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Landing Page Conversion Guide

Learn best practice for higher-converting B2C and B2B Landing pages

  • Author: Dave Chaffey and James Gurd
  • Format: 20,000 word, 88 page A4 page PDF Ebook with over 50 examples, recommendations and best practice checklists
  • Companion guide 7 Steps to Improving Website Results

How will this guide help me?

Every marketer wants to increase leads and sales from their sites. The first impressions given to your visitors on the entrance page to the site are critical to making this happen. We’ve written this guide and checklists to help you review and improve your landing pages through a structured approach.

The guide has over 50 examples of best practice to inspire improvements to your landing pages covering a range of sectors from retail, financial services, travel, business-to-business and not-for-profit.

We’ve written the guide so you don’t need special landing page software to make improvements, you can simply use our recommendations to change existing pages elements and copy. We also outline the options for other software too.

Our guide will show you

  • What MUST go on your landing pages to increase conversion
  • The best options for laying out your landing pages
  • How to get your message across so that you convert more visitors
  • How to use Google Analytics and other tools to measure what is working on your landing pages and what isn’t
  • Workbook format makes it quick to review and decide on the changes you need to make to improve your online marketing results.

What does the Ebook include?

The 7 steps we cover in the guide will help you plan and manage a landing page optimisation project for your company or your clients:

  • Step 1. Set your landing page goals
  • Step 2 Understand your visitor needs
  • Step 3 Engage your visitors
  • Step 4 Design the optimal page layout
  • Step 5 Create compelling content and creative
  • Step 6 Increase brand credibility and trust
  • Step 7 Improve results

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