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Google Tag Manager guide

Our step-by-step Google Tag Manager Briefing Guide

Why use this guide?

This guide acts as a briefing for the opportunities from managing tags covering what they are, what they do, why they need to manage them.

The guide helps you explore the benefits of using Google Tag Manager and offers step-by-step installation with use cases.

What's inside?

The guide is structured in three parts, each with several short sections you can readily scan.

  • Part 1 – sections One to Seven. An introduction to Tag Management Systems for managers explaining the what, why and how of Tag Management to help you make the business case and become aware of key implementation issues.
  • Part 2 – sections Eight to Twelve. An introduction to Google Tag Manager showing examples of how to set it up and key terminology
  • Part 3 – sections Fourteen to Twenty Three. Covering common Marketing ‘Use-cases’ for GTM when you are creating and managing sites.

Why use this guide?

Managing your Google tags doesn’t have to be complicated – our comprehensive, yet straightforward Google Tag Manager guide will help you with accurate reporting and will save you time.

Using Google Tag Manager will help developers you may work with, as you’ll be less reliant on them and it will also improve measurement.

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager allows you to efficiently manage multiple tags (including tracking and marketing optimisation tags) on your website. You can add and manage Google (such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords) and non-Google tags from other Martech in the Google Tag Manager interface instead of having to edit code on the site.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is aimed at anyone who is considering using Google Tag Manager for an agency or a client and wants to understand how it works and the benefits so they can build the business case and understand some of the implementation issues to be considered.

It will also be useful if you are using Google Tag Manager already, or an agency has installed it and you want to audit your installation so you can understand whether it is set up correctly and whether there are other applications you could be using.

Resource Details

About the author

Matt Trimmer

Matt TrimmerMatt Trimmer is Principal Consultant & Managing Director of ivantage – a specialist training company for digital professionals. He enjoys training in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Search Engine Optimisation very much because of the ‘wonderful and interesting’ people he meets and technologies he comes across. Matt is one of the world’s leading experts in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Search Engine Optimisation and Digital Marketing and travels all over the world educating and enlightening digital professionals. Additionally, he became a Google Seminar leader in 2009, listed on with only 14 others authorised to train exclusively for Google’s Seminars Success programme.

You can connect with Matt via LinkedIn and follow on Twitter

Explore the guide

Guide contents include a step-by-step approach to installing and managing your Google tags:

  • Why Google Tag Manager
  • Planning
  • Installing Google Tag Manager
  • The User interface
  • Publishing your first Tag

The guide also includes examples and use cases.

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