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Create a proper plan with our strategy templates

  • Author: Dave Chaffey
  • Last updated: January 2014 RACE 90 day planning example added
  • Format: Each template is available as an unbranded Word or Powerpoint format for you to amend

How will these strategy templates help me?

These templates are designed for marketing managers and consultants to quickly review current use of digital and other channels, select the best strategic options and create a roadmap.

Use these templates in strategy workshops for your company or your clients to review strategies for different markets and channels and discuss the best options.

These templates help you:

  • Apply tried and tested templates to evaluate your business or clients
  • Create a holistic digital plan based on the RACE framework
  • Cover all aspects of engaging customers through digital marketing
  • Develop a longer term roadmap or plan

What is a Smart Insights toolkit?

Our toolkits group separate resources about a specific topic on a single page to make it quicker for Expert members to find, download and take action using these resources. This Digital strategy toolkit groups separate Ebooks, templates and courses all aimed at helping you create a digital strategy.  Each has their own page explaining how to use them.

If you’re an Expert member paying monthly, clicking the Download option on this page will count towards your allowance of downloads per month, but you will be able to download multiple resources within this and there are also links to some other individual guide pages.

What does the toolkit include?

The strategy toolkit includes these techniques grouped in Word and Powerpoint templates you can modify to create your own plan:

  • 1. Digital channel SWOT in TOWS format
  • 2. Brand audit for aligning with digital strategy
  • 3. RACE-based KPI setting framework to enable you to select the
    measures that matter
  • 4. Strategy formulation and prioritisation matrix
  • 5. Strategic initiative roadmap
  • 6. Strategy initiative summary aligning goals with strategies
  • 7. Digital marketing strategy/planning template
  • 8. Website quick wins review template
  • 9. SOSTAC® and RACE planning checklist
  • 10. 90 day timebox web project management template based around RACE
  • 11. Example Emarketing plan one page summary in  SOSTAC® format
  • 12. Business model summary template for startups or review of existing business model

Other recommended Expert member resources

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What our members say

Smart Insights expert membership clearly gave me a true structure + valuable know how on digital marketing to build and share with business units across the globe. The cherry on the cake is the access to nice and fresh best practices, guidelines, templates and insights on how to use them. Sharing views with the expert community is very valuable and I would say the annual fee is really low compared to most copy/paste websites with no thinking or expertise behind. Thank you ! Review on LinkedIn by Expert member

Cristophe Ferrasse, Global eBusiness Leader at Royal Canin SAS, a division of MARS Inc.

Smart Insights via both its website resource & social media network provides me with invaluable access to all the information I ever seem to need to research my job in digital marketing. Basic membership offers an excellent introduction to current thinking (and supported me on my IDM Professional Diploma), but it is in the Expert membership where I have found added depth and insight. If you work in digital marketing full-time, for the nominal annual fee, I’d recommend Expert membership

Review on LinkedIn by Stuart Sykes, Digital Marketing Manager, Unipart Automotive

Thanks to Smart Insights for making me a better marketer who is more focused on the right things. Smart Insights was the change I needed and through the resources, it is helping me to build a stronger more successful business.

Nadine Carr, Chief Marketing Officer, Kapelle Media, Toronto, Ontario

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