Free marketing planning template

Free Digital Marketing
Plan Template

Create a simple plan quickly using the Smart Insights RACE Planning system created by Dr Dave Chaffey.

Join the tens of thousands of Smart Insights members who have used this 14 page A4 template to create a plan.


  • A simple structure using the acclaimed Smart Insights RACE planning system
  • Key strategic issues to manage for each part of RACE
  • A 1 page summary for your digital strategy featuring Opportunity, Strategy and Action
  • Content developed by Dan Bosomworth who has worked with many top brands to create effective digital marketing strategies and Dave Chaffey, an acknowledged digital marketing expert
  • Includes a PDF summary of PR Smith’s SOSTAC® planning framework

About the Author


Dave Chaffey is CEO of Marketing Advice site Smart Insights where he edits online learning resources created by our Expert commentators to help members Plan, Manage and Optimise their marketing.

Dave is author of Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice and has consulted and trained with many small and well known brands including 3M, BP, HSBC, Mars, Microsoft and Nokia.