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1. Capability review

Let's start with how you assess the current use and results of integrated digital marketing for your business against the opportunities

Click a box below to select the current capability of your business.

1. Initial
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  • Digital marketing effectiveness not reviewed
  • Online opportunity not quantified
  • Internal capabilities not known/absent

"Digital newbie"
2. Managed
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  • Basic marketplace analysis and Digital SWOT completed
  • Competitor sites reviewed on an ad-hoc basis
  • Internal capabilities reviewed

"Developing capabilities"
3. Defined
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  • Opportunities to grow business quantified
  • Competitor benchmarks defined
  • Internal capability improvements identified

"Competent - average capability"

4. Quantified
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  • Regular capability and marketplace reviews
  • Regular performance reviews, e.g. weekly, monthly and 90-day planning

"Above sector average capability"
5. Optimized
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  • Real-time alerts to problems with capabilities
  • Agile approach based on continuous review
  • Full internal capability in place