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How to do A/B tests with Google Optimize

Explore what A/B testing is, and what process you should use to build a test using the free Google Optimize service

This Quick Win explores what A/B testing is, and what process you should use to build a test. We will cover some ideas on what you could test, as well as working out where to focus your attention, hint, don’t just jump to say your homepage, you may want to test somewhere else that will give you a bigger impact.

There are many tools available to do your testing, this Quick Win will focus on Google Optimize, a free tool from Google.

There are videos to give the over the shoulder tutorial and templates for you to download and use.

Why is this important?

You are not a mind reader and testing can give you more bang for your buck, it’s almost like free money! Let’s say you are a business and you spend $100 to get 2 sales, wouldn’t it be ace to spend the same budget on your marketing and with testing what works up your conversions to get 4 sales? You may have an idea of what will improve conversions, but fuzzy feelings in our gut are not enough, testing gives you solid data to show what works in moving the needle, and therefore making your money work harder.

What will I learn?

  • Myths about A/B testing
  • What to test and what your test order should be
  • How to write a test hypothesis
  • How to set up Google Optimize to launch your test

How it this Quick Win Structured?

This guide is structured into 3 Parts, with over the shoulder video examples, and templates to use for your own business.

  • Part 1 – What is A/B testing
  • Part 2 – A/B testing process
  • Part 3 – How to use Google Optimize

About the author

Jill Quick, a digital marketing trainer and co-founder of The Coloring in Department. A candid and experiences marketer who loves to teach you not just how to ‘get’ digital marketing in theory, but how to actually DO it.


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How to do A/B tests with Google Optimize

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