Advanced Lifecycle Email Marketing Guide

A best practices briefing for high email volume businesses to take their email marketing to the next level

  • Authors: Kath Pay
  • Last updated: Febuary 2016
  • Format: 9,000 word, 30 page A4 page PDF Ebook with illustrations and checklists

A lot of best practices are shared on making email marketing more effective, for example, how to improve email creative and copy. For larger brands, email marketing is a vital driver of sales from prospects and customers, yet to improve results, more complex issues reviewing email communications strategy need to be improved to get the biggest gains.

In this guide, Email Marketing Expert Kath Pay explains the key success factors that you need to review in your email communications strategy focusing on advanced techniques most relevant to transactional Ecommerce businesses and larger organisations in sectors like Retail, Financial Services and Travel.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is aimed at managers responsible for growing online revenue by integrating different communications channels in larger organisations or businesses that are already fairly sophisticated in their email marketing.

This includes a range of managers involved in defining and implementing email communications strategy including:

  • Email marketing programme managers
  • Marketing Directors and managers
  • Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Directors and managers
  • Company owners, CEOs and Financial Directors
  • CTOs, CIOs and IT managers

It will also be of direct interest to those specifically responsible for managing Email Marketing in an organisation.

What does the guide include?

It gives advice on planning, implementing, testing and optimising these three key activities:

1. Email value proposition. Auditing and selecting relevant broadcast (newsletter and campaigns) and automated communications throughout the customer lifecycle including Welcome sequences, customer on-boarding, repeat sale, engagement and reactivation.

2. Targeting. Delivering relevance by improving segmentation and targeting customers with different value including predictive analytics.

3. Frequency. Selecting the best frequency for different types of email depending on the engagement and value of the subscriber.

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Smart Insights has helped us take the right decision on a variety of occasions and we actively use its content to justify our marketing initiatives and spend.

Joao da Costa, Marketing Officer at Southbank International School

We are at the early stages of our digital marketing journey, Smart Insights templates and tutorials help us check and learn as we go.

Stuart Sykes, Digital Marketing Manager

Smart Insights is one of the best digital ‘tools’ on the internet today. It has been a great asset as a channel of advice and insight, helping me to deliver an all-encompassing digital strategy.

Jennifer Law, E-Communications Manager, National Pharmacy Association

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