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How will Digital Marketing change in 2016?

Author's avatar By Robert Allen 19 Jan, 2016
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Keep on top of all the big changes in digital this year

Digital moves fast. What was best practice five years ago is often pretty out-dated now. Five years ago Instagram had just been founded and you probably had never heard of it. That’s why it’s important to keep up to date with all the latest changes in the industry; otherwise you will get left behind. To help here, all Smart Insights members can access our 'What's Hot in Digital Marketing' feature updated each month in our members area.

The best way to stay ahead is to know what the big trends are and predict the way the market is going and then plan accordingly. Although it is impossible to predict the future 100%, it is possible to extrapolate the direction of travel by analysing current trends.

That’s what signal have done in their latest infographic on marketing trends. The predictions line up with what we’ve been predicting for this year, especially regarding programmatic marketing and the increased demand for data-driven C-suite roles.

All these predictions are going to have important ramifications this year, but prediction 4 on the limitations of walled gardens could be particularly important. It may seem counter-intuitive given the incredible successes of walled gardens such as Facebook over the past few years, but what goes up must come down. I think we will see walled gardens coming up against their limits and having to become more about data matching than displaying ads within their platforms.

Take a look at the infographic below and consider what your organisation can do to capitalise on these trends this year.

Dave Chaffey of Smart Insights has more in his blog post on key digital trends for 2016.


Thanks to Signal for publishing this infographic

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By Robert Allen

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