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Emma is the Smart Insights commentator on developing and implementing International Digital Marketing Strategies. She has worked within the digital arena for 14years, having had key roles with and Freeserve in their early days, and more recently working with, amongst others, InterfaceFLOR and Mars (Pedigree). As the creator of the popular blog onlineSoul, her expertise lies in developing a strategic approach to digital marketing, which aligns itself with the company’s overall marketing and brand objectives, as well as the business goals. With over 7 years’ experience of applying this knowledge in a global field, Emma is also an expert in the complicated area of developing, applying and managing a digital strategy internationally. You can Connect with Emma through LinkedIn.

An 11 step process to review your international marketing effectiveness

Following on from my first post on Understanding your Global Customers, in this post we look at how to conduct a Global Digital Marketing Audit  within your business before creating a Global Digital Marketing Strategy. This includes the following areas: Review global website and digital inventory Regional Campaign activity Mobile activity Regional Social Media Activity Regional Digital Marketing Plans Regional Search Engine Marketing Measurement tools Regional content Global digital agencies and suppliers Regional team structure and skills audit Communication and information sharing 1. Review global website and digital inventory How many websites does your business ‘own’, and who looks after them on a day-to-day? Pull together a list of all active domains and main contacts. This sounds obvious, but if you have marketing teams or even individuals based in several different regions, you can often find the odd microsite/campaign…

A 9 step approach to help understand your global customers

Editor's note: This is the first in a series of articles giving best practice advice on International Marketing using digital media. I'm delighted that Emma Durant, a specialist consultant in this area, has agreed to share her knowledge on how to best use digital marketing channels for this; a neglected topic since many marketers are faced with this challenge. Dave Chaffey Everyone in marketing knows the importance of understanding your customers. In a way, this becomes an even more important issue when faced with a global digital strategy, as you not only need to understand them, you also need to look at their regional differences and similarities.

Step 1. Confirm your global business customers

You should already have a clear idea of who your overall target customer groups are as a business. If not, then you need to…
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