?

The template is a structured form with boxes that can be filled in by clients or used for a structured interview or in a workshop with clients. It has these sections
  • 1. Business context.
  • 2. Customer and market analysis.
  • 3. Brand including creation of different brand models such as the Brand Onion.
  • 4. Industry and market sectors.
  • 5. Products.
  • 6. Competitors.
  • 7. One page brand audit summary.
  • 8. Our relationship.

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