Brilliant B2B Digital Marketing Ebook

Use our Digital Marketing 'Bible' for B2B to create and implement your B2B strategy

  • Author: B2B Digital Marketing specialist and speaker René Power. Consultant and trainer at Vision B2B Marketing and Training.
  • Format: 60,000 word, 255 A4 page PDF Ebook packed with examples and checklists
  • Updated: 11 April 2016

Why a specialist B2B digital marketing guide?

Many B2B organisations are already successfully using digital marketing in specialist sectors like financial and professional services, IT and software, manufacturing, engineering or science. Yet, for business markets, there is a limited amount of good quality, specific advice and best practice available to draw upon for the unique challenges and opportunities available from digital media. Indeed, there are surprisingly few books or guides which address the unique challenges of promoting business products and services online, whether these are for companies which don’t sell online who are focused on lead generation and customer communications or online B2B retailers.

Originally created 2 years ago and now updated to include the latest thinking on content marketing, responsive design, SEO and marketing automation applied to organisational marketing. We've heard members call it the "B2B Bible" since it covers everything from digital strategy to tactics plus all the main channels and it 'weighs-in' at over 200 example and insight-filled pages to inspire improvements to your B2B marketing

How will this guide help me?

In Brilliant B2B Digital Marketing, Rene Power covers all the areas you need to review to take your online marketing to the next level if you market to other businesses. He shows how to create a plan or simply work through all the issues you need to think about to make online B2B marketing more effective. To keep it applied, the book includes many examples of B2B campaigns, content marketing, sites and social media sites to help inspire you. These are combined with checklists to help you assess your progress as you work through the key issues.

What does the guide include?

This Ebook has these features to help you improve B2B marketing in your organisation or for your B2B clients:

  • Shows you how to use a planned approach to B2B marketing to help create a digital strategy
  • Lots of B2B examples to inspire from different types of companies across business-to-business
  • Specific checklists and detailed recommendations of key activities such as search, content and social media marketing and briefing an agency
  • Detailed practical advice on ALL the key digital marketing tactics including B2B Website design, B2B content marketing, SEO, Email marketing, ECRM and Social media marketing with checklists to review your process
  • 50+ specific strategy recommendations and 70+ Best practice tips featured in call-out boxes to highlight key issues

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What our members say

Having worked in B2B Marketing for 15 years it is really refreshing that Rene has encapsulated the digital marketing element, clarified it and formalised a lot of the activities.

It really is a blue print for all B2B marketers and with real examples of good practice especially the measuring the impact of campaigns. I would highly recommend this publication.

Rene has managed to grasp and communicate, the ever changing nature of digital marketing – with aplomb.

I run a digital marketing agency and have read many books and blog posts about digital marketing. ‘Brilliant B2B Digital Marketing’ has provided me with the blueprint as to how I want to run my business.

This guide  makes sense of many aspects of B2B online marketing, offering an easy to follow ‘Question and Answer’ format.

The author allows those of us who are trying to develop online marketing opportunities and strategies to grasp the key points. Solutions are suggested without reverting to jargon. A valuable resource and point of reference for the next few years.

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