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E-commerce copy

Practical copywriting tips and examples for e-commerce websites

As Coronavirus spreads around the world, e-commerce websites need messages telling customers what service they can expect from the new normal. A few are doing these really well, but many are falling into the trap of writing in a stiff, legalistic language that does nothing to reassure or persuade customers to carry on buying. It’s understandable.  Plummeting sales figures (unless you’re selling Vitamin C) means that Business owners are panicked about keeping the company afloat, senior managers are petrified about their jobs and everyone is scrambling to get their work done. As human beings, they are worried about their friends, family and possibly their own health too. Those huge levels of anxiety permeate through to stiff, formal wording that does nothing to reassure with statements like “Our existing business continuity plans have been designed to support the continued…

Content marketing that makes use of SEO should be a core marketing strategy for any e-commerce company

Are you looking for a way to systematize your e-commerce content marketing? Would you like to be able to more easily delegate the keyword research and content creation tasks to one of your subordinates? Would you like to turn all of this into a standard operating procedure that can be used over and over again? In this post, I'm going to walk you through an overview of a very specific process that can be used by e-commerce companies for their SEO and content marketing. At the end of the post, I'll point you to a number of pre-made standard operating procedures that you can easily download for customization and use within your e-commerce business so that you can more easily convert your target audience into customers.

Content marketing strategy

Content marketing that makes use of SEO should…

How to keep web content costs down without compromising quality

As the person in charge of the numbers, you probably have very little interest in the creative side of content. It’s a cost. What you probably are interested in is how you can lower that cost. The answer is not simply to negotiate harder with the writers to get the price down. In fact, that can have the opposite effect by limiting your sources of copy only to inferior writers who deliver poor copy that sells fewer products. It’s more about looking at what your content requirements are and how you manage them. Done well, this can bring you huge time savings, both internal and external. Rigour in this area also allows you to identify when you can use lower-priced junior copywriters and when it’s worth spending the money on higher priced heavyweight writers. …

5 areas you need to look at to improve your ecommerce

As digital marketers, we spend a lot of our time perfecting landing pages and ad copies. We also hire the best writers for our content. I am not here to say that those dollars are spent in vain. But when everything’s said and done, these efforts and dollars are all spent to produce a conversion. When it comes to eCommerce, this sale/conversion has to happen via the shopping cart that leads to the checkout page. I am afraid that the shopping cart is where most marketers fall short and thus lose what they have gained with great pains. In this post, I am going to list exactly what you should do to get all those sales and optimize your shopping cart to perfection, in order to boost conversions.

1.    Best Shopping Cart Design

The shopping cart is an integral part of the shopping experience.…