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Google Trends updated [@SmartInsights alert]

Author's avatar By Robert Allen 22 Jun, 2015
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Check out these 4 new features including real-time data, YouTube and Google News


Recommended link: Google announcement summarising new features.

On the 17th of June Google announced the biggest update to Google Trends in three years. It's one of our favourite tools for learning about customers and marketplace trends so we thought it worth flagging up!  For example, we used trends in this post to explore how marketers have changed how they label digital marketing vs Internet marketing over the years. Allowing users to see real-time data, and integrating trends from YouTube and Google News into the home page, gives marketers a powerful tool to track online trends and optimise there real-time marketing strategy. I’ll give you a quick overview of the newly released features so you don’t miss out on any real-marketing opportunities.

1. Real-time data

Perhaps the most important feature to be released in this update is the inclusion of real-time data in its Google trends application. This allows you to explore minute-by-minute data that reveals the fluctuating search trends during different times or major events. Imagine investigating the second by second changes in searches during major global events such as the Oscars, the Olympics or the World Cup final as they are happening, and suddenly discovering huge search spikes around certain terms as the events unfold. You will be able to track the stories that are grabbing the worlds attention, and if your on the ball you could even use this to inform your real time marketing strategy. Oreo won big with its super bowl black out ad. Maybe if you’re a fashion retailer it could be worth knowing what search terms start going wild when Taylor Swift walks out to accept a Grammy in a particularly attention grabbing dress. The possibilities are huge for any brand interested in utilising real-time marketing to massively increase its reach.

2. A new story-centric homepage

The Google trends home page has been changed to feature a ranked list of real-time list of trending stories that are receiving a high volume of searches across Google. This gives you a highly useful dash board for monitoring real time search trends which can inform your marketing efforts. This re-designed home page now also integrates results from searches in YouTube and Google+ to paint a better picture of what is grabbing the online communities attention.

Google trends home page

3. Better coverage for deeper insights

Google has also increased the breadth of coverage for good trends data. What this means is that you can research more niche topics in smaller geographic areas. This chart shows regional interests in Searches within England for Bakewell Tarts. Perfect if you’re a baker researching where to start you next local marketing campaign!

4.Curated data sets

Google's News Lab team will now be examining trending topics every day and finding interesting tid-bits of data which are highly relevant to recent news stories, and then publishing them on Twitter for all to see!

google trends datasore

You will also be able to download these created datasets from the Google Trend Datastore.

So, Google has added some powerful new features to Trends, which present a fantastic opportunity to the canny digital marketer. Enjoy!

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By Robert Allen

I was the Editor of Smart Insights between 2015-2017. I managed the blog and you will find blog articles on a range of subjects- Marketing Technology trends and latest tech developments are a regular focus, as well as exploring key marketing concepts. You can get in touch with me on Twitter and connect with me on LinkedIn. The new Editor is Carolanne Mangles.

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