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Web design project plan template

Ensure you plan the key marketing activities for your new site project

  • Author: Jill Quick
  • Last updated: March 2013
  • Format: Excel weekly timeline with checklist of c 150 project tasks grouped together.

How will this web project planning template help me?

Our template is based on real plans used to plan and manage progress on web projects. It’s mainly intended for client-side marketers, but will also be useful as a cross-check for web design agencies to review the activities they manage.

For complex web projects we recommend using Microsoft Project or similar project planning software. But for simple projects Excel can be easier to apply.

Even if you are using project planning software our template will still give you a checklist to review the key activities that need to be managed.

What does the planning template include?

The template was originally developed by Jill when she was working as a client-side marketer, so it doesn’t only include web site design and build activities, but also marketing activities. It doesn’t give a detailed technical breakdown of development activities.

The template is based around the PRACE framework, relating the site to the customer management activities that a website can support, i.e. Reach, Act, Convert Engage.

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