Create a RACE digital marketing strategy using our 10 insights

Who is this guide for?

This guide will help sales and marketing leaders who would like to discover new ways of improving their marketing activities to combat the challenges of the current market. It is relevant for both B2B and B2C audiences.

The guide is aimed at helping individuals in the following roles, though it will be useful for others too:

  • Marketing directors and CMOs
  • Sales directors and sales managers
  • Business owners reviewing improvements to their marketing and sales processes
  • Marketing technologists inc. CIOs responsible for integrating marketing applications and data
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What you'll get

  • Create a resilient digital marketing plan

    Find out how to use the RACE Planning Framework to develop an action plan.

  • Use Google Analytics to support your business

    Learn more about customizing GA to help you achieve your digital marketing goals and meet the wider needs of your business.

  • Develop a greater understanding of your target audience

    Gain insight into how to refine your customer personas using practical B2B and B2C examples.

  • Reassess your brand strengths

    Identify the key questions you need to ask about your brand, so your business can stand out from competitors.

  • Conduct comprehensive competitor analysis

    Discover new tools for monitoring your competitors and boost your own engagement on social media.

  • Smart Insights is my digital marketing bible. It provides a holistic view of digital marketing and how to implement all aspects of digital in marketing.

    Pascal Lanot

    Pascal Lanot

  • We are already using the RACE Framework. It's a big part of everything we do. It's embedded in our strategy and planning whenever we start with a new project.

    Joanne Hancox

    Joanne Hancox