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Retail ecommerce conversion killers [Infographic]

Author's avatar By Robert Allen 04 Feb, 2016
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Research reviewing factors that can limit conversion

Retailers will know that there are many factors that can limit online conversion resulting in between 95 and 98% of visitors to an online store not converting  on average (based on our compilation of cross-device online retail conversion rates).  This infographic combines the results of different surveys to give a summary of these factors that limit conversion

One of the main factors is simply that site visitors do not intend to buy online because of cost. This influences cart abandonment with 28% of online shoppers not buying products online due to the hidden or unexpected shipping costs. Another 23% don’t like account registrations followed by the 12% that have trouble understanding the checkout page.

Cart recovery programmes using remarketing through email or ad network retargeting are one solution. Price-led promotions targeting high priced products with flexible discounts were responded to positively by 54% of the shoppers that participated in the survey.

To entice customers further, free shipping has proved a useful tactic, that is widely used for products with the right level of margin. The survey confirmed that 24% of online buyers are willing to outlay more cash in order to qualify for free shipping policy in most stores.

Considering another channel, social media has offered a whole new platform for e-commerce. 53% of customers were impressed by how Facebook helped/facilitated them into buying a product. Facebook gets the top conversions from its traffic amongst social media websites at an impressive 1.85%.


Thanks to FMEextensions for compiling this infographic

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