Upskill your marketing team and accelerate the growth of your business

Managing a marketing team is hard.

That's why we created Business membership. The exclusive resources and tools within - which are not available in individual Expert membership - are specifically designed to help you recruit, upskill and manage your marketing team.

And that's not all - also included are toolkits on Branding, Digital Transformation, Lifecycle Marketing and International Marketing.

When added to the world-beating library of 140+ templates, guides, resources, e-learning, and videos also included from our individual membership, Business Membership really does contain everything your business needs to improve results and ROI from Digital Marketing.

Expert Membership gave me a true structure... to share with business units across the globe. The cherry on the cake is the access to best practises, guidelines, templates and insights on how to use them. Thank you!

Christophe Ferrasse

Global eBusiness Leader, Royal Canin SAS

Business Membership

The complete solution for businesses serious about driving growth using digital marketing over 165,000 consultants, agencies, entrepreneurs and SMBs in over 170 countries.

Business membership includes everything you need to recruit,
structure, manage and upskill your marketing team;

Managing Digital Marketing Teams

This toolkit has been created for managers responsible for integrating digital marketing better into their organisations. It reviews the options for structuring marketing teams and roles needed.

  • Define roles and recruit the best talent using the Job Descriptions and Role Definition guide.
  • Learn how to structure your marketing team, with the Digital Marketing Team Structure Guide
  • Create a strategy that delivers with the steps laid out for you in the Marketing Operations Strategy Guide

Team Member Dashboard

Managing a team takes time, so to make it easier, Business membership includes exclusive dashboards which let you;

  • Monitor your team's progress across our e-learning courses, which cover all areas of Digital Marketing
  • See how they compare - identify areas for improvement
  • See their activity - see which resources they've accessed
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But that's not all...Business membership also includes these EXCLUSIVE toolkits;

Managing Digital Transformation

Our Managing Digital Marketing Transformation toolkit gives organisations strategic and practical recommendations on how to manage the change, new processes, technologies and teams needed by Digital Transformation.

4 resources in this toolkit

Managing International Marketing

This toolkit is designed to help medium to large organisation with multiple products manage their marketing campaigns across multiple countries and those looking to start running international marketing campaigns.

3 resources in this toolkit

Branding for large businesses

Ultimately, marketing is one brand competing against another, yet best-practices for branding don't get the attention they deserve. Our digital branding and storytelling guides recommend how to develop your digital brand.

2 resources in this toolkit

Integrated Lifecycle Marketing

Covers best practices for integrated communications across the full customer lifecycle with separate guides on KPI frameworks and managing customer acquisition, conversion and retention aimed at mid to larger size organisations.

6 resources in this toolkit

Plus.. ALL 14 other Toolkits also included in our individual Expert membership - that's over 140 templates, guides, resources, e-learning, and videos covering every area of Digital Marketing.

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James Hall

Customer Success Manager

Translated complex digital marketing channels into easy-to-understand concepts

Translates complex digital marketing channels into easy-to-understand concepts. Constantly updated with new insights that will help whether you own your own business or work for a large corporation.

Lei Chien Web & Digital Manager