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Website and Ecommerce Personalization Guide

Review how to improve your approach to website personalization

About our Website Personalization Guide

Everyone has seen and experienced Amazon's web personalization and knows about the power of delivering persuasive relevant offers based on site visitor or customer behaviour. Until recently, web personalisation has only been available to larger organisations. Today, cost-effective personalisation is readily available to all businesses through low-cost personalisation tools. Web personalisation or web personalization, if you're based in North America, is a critical component of digital marketing and will only become more important in future. Our E-learning topic will show you:

  • The options for delivering more persuasive, relevant dynamic web content at relevant points in the onsite customer journey for B2B and B2C sites.
  • The techniques and tools available for personalization based on audience characteristics and behaviours

What does the topic include?

  • 3000-word guide taking you through the theory and practice of web personalization, with best practice examples, informative images and strategy tips.
  • An in-depth exploration of e-commerce personalization options with 19 tactics to boost the effectiveness of your e-commerce site.
  • An interactive quiz to test your knowledge.
  • A set of recommended tools and services to get you started with web personalization or optimise your existing efforts.

How to access the web personalization guide

Unlike our e-book guides downloads, our e-learning topics do not have to be downloaded, and can be accessed directly on the site from the members area. This is Convert topic 4.2, Web personalisation from our RACE Digital Marketing Planning E-learning module.

If you're on a monthly Expert plan, accessing this whole module is available for 1 of your 5 monthly resource credits, so if you have already accessed the RACE Digital Marketing Planning module you don't need to worry about using one of your download credits. If you're on an annual plan, it's part of all 100+ online resources.

Resource Details

  • Author: Dave Chaffey
  • Format: 3,000 word guide with strategy recommendations, best practice tips, tools and examples. This online guide is a topic which is part of our actionable Digital Marketing Elearning course.
  • Sectors covered: Many of the examples in this course are retail ecommerce-related, but the techniques and tools mentioned can also be applied to other types of site including travel, financial services and business-to-business.

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